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Before we explore these new bodies, let's put things in perspective, by talking about distances.
Interstellar Distances - In Perspective

  • The Earth is 1 Astronomical Unit (AU) from the Sun. 1 AU is equal to about 150 million km.
  • Neptune is about 29.76 AU from the Sun at perihelion, 30.3 AU at aphelion.
  • Pluto is about 29.73 AU from the Sun at perihelion, 49.5 AU at aphelion. More about this body in a bit.
  • Beyond Neptune is the Kuiper Belt, which covers the distance between 30 to 50 AU from the Sun. Here is some great info on the Kuiper Belt from NASA's New Horizons site: What We Know About the Kuiper Belt
  • Beyond the Kuiper Belt is hypothesized The Oort Cloud, about 50,000 to 100,000 AU from the Sun
  • The nearest star to our own, Proximi Centauri, is 260,000 AU away


A dwarf planet, as defined by the International Astronomical Union (IAU), is a celestial body that (a) is in orbit around the Sun, (b) has sufficient mass for its self-gravity to overcome rigid body forces so that it assumes a hydrostatic equilibrium (nearly round) shape, (c) has not cleared the neighborhood around its orbit, and (d) is not a satellite.

Currently, there are only five bodies considered Dwarf Planets: Ceres, Pluto, Eris, Makemake and Haumea. Some others may be added later. Salacia is most likely a Dwarf Planet so I am including it as one, but she was initially classified a Cubenwano. I will not be talking about Ceres here, as her orbit is primarily between Mars and Jupiter. And while this page is for Trans-Plutonian bodies, I decided I had to talk at least a little bit about Pluto, the king of the Dwarf Planets.....with all the news on this body that has been coming in daily from New Horizons. For those interested, here is a NASA page on all of the Dwarf Planets

Pluto, Eris, Makemake and Haumea have also been placed in a special sub-category called "Plutoids", and so far, they are the only ones. (What is a Plutoid? "Plutoids are celestial bodies in orbit around the Sun at a semimajor axis greater than that of Neptune that have sufficient mass for their self-gravity to overcome rigid body forces so that they assume a hydrostatic equilibrium (near-spherical) shape, and that have not cleared the neighbourhood around their orbit. Satellites of plutoids are not plutoids themselves, even if they are massive enough that their shape is dictated by self-gravity." That's from an IAU Press Release Jun 11, 2008.)

You can read a bit more about this group of bodies here: DWARF PLANETS


Planet: 1930-2006
Dwarf Planet: 2006-?

Just like most of the astrologers in today's world, I've known Pluto as a planet most of my life, and I felt a huge WRONG was done when the IAU voted in 2006 to demote it to Dwarf Planet. Perhaps in the not too distant future, it may once again be called a planet. Like most of my colleagues, I hope so.

However, I have a theory about why it was demoted, and it has to do with the other bodies it was grouped with.

In 1801, and Ceres was discovered, it was called a planet. But after several other bodies were found in the same area, it was demoted and classified as the largest of a new category: asteroids.

Astrologers for the most part ignored Ceres after that, and it wasn't until 1973-74 that a few farsighted astrologers (led by Ellie Bach), started suggesting we explore it, and a few other asteroids, in charts. Those who did look at Ceres found it quite interesting. But for the most part, it was still ignored by the astrological community.

Pluto, on the other hand, was considered a planet from its beginning, and, while a few astrologers tried to ignore it, most discovered it as a powerful and indespensible astrological tool....and wouldn't think of leaving it out of their charts. So when it was demoted, they continued using it without a pause, not letting the new category change how they used this tool.

But suddenly, Pluto became linked with two other bodies...equals in the new Dwarf Planet group. Since Pluto was so potent, perhaps these bodies also needed to be looked at. And that is what began to happen....a growing number of astrologers started looking at Ceres, and Eris, the other Dwarf Planets.

It didn't hurt that they had a mythological connection. Ceres was the brother of Pluto. And the astronomer who discovered Eris wanted, at first, to name it Persephone....who was Ceres daughter, and who was kidnapped and, some say, raped by Pluto, who later made her queen of the underworld.

The Pluto archetype is very male in nature. But this body, Pluto, seems to have a very complex nature, with many elements deeply feminine. My wife Lynette Malone, also an astrologer, has always seen the basic energy of this astrological force as quite feminine. And long before my time, noted astrologer Isabel Hickey published a booklet asking us to look beyond the body's name. "Pluto or Minerva: The Choice Is Yours" should be a must reading for all astrologers, in my opinion.

In my experience, the sign Scorpio can take one to the darkest depths of the psyche, and to the highest most spiritual perceptions. It is sometimes given multiple symbols with the Scorpion and its poisonous tail, the eagle soaring far and wide, and the dove as symbol of spirit.

Isabel wrote, "Pluto rules Scorpio. Minerva, goddess of wisdom, rules the highest aspect of Pluto. Every growth begins in the darkness and grows toward the light." Talking about the Plutonian side of Pluto, if you will, she wrote: The energy in us which is unknown on the surface but which works in the depths of our being. It rules the underworld in us, as well as the highest part of us. In its lowest aspect it can be working silently within and unknown under the surface and then erupt with violence." But there is another side. "The highest aspect of Pluto (Minerva, goddess of wisdom), works in a different fashion [than the lowest]. It changes the individual from within and comes imperceptibly like the dawn of a new day. It changes the individual so his is never again in the same state of consciousness. Purged of the dross, he is refined and regenerated."

Thinking about the dark side of Pluto, and how only now, with New Horizons, are we getting a glimpse of what it really looks like, it is intriguing that some of the most frequent news of late is the coming to the surface, and in our face, of things that had always been hidden, not looked at. Take for example all the child abuse by church leaders and celebrities like Rolf Harris, or the sexual abuse charges against women surfacing about Bill Cosby.

Pluto's orbit being so eccentric, it is for a short time closer to us than Neptune ever gets. This happens during the months near its's closest approach to the Sun. The most recent perihelion was 5 September 1989, when its astrological position was about 12 Sco 55. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is "An Inventor Performs A Laboratory Experiment." While the Internet had been around a little while by then, the first text message was sent over the net that year, and the first commercial internet providers emerged which opened access up to just about anyone...with the first commercial dial-up connection. Other interesting events at or near the perihelion: Denmark passed the worlds first law legalizing civil unions between same-sex partners, while in Western Australia homosexual act between consenting adults is decriminalized; the Berlin Wall comes down

I won't explore the astrology of Pluto much here....there is over 80 years of good astrological research on this body

And there is also a growing body of astronomical data on this body, as a result of the New Horizons spacecraft which flew right by Pluto in 2015. For example, we now know that Pluto's diameter 1,473 miles (2,370 kilometers), which makes it a bit larger than was thought, and larger than all other known solar system objects beyond the orbit of Neptune (that's right, larger than Eris.) In comparison, the smallest traditional planet, Mercury, has a diameter 4,880 kilometers. You can read more about the new findings here, and see fantastic photographs: New Horizons

I attended a symposium in 1999 on the status of Pluto. The panel could not agree on whether Pluto should remain a planet or not, but was quite interesting. And I got a chance to meet Alan Stern who is now heading the New Horizon Pluto project that has given us all those great photos. Here is a shot of the panel there that day: IS PLUTO A PLANET?

But I do want to give you a good ephemeris for it. So you can click here for a PLUTO EPHEMERIS, for every 10 days, for 1900-2020.

Zane's Eris symbol Discordian's Eris symbol Discordian's alternate Eris symbol Eris - symbol used in Poland Eris - symbol used in Time Passages

136199 (2003 UB313)

There are five symbols shown for Eris. The one on the left was designed by Zane B Stein as a possible glyph for the this body. The middle two have been used by the Discordians to represent the Hand of Eris, long before this body was discovered. Next was submitted by Bogdan Krusiński, who says it is the symbol being used for Eris by astrologers in Poland. And on the far right is the one that is used for Eris in
Time Passages software.

2003 UB313 had been officially declared the 10th Planet by the IAU, until August 24, 2006. On this date, they voted on an official definition of the word "Planet", and this body was reclassified. It is now one of the three members of a new classification, "Dwarf Planet", along with Pluto, and Ceres. But though they may be 'Dwarf' in size, they are anything but dwarf in significance. It was given an official number, 136199. And, it now has a name!
From the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory came an official announcement, September 13, 2006, Circular #8747:
"Following near-unanimous acceptance by both the Committee on Small-Body Nomenclature and the Working Group on Planetary-System Nomenclature (in consultation with the discovery team), the IAU Executive Committee has now approved the names Eris for (136199) and Dysnomia for its satellite (136199) Eris I [formerly S/2005 (2003 UB313)" More on this in a moment.


On January 5, 2005, the team of Michael Brown, Chad Trujillo, and David Rabinowitz (David, you may remember, discovered Pholus), discovered a very unique body while looking over photographic plates that had been taken Oct 21, 2003. (It's not unusual for photographic plates to sit for months or even years before they are really studied, since so many of them are taken on a daily basis.) Anyway, when they first recognized what they had found, they decided to research it thoroughly before making a a public announcement, which they finally did on July 29, 2005, (the same day as two other large Kuiper Belt objects, 2003 EL61 and 2005 FY9, were also announced.)


This body had been nicknamed 'Xena', as in the television's most famous female warrior, and her moon had been nicknamed 'Gabrielle' after Xena's constant companion.


But now we need to start calling this body by it's official name of Eris (Greek Ἒρις), the Greek mythological goddess personifying strife. Her Latin name is Discordia. And her moon has been officially named 'Dysnomia', a child of the goddess Eris, who often was used to symbolize lawlessness

Mike Brown gives this account on the naming:

"We officially suggested the name on 6 September 2006, and it was accepted and announced on 13 September 2006.

"The satellite of Eris has received the offical name Dysnomia, who in Greek mythology is Eris' daughter and the demon spirit of lawlessness. As Dysnomia is a bit of a mouthful, we tend to simply call the satellite Dy, for short.

"As promised for the past year, the name Xena (and satellite Gabrielle) were simply placeholders while awaiting the IAU's decision on how an official name was to be proposed. As that process dragged on, however, many people got to know Xena and Gabrielle as the real names of these objects and are sad to see them change. We admit to some sadness ourselves.We used the names for almost two years now and are having a hard time swtiching. But for those who miss Xena, look for the obvious nod* in the new name of the moon of Eris."

*And of course, by "obvious nod", Michael was referring to the fact that the moon was named after a spirit of lawlessness, and the television character Xena was played by actress Lucy Lawless.

Mike Brown has a page about Eris with a lot of interesting information. Check out his Eris page.


Brown describes it as the most distant object ever found to be orbiting the Sun. At 9.7 billion miles, Eris is three times farther from the Sun than Pluto, which averages 3.6 billion miles from the Sun. The newly-discovered object is more distant than the mysterious planetoid Sedna discovered in 2003. But that's only right now. Because of its highly elliptical orbit (with an eccentricity of 0.44177), in 280 years, the planet will be as close as the planet Neptune is to Earth.

Not only is its orbit highly elliptical, but it is tilted 44.187 degrees relative to the plane of the solar system. Pluto's orbit is only inclined 17 degrees.

How big is it? The latest size estimate, as of February 2006, is a diameter of 3000 km. To put that in perspective, our Moon is 3500 km, Pluto is 2300 km, and Pluto's moon Charon only 1200 km.

It takes 557 years for the newly-discovered body to orbit the Sun. Right now, it is on the far side of the Solar System, not too far from its farthest point from the Sun.

On September 10, 2005, astronomers discovered that Eris has a moon, and this was provisionally designated S/2005 (2003 UB313). Some mouthful to say! So, since they nicknamed the main body Xena, they decided to nickname its companion Gabrielle (after the TV warrior's constant companion.)

Here is an excellent website for (mostly) astronomical information and updates on 136199: ERIS


Eris comes from Greek mythology, and the name translates as Strife. But it seems there were two different goddesses by that name. Hesiod wrote, in "Works and Days":

"So, after all, there was not one kind of Strife alone, but all over the earth there are two. As for the one, a man would praise her when he came to understand her; but the other is blameworthy: and they are wholly different in nature.

For one fosters evil war and battle, being cruel: her no man loves; but perforce, through the will of the deathless gods, men pay harsh Strife her honour due.

But the other is the elder daughter of dark Night (Nyx), and the son of Cronus who sits above and dwells in the aether, set her in the roots of the earth: and she is far kinder to men. She stirs up even the shiftless to toil; for a man grows eager to work when he considers his neighbour, a rich man who hastens to plough and plant and put his house in good order; and neighbour vies with his neighbour as he hurries after wealth. This Strife is wholesome for men. And potter is angry with potter, and craftsman with craftsman, and beggar is jealous of beggar, and minstrel of minstrel."

The goddess Hesiod describes who 'fosters evil war and battle' is described as being the sister of Ares (Mars, to the Romans), with Zeus (Jupiter) and Hera (Ceres) as her parents.

Eris, as daughter of Nyx, has some quite interesting siblings, although the list varies depending upon the author.

Hesiod wrote: "And Nyx (Night) bare hateful Moros (Doom) and black Ker (Violent Death) and Thanatos (Death), and she bare Hypnos (Sleep) and the tribe of Oneiroi (Dreams). And again the goddess murky Nyx, though she lay with none, bare Momos (Blame) and painful Oizys (Misery), and the Hesperides ... Also she bare the Moirai (Fates) and the ruthless avenging Keres (Death-Fates) ... Also deadly Nyx bare Nemesis (Envy) to afflict mortal men, and after her, Apate (Deceit) and Philotes (Friendship) and hateful Geras (Old Age) and hard-hearted Eris (Strife)."

Hyginus wrote: "From Nox (Night) and Erebus: Fatum (Fate), Senectus (Old Age), Mors (Death), Letum (Dissolution), Continentia (Moderation), Somnus (Sleep), Somnia (Dreams), Amor (Love) - that is Lysimeles, Epiphron (Prudence), Porphyrion, Epaphus, Discordia (Discord) [Eris], Miseria (Misery), Petulantia (Wantonness), Nemesis (Envy), Euphrosyne (Good Cheer), Amicitia (Friendship), Misericordia (Compassion), Styx (Hatred); the three Parcae (Fates), namely Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos; the Hesperides."

And Eris herself has been listed of the mother of several other interesting beings, called the Kakodaimones, who were the evil spirits which plagued mankind. The moon of the body Eris has been named after the one listed in bold in the following paragraph from Hesiod:

"But abhorred Eris (Strife) bare painful Ponos (Toil), and Lethe (Forgetfulness), and Limos (Starvation), and the Algea (Pains), full of weeping, the Hysminai (Fightings) and the Makhai (Battles), the Phonoi (Murders) and the Androktasiai (Man-slaughters), the Neikea (Quarrels), the Pseudo-Logoi (Lies), the Amphilogiai (Disputes), and Dysnomia (Lawlessness) and Ate (Ruin), who share one another's natures, and Horkos (Oath) who does more damage than any other to earthly men, when anyone, of his knowledge, swears to a false oath."

There are many stories of Eris in literature, but probably the most famous took place at the marriage of Peleus to Thetis. Eris was not invited to the wedding. (Would you invite Strife to your wedding?) When she found out that she had been snubbed, but Hera (Juno), Athena (Pallas), and Aphrodite (Venus) had been sent invitations (by Chiron, in fact), but she had not been invited, she was enraged, and sought revenge. She decided to go to the wedding anyway. Colluthus wrote:

"And now she bethought her of the golden apples of the Hesperides. Thence Eris took the fruit that should be the harbinger of war, even the apple, and devised the scheme of signal woes. Whirling her arm she hurled into the banquet the primal seed of turmoil and disturbed the choir of goddesses. Hera, glorying to be the spouse and to share the bed of Zeus, rose up amazed, and would fain have seized it. And Kypris [Aphrodite], as being more excellent than all, desired to have the apple, for that it is the treasure of the Erotes (Loves). But Hera would not give it up and Athena would not yield."

Zeus saw the quarrel heating up, and called to Hermes (Mercury) to give escort the goddesses to a shepherd named Paris, and instruct him to give the apple to the goddess he saw as the most beautiful. In this way, he sought to resolve the argument. (Some say that Zeus knew what would happen, and planned the whole thing.)

When Paris was told of his honor by Hermes, each of the goddesses tried to sway his decision by offering him a gift. (Bribing the judge?) Hera said if she were chosen fairest of all women, she would make him king of all men; Athena promised him victory in war; and Aphrodite promised him Helene in marriage.

Paris chose Aphrodite, for Helene was one of the most beautiful, desirable of all women. With Aphrodite's aid Paris seduced queen Helene and abducted her to Troy, and this led to the Trojan War.

There are many, many stories of Eris accompanying her brother Ares onto the battlefield. She is often described as having an insatiable desire for bloodshed. Even after all the other gods had withdrawn from battle, she remained, rejoicing over the slaughter.

But she was also mentioned as responsible for other 'battles.' On more than one occasion, for example, she is listed as the cause of marital strife.

Aesop retold one of the Eris stories which may indeed show us one aspect of Eris' meaning to us:

"Herakles was making his way through a narrow pass. He saw something that looked like an apple lying on the ground and he tried to smash it with his club. After having been struck by the club, the thing swelled up to twice its size. Herakles struck it again with his club, even harder than before, and the thing then expanded to such a size that it blocked Herakles's way. Herakles let go of his club and stood there, amazed. Athena saw him and said, 'O Herakles, don't be so surprised! This thing that has brought about your confusion is Aporia (Contentiousness) and Eris (Strife). If you just leave it alone, it stays small; but if you decide to fight it, then it swells from its small size and grows large."

And yet, with all of this, there is another side to Eris. As Hesiod wrote:

"One [Eris] is Trouble and Fighting. But the other is only Healthy Competition."

The ancient astrologers associated war, as well as healthy competition, with the 7th house, and the 7th sign (Libra). Could Eris, therefore, be associated with Libra?


Today, there is a religion that worships the goddess Eris. Well, sort of. Anyway, the members of this faith call themselves Discordians. (Two of the symbols they have used to represent the Hand of Eris are shown at the top of this page as possible symbols for the planet Eris.)

What is the Discordian view of Eris? For that, I'd like to quote from their 'bible', the Principia Discordia:

"...It was not until they traced the Greek writing on the apple that they discovered the ancient Goddess known to the Greeks as Eris and to the Romans as Discordia. This was on the fifth night, and when they slept that night each had a vivid dream of a splendid woman whose eyes were as soft as feather and as deep as eternity itself, and whose body was the spectacular dance of atoms and universes. Pyrotechnics of pure energy formed her flowing hair, and rainbows manifested and dissolved as she spoke in a warm and gentle voice:
"I have come to tell you that you are free. Many ages ago, My consciousness left man, that he might develop himself. I return to find this development approaching completion, but hindered by fear and by misunderstanding.
"You have built for yourselves psychic suits of armor, and clad in them, your vision is restricted, your movements are clumsy and painful, your skin is bruised, and your spirit is broiled in the sun.
"I am chaos. I am the substance from which your artists and scientists build rhythms. I am the spirit with which your children and clowns laugh in happy anarchy. I am chaos. I am alive, and I tell you that you are free.""


KEYWORDS: If you would like to experiment with some preliminary keywords for Eris, please jump to my Preliminary Keywords page, but keep in mind that it is still early in research, and the keyword list may be modified or expanded upon.

It was at its furthest point from the Sun (aphelion) on March 16, 1977, at 13 Aries 36. (1977 was an interesting year. Six days earlier, rings were discovered around the planet Uranus, shaking up our reality, letting us know Saturn wasn't the only ringed planet. And later in the year, November 1, Chiron was discovered, right between Saturn and Uranus.)

Going back in time, it was closest to the Sun (perihelion) on July 7, 1699, at 8 Libra 53. A planet's perihelion is, in many ways, the beginning of its orbital cycle. What shift took place int he world at the end of the 17th Century, as we entered into the 18th Century? Why have some called the 1700's "The Age of Reason and Change"? Could this be related to the perihelion in Libra, sign of the scales of balance, fairness, law and justice?

Obviously, it is way too soon to list meanings for this planet, but it is not too soon to begin studying it astrologically. Here are a few significant positions for Eris:
Discovery position: 19 Aries 45 R
Position when announced to the world: 21 Aries 05 R


Traditionally astrologers have assigned colors to the planets that seemed to most fit their nature. Mars, planet of passion, for example, was associated with the fiery color red.

So I started wondering if there was a color associated with Eris. What color do you associate with discord?

Maybe instead she rules situations where colors are disturbing, discordant...where the colors clash.

Discordant colours are those that are almost opposite each other on a colour wheel. Complementary colors on the color wheel are opposite each other, such as Yellow and Purple.

But discordant colors are almost, but not quite, opposites. They are like two zodiac signs that are quincunx. For example, Yellow and Maroon (the color between Red and Purple) would be discordant.

Just like you can't ignore a quincunx, as it is always pushing you to make adjustments, you can't ignore discordant colors. They are very good at getting your attention and often there is a visceral reaction.


I have set up a separate page for the positions of 136199 (2003 UB313) to cover 1900-2012. Just click on this link:
ERIS EPHEMERIS 1900-2012 And you can purchase an ephemeris for her monthly positions from 1375 to 2050 by clicking here:


Recently, I had occasion to read something that showed me a very positive side to Eris. Astrologer John Halloran posted the following (reprinted with his permission) on alt.astrology.moderated:

Eris - Discord and the Dialectic Process

It appears that the philosopher Hegel saw the evolutionary stage that is beyond Pluto.

Hegel saw the dialectic between thesis and antithesis as a constructive process that leads to a higher synthesis.

There is a discussion of Hegel's ideas excerpted at:

What is the Hegelian Dialectic

Thoughts from this page:

"Dialectic is defined by Hegel as the power (or energy or force) of negativity."

"Dialectic is thus the transition of things, and of knowledge, from potentiality or abstraction to actuality and content, but in such a way that the arising of a fuller determination points beyond itself to a further determination. Every determination is both a result and a new beginning, concrete and abstract, for it occurs within a process of the becoming of a thing (or of knowledge), and hence is concrete relative to the origin of the process but abstract relative to the telos of the whole process. A thing becomes more and more fully developed through this successive dialectic of self-reconstruction."

So discord is part of a constant on-going dialectic process of maturation, of leaving behind one-sided viewpoints and partial truths. It shakes up the status quo and says that a more complete perspective is necessary.


John Halloran
Halloran Software
Windows Astrology Software -

The dialectic is a branch of logic in the art of reasoning and\or disputing. Through the use of it Socrates would lead his adversary to make clear his position on the subject, then, often with the introduction of an absolutely contrary theory, the discussion would end with an admission, on the other side, of an inaccuracy. It was employed to set one theory in opposition with another, and thus to develop a subject in a comprehensive manner. First an idea (a Thesis) was thrown up against another theory (an Antithesis); from this, it was thought, one would advance to a third stage, and the truth would emerge. Often, - though not necessarily - there would come about a combination of both the ideas (a synthesis). From this process, it is thought, one would arrive at the truth of a proposition; this is not to be confused with a negotiation process whereby, usually, a compromise is wrought out.

Henry Alphern wrote (in An Outline History of Philosophy):

"We must analyze everything into what it now is, then analysis will show that it contains its opposite, which in turn will have to be harmonized into something that includes them both. But the resultant synthesis will itself be subject again to a negative element, this then, will be resolved into a still more comprehensive synthesis, which will be subjected once more to the principle of contradiction. The final solution, the ultimate harmony, the last synthesis, the step when it will no longer be necessary to go higher, will constitute the Absolute. The Universe as a whole harmonizes all contradictions, it is the perfect whole, it is the synthesis which we are seeking as our final solution. It, therefore, constitutes the true, the rational, the goal of the dialectic method. The conclusion is that only the whole of reality is rational, because that furnishes a complete view of all things; it is the Absolute, the World, Reason, God."

Hesiod wrote that there were two different Eris goddesses. One of them, the daugher of Nyx (Night) stirred up healthy competiton. Think about the last good, stirring debate you watched. A discussion involving opposing viewpoints, first one side, then the other, at times perhaps getting quite heated. Didn't you come away mentally stimulated, perhaps with your own thoughts galvanized?

Competition comes from the Latin word competere, which means: to strive together, to coincide. The very basis of healthy competition is not to create enmity, but to strive together to come up with something better than existed previously. In a healthy competition, everyone benefits, no matter whoo wins.

President William McKinley was an indefatigable campaigner. He helped rebuild the Republican Party in 1896 by rejecting divisive ethnic issues and promoting pluralism--whereby every group in the nation would prosper and none would be singled out for attack. He once wrote:

"Without competition we would be clinging to the clumsy antiquated processes of farming and manufacture and the methods of business of long ago, and the twentieth would be no further advanced than the eighteenth century."

He was born on January 29, 1843, with Mercury approximately 27 Aquarius 18, closely conjunct Eris at 27 Aquarius 53.

Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey had a mind that quickly grasped complicated issues. He was instrumental in merging two opposing political parties (the Democratic and the Farmer-Labor party), and with their combined backing he was elected Mayor of Minneapolis. He gained a national reputation by his strong stand for civil rights. In fact, in one of the most renowned speeches in American political history, Humphrey told the 1948 Democratic National Convention: "To those who say, my friends, to those who say, that we are rushing this issue of civil rights, I say to them we are 172 years too late! To those who say, this civil rights program is an infringement on states' rights, I say this: the time has arrived in America for the Democratic Party to get out of the shadow of states' rights and walk forthrightly into the bright sunshine of human rights!" Humphrey and his allies succeeded; the pro-civil-rights plank was narrowly adopted. But not without causing strife! As a result of the Convention's vote, the Mississippi and one half of the Alabama delegation walked out of the hall. Many Southern Democrats were so enraged that they formed the "Dixiecrat" party and nominated their own presidential candidate.

He once wrote:

"Freedom is hammered out on the anvil of discussion, dissent, and debate."

Humphrey was born May 27, 1911. This gave him a Mars (25 Pisces 19) conjunct Eris (26 Pisces 39), both square Pluto (26 Gemini 53.)


Because it moves so slowly, this body can take several years to move through one degree. Perhaps that is why some people experience significant events, several years in a row, on a specific date?

  • Research in history should reflect an interesting transition from 1922-1927. Eris was straddling the cusp between Pisces and Aries that whole period:
    • Enters Aries June 3, 1922
    • Retrogrades back into Pisces July 21, 1922
    • Enters Aries April 27, 1923
    • Retrogrades back into Pisces August 28, 1923
    • Enters Aries April 1, 1924
    • Retrogrades back into Pisces September 24, 1924
    • Enters Aries March 9, 1925
    • Retrogrades back into Pisces October 22, 1925
    • Enters Aries February 12, 1926
    • Retrogrades back into Pisces December 5, 1926
    • Enters Aries January 1, 1927 (where it still is to this day)
  • Look especially to 1924 & 1925, when the Spring Equinox occurred only hours away from the Sun/Eris conjunction.
    • 1924: Only a few days after the conjunction in 1924, Greece proclaims itself a Republic. Less than a week after that, Adolf Hitler was sentenced to five years in jail for his participation in the Beer Hall Putsch.
    • 1925: Shortly before the conjunction, a law was passed in Tennessee that, in effect, forbade the teaching of evolution in schools, or "any theory that denies the story of the Divine Creation of man as taught in the Bible." This sparked a major furor, putting on trial a teacher (John T. Scopes) in what was to become one of the most famous trials in history. William Jennings Bryan and Clarence Darrow locked horns in what has become known as the Scopes Monkey Trial.


Here follows the dates and times for the exact conjunction of the Sun with Eris for over a century. We can use this data to study this new body in several different ways:

While the above may not be the Tenth Planet astrologers have been seeking for years, it is still an important astrological tool. And there are many other new tools in the astrology toolbox, as well. Here is a taste of the major new bodies out past Pluto. The next two are Dwarf Planets, like Eris:

136108 (2003 EL61)

Haumea was discovered December 28, 2004 by a team led by Michael Brown.

On September 17, 2008,it was officially classified as a dwarf planet (according to this IAU press release), and named Haumea after the Hawaiian goddess of fertility and childbirth. According to most accounts, she mated with the god Kane Milohai and gave birth to many children, including Hawaii's most famous goddess, Pele. Thus, she is often referred to as the mother of the Hawaiian people as well as the Great Earth Mother, and was the patron goddess of that island. Here is a page dedicated to the Hawaiin goddess: Haumea the Earth Mother. She has two moons, named after two of Haumea's daughters, Hi'iaka and Namaka.

Michael Brown has a blog about Haumea's discovery and naming: Haumea blog

(Interestingly, it had at first been given the nickname "Santa" because it was discovered just after Christmas.)

Her orbit is 285 years, which is only a little more than that of Pluto, her eccentricity is 0.188 and her inclination is 28.19. It's discovery position is 12 Libra 27.

Just what will Haumean tell us, astrologically? Obviously, we need to do a lot of research before we can answer that, but a good place to start might be its conjunctions with major planets.

On June 18, 1903, Haumean was exactly conjunct Neptune at 3 Cancer 08. How did this aspect manifest in the lives of these totally unrelated individuals all born around that date: Jeanette MacDonald, Lou Gehrig, Al Hirschfield and John Dillinger.

The mid-Fifties saw a 3-time Haumean/Pluto conjunction. The dates were September 30, 1954, 25 Leo 59; Feb 19 1955, 25 Leo 28 R; and July 1, 1955, 25 Leo 00.

I know that the USS Nautilus was comissioned. This submarine was the first atomic powered vessel. Also during this period, the Viet Minh took over North Viet Nam, setting the stage for the war to come, President Eisenhower sends the first 'advisors' to South Viet Nam, and the US 7th Fleet helps the Nationalists evacuate Mainland China and go to Taiwan.

What do these individuals have in common, born near these dates? Musician Stevie Ray Vaughan, Reverend Al Sharpton, actor Scott Bakula.

On September 25, 1962, Uranus and Haumea met at 2 Virgo 49.

A border conflict between India and China broke out which led to the Sino-Indian War, and civil war broke out in Yemen. The Environmentalist Movement arose in great part because of the book Rachel Carson published at this time, "Silent Spring". And James Meredith, the first black student to register at the Univ of Mississippi accompanied by Federal Marshals. (Oh, and the Beatles released their first single, "Love Me Do".)

Check out these pages for more insight into Haumea:

Nick Anthony Firenza's Haumea page

Richard Brown's Haumea page

Click here for a HAUMEA EPHEMERIS for 1900-2020.

136472 (2005 FY9)

Makemake is the third-largest known dwarf planet in the Solar System. It was discovered on March 31, 2005 by a team led by Michael Brown. In July 2008, (according to this IAU press release) it was officially classified as a Plutoid, which is a sub class of Dwarf Planets which have orits beyond Neptune, joining Pluto and Eris.

On April 26, 2016, the discovery of a Moon around Makemake was announced, and was nicknamed MK2. This moon is about 100 miles wide, and is about 13,000 miles away from Makemake.

Prior to its official naming, it had been lovingly nicknamed "Easterbunny", since it was found right before Easter. In officially naming it Makemake, the astronomers were kind of paying homage to the earlier nickname, because Makemake was the creator of humanity in the myths of the native people of Easter Island.

Michael Brown has a blog about the discovery and naming of Makemake: What's In A Name

Its orbital period is 310 years (compared to Pluto's 248 years). The eccentricity is 0.159, and the inclination is 28.96. It's discovery position is 20 Virgo 16 R

The above symbol was based on traditional petroglyphs of the face of Makemake, and was designed by Denis Moskowitz in collaboration with John T Whelan.

It is of course too early to define Makemake's astrological meanings, but a good place to start would be studying major aspects it has made.

On July 1, 1955, Makemake was exactly conjunct Uranus at 26 Cancer 46, so events near that date should be colored by this aspect, and it should have some influence over people born around this time. How does it manifest in the lives of actress Isabelle Adjani, Novelist Lisa Scottoline, or actor Jimmy Smits, all born close to this date? And does Disneyland in any way reflect Makemake conjunct Uranus, since it officially opened very close to this aspect?

Check out these pages for more insight into Makemake:

Nick Anthony Firenza's Makemake page

Richard Brown's Makemake page

Alison Chester-Lambert's Makemake page

Click here for a MAKEMAKE EPHEMERIS for 1900-2020.

Zane's Salacia symbol

SALACIA 120347 (2004 SB60)

Salacia was discovered on September 22, 2004 by the team of Michael E. Brown, Henry G. Roe and Kristina M. Barkume. While in general her orbit is slightly farther out then Pluto's, Pluto does get further at aphelion, and closer at perihelion. Salcia's aphelion is 46.547 AU, and her perihelion 37.392 AU, with an orbital eccentricity of 0.109071. The orbital inclination is 23.92.

She takes 271.9 years for one cycle.

Salacia has a moon, Actaea.


The Greek god Neptune fell totally in love with Salacia, and wanted to marry her, but she was so overwhelmed by his presence initially that she swam away when he approached. The god of the sea was too smitten to let her go, and sent the dolphin Delphinus after her to try and get her to change her mind, come back, and marry him. Delphinus must have been very persuasive, for she agreed, and became Neptune's wife. (Neptune, so greatful to Delphinus, awarded him by putting him in the heavens as a constellation.) They had three children, one named Actaea.

It may be totally coincidental, but Salacia was discovered in the sign of Pisces, and Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune. As Neptune is associated by the Romans with Poseidon, Salacia became associated with Ampitrite.

She was described as goddess of the sea, goddess of salt water, and is usually pictured as a lovely nymph, a crown made of seaweed upon her hair. Sometimes alone, sometimes alongside Neptune, she is often pictured driving a chariot drawn by sea creatures such as dolphins or sea horses.

In addition to the oceans, you may also find it written that she was goddess of mineral springs.

Plant Species

The name Salacia has been given to a species of plants, at least two of which are used in herbal medicine and which are being studied by medical researchers:



June 15, 2011, 8:13:34 PM UT, there was a total eclipse of the Moon at 24 Sagittarius 23. Salacia was 24 Pis 32 (9' away from exact square.)

On July 31, Thailand experiences terrible floods affecting over 12.8 million people, 815 people are killed. 58 of the country's 77 provinces affected.


The planet Uranus has a reputation for shaking things up, even breaking things up. In 2007, Salacia and Uranus began to move near each other, and on March 15, 2008, they were exactly conjunct at 19 Pisces 02. Ten days later, when they had only separated by 17', a 156 square mile chunk of the Wilkins Ice Shelf disintegrated. This huge shelf, 5400 square miles of ice, is located in Antarctica. Sciences start looking more closely at the area, and were surprised to discover the the whole shelf was beginning to break away from the continent, and they watched as, at the end of May, another 62 square miles broke off. By the end of November it was announced that in 2008 alone, the shelf had lost 770 square miles, and in January 2009 that the shelf was only held up by a very thin strip of ice that. If that strip were to break, and the entire shelf (about the size of Jamaica) were to break away, it would be the largest such breakup of artic ice so far, and would result and numerous icebergs with their potential danger to shipping, and the melting giving further rise to the water levels. All during this period, Uranus and Salacia moved in and out of orb of conjunction.

Salacia first moved into Pisces in 1993. That was the year that Professor David Vaughan, a scientist working with the British Antarctic Survey, predicted that the northern part of the Wilkins ice shelf was likely to be lost within 30 years if climate warming on the Peninsula were to continue at the same rate. In 2008 David conceded that his predictions were too conservative, as changes were occurring much more quickly than he had ever imagined.

Interestingly, an article was published in the journal Science, on August 8, 1975, entitled, "Are we on the brink of a pronounced global warming?". This is probably the first use of that term in its modern sense. Salacia was about 5 Aquarius 30, which would make her semi-square to her position later when the scientific community's attention was drawn to the breaking up of the above ice shelf.


When she was discovered in 2004 she was at 13 Pisces 58. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is fitting for a beautiful queen: A young lady from top of coiffure to tip of toes is regal. She displays soft beauty of face above fox furs.

One is tempted to wonder if her name, Salacia, has any connection to the word salacious which is used to describe someone with an excessive interest in sex, as well as books, magazines, and photos of an erotic, bawdy or lewd nature.

  • In 2004, the year of Salacia's discovery, Peter Borg created something he named "Simply Salacious Parties" to provide, as he puts it, "an environment for beautiful souls to come together under the shelter of soulful vocal underground house." Peter says that when you come to his parties, you should "leave your attitude at the door, get ready to dance all night long and make new friends on the dancefloor." They've held parties at many of the 'in' places like Studio 33, and the Ministry of Sound.
  • Also that year, Andrew Read and Micahel Jason started "Salacious Records". Initially created to produce their own music, it evolved into a business to showcase a number of new Indie groups.

Click here for a SALACIA EPHEMERIS for 1900-2020.

Because of the similarity of orbit to Pluto, I wanted to see how many times Salacia was in hard aspect to Pluto. I had to the Fourteenth Century to find a conjunction between them. But look how many squares they made after the opposition:

Plu 	Cnj 	Salacia 	Jun 3 1332
Plu 	Cnj 	Salacia 	Jul 10 1332
Plu 	Cnj 	Salacia 	Mar 31 1333
Plu 	Cnj 	Salacia 	Sep 19 1333
Plu 	Cnj 	Salacia 	Feb 15 1334
Plu 	Sqr 	Salacia 	Aug 3 1423
Plu 	Sqr 	Salacia 	Nov 11 1423
Plu 	Sqr 	Salacia 	Jun 14 1424
Plu 	Sqr 	Salacia 	Jan 9 1425
Plu 	Sqr 	Salacia 	Apr 27 1425
Plu 	Opp 	Salacia 	Oct 13 1478
Plu 	Opp 	Salacia 	Mar 14 1479
Plu 	Opp 	Salacia 	Aug 11 1479
Plu 	Sqr 	Salacia 	Mar 15 1790 NS
Plu 	Sqr 	Salacia 	Apr 19 1790 NS
Plu 	Sqr 	Salacia 	Feb 22 1791 NS
Plu 	Sqr 	Salacia 	May 13 1791 NS
Plu 	Sqr 	Salacia 	Feb 9 1792 NS
Plu 	Sqr 	Salacia 	May 28 1792 NS
Plu 	Sqr 	Salacia 	Jan 29 1793 NS
Plu 	Sqr 	Salacia 	Jun 11 1793 NS
Plu 	Sqr 	Salacia 	Jan 20 1794 NS
Plu 	Sqr 	Salacia 	Jun 23 1794 NS
Plu 	Sqr 	Salacia 	Jan 12 1795 NS
Plu 	Sqr 	Salacia 	Jul 4 1795 NS
Plu 	Sqr 	Salacia 	Jan 4 1796 NS
Plu 	Sqr 	Salacia 	Jul 14 1796 NS
Plu 	Sqr 	Salacia 	Dec 27 1796 NS
Plu 	Sqr 	Salacia 	Jul 25 1797 NS
Plu 	Sqr 	Salacia 	Dec 20 1797 NS
Plu 	Sqr 	Salacia 	Aug 4 1798 NS
Plu 	Sqr 	Salacia 	Dec 13 1798 NS
Plu 	Sqr 	Salacia 	Aug 15 1799 NS
Plu 	Sqr 	Salacia 	Dec 5 1799 NS
Plu 	Sqr 	Salacia 	Aug 26 1800 NS
Plu 	Sqr 	Salacia 	Nov 27 1800 NS
Plu 	Sqr 	Salacia 	Sep 8 1801 NS
Plu 	Sqr 	Salacia 	Nov 17 1801 NS
Plu 	Sqr 	Salacia 	Sep 26 1802 NS
Plu 	Sqr 	Salacia 	Nov 3 1802 NS
Plu 	Sqr 	Salacia 	Nov 9 1855 NS
Plu 	Sqr 	Salacia 	Jan 5 1856 NS
Plu 	Sqr 	Salacia 	Oct 27 1856 NS
Plu 	Sqr 	Salacia 	Jan 20 1857 NS
Plu 	Sqr 	Salacia 	Oct 16 1857 NS
Plu 	Sqr 	Salacia 	Feb 1 1858 NS
Plu 	Sqr 	Salacia 	Oct 7 1858 NS
Plu 	Sqr 	Salacia 	Feb 13 1859 NS
Plu 	Sqr 	Salacia 	Sep 28 1859 NS
Plu 	Sqr 	Salacia 	Feb 25 1860 NS
Plu 	Sqr 	Salacia 	Sep 19 1860 NS
Plu 	Sqr 	Salacia 	Mar 7 1861 NS
Plu 	Sqr 	Salacia 	Sep 10 1861 NS
Plu 	Sqr 	Salacia 	Mar 19 1862 NS
Plu 	Sqr 	Salacia 	Aug 31 1862 NS
Plu 	Sqr 	Salacia 	Apr 1 1863 NS
Plu 	Sqr 	Salacia 	Aug 21 1863 NS
Plu 	Sqr 	Salacia 	Apr 15 1864 NS
Plu 	Sqr 	Salacia 	Aug 8 1864 NS
Plu 	Sqr 	Salacia 	May 2 1865 NS
Plu 	Sqr 	Salacia 	Jul 24 1865 NS
Plu 	Sqr 	Salacia 	May 31 1866 NS
Plu 	Sqr 	Salacia 	Jun 28 1866 NS
Plu  	Sqr 	Salacia 	Dec 22 1995
Plu  	Sqr 	Salacia 	Feb 22 1996
Plu  	Sqr 	Salacia 	Nov 16 1996
Plu  	Sqr 	Salacia 	Apr 3 1997
Plu  	Sqr 	Salacia 	Oct 22 1997
Plu  	Sqr 	Salacia 	May 5 1998
Plu  	Sqr 	Salacia 	Sep 28 1998
Plu  	Sqr 	Salacia 	Jun 10 1999
Plu  	Sqr 	Salacia 	Aug 29 1999

Plu 	Sqr 	Salacia 	Aug 14 2157
Plu 	Sqr 	Salacia 	Nov 15 2157
Plu 	Sqr 	Salacia 	Jun 26 2158
Plu 	Sqr 	Salacia 	Jan 12 2159
Plu 	Sqr 	Salacia 	May 11 2159

Zane's Varda symbol

VARDA 174567 (2003 MW12)

Varda is the name given to this trans-Neptunian object by its discoverer, Jeffrey A. Larsen. It was first sighted on June 21, 2003, and has an orbit of 311.51 years.

Perihelion is 39.622 AU, aphelion is 52.284 AU, and the orbit has an eccentricity of 0.138. It will most likely be classified as a Dwarf Planet.

It was named for Varda, an elf goddess from J.R.R. Tolkein's mythology. According to the Tolkien Gateway, "Varda Elentri, known in Sindarin as Elbereth Gilthoniel, was a Vali, the wife of Manw (the name given another outer body) and Queen of the Valar. Elves love and revere her most of all the Valar, and they call upon her in their hours of deepest darkness." "Varda is said to be too beautiful for words." Her name means "sublime" or "lofty". "Varda created the stars with the dews from the vats of Telperion, the first of the Two Trees."

It has a moon which was named Ilmar, who was a chief of the Maiar and Varda's handmaiden.

Varda when discovered was 2 Sagittarius 35 R. In its discovery chart it is closely square Mars (1 Pisces 55) and Uranus (2 Pisces 44 R), and quincunx Saturn. The Sabian Symbol for its discovery degree is "Two men playing chess."

Here are some noted individuals with close natal conjunctions to Varda:

The singer who goes by the name Meat Loaf has a close Varda/Venus/Neptune conjunction, so I thought I'd put his chart up here:


These two bodies have an interesting relationship. They can go several centuries without a conjunction.

They began moving close together in 1991, with exact conjunctions three times the following year:

This was a powerful time of change in the world. One of the most dramatic changes occurred with the USSR.

24 August 1991, President Gorbachev resigned as general secretary of the CPSU and ordered all party units in the government dissolved. Pluto 17 Sco 45, Varda 19 Sco 45.

29 August -- Communist rule in the Soviet Union effectively ended when the Supreme Soviet indefinitely suspended all CPSU activities on Soviet territory. Pluto 17 Sco 50, Varda 17 Sco 47

Between August and December, 10 republics declared their independence. The two bodies moved closer and closer, reaching a 1 degree orb on Nov. 5.

1 December, 90% of Ukrainian voters opted for independence. Pluto 21 Sco 00, Varda 21 Sco 33

In the early hours of 25 December, Gorbachev resigned as president of the USSR. The office was declared extinct, and all the powers still vested in it (such as control over the nuclear arsenal) were ceded to Russia's President Yeltsin. Also that day, the SFSR officially changed its name to "Russian Federation". Pluto 21 Sco 52, Varda 22 Sco 03.

26 December 1991, the Council of Republics formally voted both itself and the Soviet Union out of existence. Pluto 21 Sco 54, Varda 22 Sco 04.

Looking at the Secondary Progressed chart for 26 December 1991, we see the MC at 21 Leo 42 and Uranus 22 Aquarius 23. Clearly, Pluto and Varda were hitting those progressed positions.

Moving to 1992, with Pluto and Varda very close together the whole year, several other significant events occurred. A few of these were:

Boris Yeltsin announces that Russia will stop targeting cities of the United States and her allies with Nuclear Weapons. In return George H. W. Bush announces that the United States and her allies will stop targeting Russia and the remaining communist states with nuclear weapons.

White South Africans vote in favour of political reforms which will end the apartheid regime and create a power-sharing multi-racial government

Japan apologizes for forcing Korean women into sexual slavery during World War II.

A report by the World Meteorological Organization reports an unprecedented level of ozone depletion in both the Arctic and Antarctic.

First confirmed detection of extrasolar planets, with the discovery of several terrestrial-mass planets orbiting the pulsar PSR B1257+12

A text-based Web browser is made available to the public; within a few years, millions of people become regular users of the World Wide Web.

The IBM Simon, a touchscreen mobile phone and personal digital assistant considered the first smartphone, is introduced.

Oh, and Pope John Paul II issues an apology, and lifts the edict of the Inquisition against Galileo Galilei.

Click here for a VARDA EPHEMERIS for 1900-2020.

420356 (2012 BX85)

Praamzius was discovered January 23, 2012.

Praamzius is a trans-Neptunian object (TNO) and possibly a dwarf planet in the Kuiper belt. It has the second-lowest eccentricity of any TNO, after 2003 YN179. Praamzius orbits near the 3:5 resonance with Neptune. It was discovered on 23 January 2012, and officially named on 22 February 2016. It has an orbit of 281.74 years, an eccentricity of 0.00206, and an inclination to the ecliptic of 1.0901 degrees.


The following is from a page on Lithuania at

Lithuanians, as well as other ancient nations, developed in the period of patriarchy an image of the unique supreme God, the creator and lord of the Universe and all life. 'Dievas', the name of God in Lithuanian, has a common root with the words of this meaning in all ide languages. The word 'Dievas' often personifies the shining sky, light, or day. The Lithuanian supreme God, as the myth re tales, had a wife, the primordial Great Mother, the goddess Lada, who had given birth to the first-born twins. God's twin children, in the shape of twin horses, are known from the myths; they are related to the fire of the sky , the Sun, and lighting.

The Lithuanian supreme God was considered to be as well the Master of Fate, the Lord of the world who ruled the Heaven and Earth, while his children assisted him. The names referred by to the supreme and most powerful God varied in Lithuania from region to region during the course of time. In the Highlands of Lithuania as well as in the major part of the Lowlands the word 'Dievas' was used together with personal name Praamzius, in Suvalkija the God's name were Prakurimas, Ikurejas, Sotvaras, while in the west of the Lowlands and in Prussia he was referred to as Ukopirmas. Praamzius is described as the omnipotent ruler of time, the inescapable fate. The sky and the air, water and all live creatures had to obey him, with none exclusion even for other deities. All decisions made by Praamzius are inscribed in stone and thus is no escape from them; while ordering the present, he is aware of both the past and the future. Similar functions are ascribed as well to Prakurimas and Ukopirmas.

The chiefly ritual addressed to the supreme God was performed during the winter solstice. The importance of this ritual especially increased by the time agriculture became known and was cultivated. The rites permeated with archaic totem, animist, symbolic imagery would continue for twelve days associated with the twelve the twelve months of the year. Together with rites addressed to the supreme God, souls of remote ancestors from the other world were paid homage to. In Lithuanian religion, just as it is the case with other religions, the trinity of gods is known: Perkunas, Patrimpas and Pikuolis. The most prominent among these gods was Perkunas, the master of the atmosphere and the "waters" of the sky, as well as the fecundity of flora, human morality and justice. Beside the supreme God, Perkunas occupied perhaps the most important place in the Lithuanian divine pantheon. Under the influence of Christianity the supreme God's image was transformed and Perkunas acquires the position of the Lord of Heaven.

The major imagery representing Perkunas is of zoomorphic character, while later on it becomes anthropomorphic, sometimes retaining certain zoom orphic attributes. Perkunas used to inspire awe and punish people, thus he was often called the "god's scourge". He was supposed to punish by throwing at the culprit his stone axes, that often had symbols of the Sun and lightning. People knew then how to turn away Perkunas's wrath. The second god was Patrimpas. He was supposed to bring the spring, joy, peace, maturity, abundance, as well as to take care of domestic animals, ploughed fields, and crops. Sheaves of corn, amber, vax, etc., were offered to him during the rites. The third member of the Lithuanian divine trinity was Pikuolis, otherwise called Pikulas. He was the god of the underworld, all kinds of evil and death. When presented in a horizontal and vertical lines, the divine, trinity of the Aestii corresponds to the model of universal space, i.e., the sky, the earth and the underworld. The analogy may also be seen with the time recurrence: adolescence, maturity and old age, or otherwise, spring, autumn and winter.


The chart for Australia has Praamzius 12 Pis 27, opposition Mars, square Pluto, Venus and Uranus.

The following people have Praamzius in close conjunction to one or more natal points:

  • Al Pacino: Sun 5 Tau 17, Praamzius 5 Tau 29
  • Bobcat Goldthwait: Sun 4 Gem 34, Praamzius 4 Gem 21
  • Debra Winger: Sun 26 Tau 13, Praamzius 26 Tau 13
  • Jack Nicholson: Sun 2 Tau 06, Praamzius 1 Tau 33
  • Joan Quiqley: Sun 20 Ari 02, Praamzius 22 Ari 18
  • Venus Williams:Sun 26 Gem 47, Praamzius 27 Gem 48
  • Alan Bond: Mercury 0 Tau 46 R, Sun 1 Tau 39, Praamzius 2 Tau 49
  • Ann-Margaret: Sun 7 Tau 27, Venus 9 Tau 45, Praamzius 6 Tau 50
  • Brooke Shields: Praamzius 8 Gem 19, Jupiter 8 Gem 59, Sun 10 Gem 02
  • Marlon Brando: Moon 13 Ari 04, Sun 14 Ari 09, Praamzius 14 Ari 21
  • Pat Nixon: Eris 26 Pis 13, Sun 26 Pis 22, Praamzius 28 Pis 24
  • Denis Leary: Moon 28 Tau 29, Praamzius 29 Tau 31
  • Elton John: Moon 11 Tau 14, Praamzius 13 Tau 42
  • Kylie Minogue: Moon 14 Gem 43, Mars 13 Gem 32, Praamzius 12 Gem 03
  • Dick Gregory: Ascendant 26 Ari 14, Praamzius 26 Ari 46 R
  • Garrison Keillor: MC 9 Tau 22, Praamzius 9 Tau 52
  • Mark Russell: MC 26 Ari 20, Praamzius 26 Ar 34 R, Uranus 23 Ari 08 R
  • Tim Robbins: Praamzius 0 Gem 30 R, MC 0 Gem 36, Mars 2 Gem 16 R
  • Barbara Streisand: Mercury 8 Tau 06, Praamzius 8 Tau 01
  • Bill Meridian: Mercury 17 Tau 11, Praamzius 16 Tau 59
  • Giacomo Puccini: Mercury 16 Cap 01 R, Praamzius 17 Cap 36
  • Reinhold Ebertin: Mercury 14 Pis 09, Praamzius 13 Pis 26
  • Audrey Hepburn: Venus 22 Ari 47 R, Praamzius 21 Ari 34
  • Ian McKellen: Venus 6 Tau 20, Praamzius 4 Tau 57
  • John Pell: Venus 22 Aqu 37, Praamzius 24 Aqu 13
  • William McKinley: Venus 27 Sag 18, Praamzius 27 Sag 56
  • Pat Boone: Praamzius 28 Ari 40, Venus 29 Ari 30, Uranus 29 Ari 47
  • Alan Leo: Mars 20 Cap 10 R, Praamzius 19 Cap 34 R
  • Anne Boleyn: Jupiter 8 Lib 53 R, Praamzius 8 Lib 17 R
  • Captain William Bligh: Jupiter 2 Vir 38, Praamzius 2 Vir 39
  • Earl Warren: Jupiter 2 Pis 38, Praamzius 1 Pis 17
  • Richard Pryor: Praamzius 6 Tau 33 R, Jupiter 7 Tau 07 R, Saturn 9 Tau 12 R
  • Terry Gilliam: Praamzius 6 Tau 43 R, Jupiter 8 Tau 8 R, Saturn 9 Tau 51 R
  • Herbert Hoover: Saturn 10 Aqu 24 R, Praamzius 8 Aqu 27 R
  • Tom Jones: Praamzius 8 Tau 31, Saturn 9 Tau 39
  • Katherine Hepburn: Saturn 24 Pis 48, Praamzius 23 Pis 13
  • Charles Bukowski: Chiron 9 Ari 59 R, Praamzius 10 Ari 36 R
  • Christopher Robin Milne: Chiron 9 Ari 51 R, Praamzius 10 Ari 32 R
  • F. Sims Pounds: Chiron 9 Ari 14 R, Praamzius 10 Ari 16 R
  • Liberace: Chiron 6 Ari 48, Praamzius 8 Ari 56
  • Patrick Macnee: Chiron 10 Ari 26, Praamzius 10 Ari 27
  • Peggy Lee: Chiron 9 Ari 31, Praamzius 10 Ari 26
  • Peter Ustinov: Chiron 10 Ari 50, Praamzius 10 Ari 49
  • Vincent Van Gogh: Praamzius 11 Cap 47, Chiron 12 Cap 50
  • John Dempsey: NN 14 Tau 34 S, Praamzius 16 Tau 09
  • Manuel L. Quezon: NN 13 Aqu 13 R, Praamzius 13 Aqu 44 R
  • Peter Cushing: NN 0 Ari 49 R, Praamzius 1 Ari 16
  • Sean Connery: NN 24 Ari 56 R, Praamzius 23 Ari 52 R
  • Upton Sinclair: NN 12 Aqu 18 S, Praamzius 13 Aqu 11 R
  • W.D. Gann: Praamzius 14 Aqu 56 R, NN 14 Aqu 59 S
  • Billy Crytal: Ceres 14 Tau 39, Praamzius 14 Tau 47, NN 15 Tau 04 S

Click here for a PRAAMZIUS EPHEMERIS for 1900-2020.

Dee Dee (2014 uz224)

Designated 2014 UZ224, this body was discovered August 19, 2014, and has an orbit of 1136.42 years. It's eccentric orbit (0.65136) takes it in as close as 37.97 AU at perihelion, and as far away at aphelion of 180 AU. The inclination to the ecliptic is 26.7851.

When discovered it was located at 11 Tau 53 R.

It's orbit has not been completely determined yet, so it has not been given a minor planet number, and hence, no official name. But the astronomers have nicknamed it DeeDee, short for Distant Dwarf...and the latest study points to it being the newest addition to the Dwarf Planet family.

AstroDienst has provided a provisional ephemeris engine for DeeDee, and the following is based on that (set for 0 hr UT). When a more precise ephemeris is available I will replace this one, so keep in mind that the following may be off a little.

01-Jan-1901 11Ar02'59'' -2400'48''
01-Feb-1901 11Ar07'27'' -2355'35''
01-Mar-1901 11Ar17'26'' -2352'05''
01-Apr-1901 11Ar32'21'' -2350'35''
01-May-1901 11Ar47'03'' -2351'49''
01-Jun-1901 11Ar58'51'' -2355'33''
01-Jul-1901 12Ar04'21'' -2400'38''
01-Aug-1901 12Ar02'37'' R -2406'08''
01-Sep-1901 11Ar53'57'' -2410'27''
01-Oct-1901 11Ar41'17'' -2412'22''
01-Nov-1901 11Ar27'33'' -2411'28''
01-Dec-1901 11Ar17'34'' -2408'02''
01-Jan-1902 11Ar13'54'' D -2402'52''
01-Feb-1902 11Ar18'15'' -2357'37''
01-Mar-1902 11Ar28'12'' -2354'05''
01-Apr-1902 11Ar43'07'' -2352'32''
01-May-1902 11Ar57'53'' -2353'44''
01-Jun-1902 12Ar09'48'' -2357'27''
01-Jul-1902 12Ar15'23'' -2402'33''
01-Aug-1902 12Ar13'46'' R -2408'04''
01-Sep-1902 12Ar05'10'' -2412'25''
01-Oct-1902 11Ar52'31'' -2414'23''
01-Nov-1902 11Ar38'43'' -2413'31''
01-Dec-1902 11Ar28'38'' -2410'06''
01-Jan-1903 11Ar24'52'' D -2404'56''
01-Feb-1903 11Ar29'08'' -2359'39''
01-Mar-1903 11Ar39'02'' -2356'05''
01-Apr-1903 11Ar53'57'' -2354'29''
01-May-1903 12Ar08'47'' -2355'39''
01-Jun-1903 12Ar20'48'' -2359'21''
01-Jul-1903 12Ar26'31'' -2404'27''
01-Aug-1903 12Ar24'59'' R -2410'00''
01-Sep-1903 12Ar16'27'' -2414'23''
01-Oct-1903 12Ar03'49'' -2416'24''
01-Nov-1903 11Ar49'58'' -2415'35''
01-Dec-1903 11Ar39'47'' -2412'11''
01-Jan-1904 11Ar35'54'' D -2407'00''
01-Feb-1904 11Ar40'05'' -2401'41''
01-Mar-1904 11Ar50'22'' -2357'59''
01-Apr-1904 12Ar05'22'' -2356'26''
01-May-1904 12Ar20'13'' -2357'40''
01-Jun-1904 12Ar32'10'' -2401'25''
01-Jul-1904 12Ar37'46'' -2406'33''
01-Aug-1904 12Ar36'06'' R -2412'07''
01-Sep-1904 12Ar27'26'' -2416'29''
01-Oct-1904 12Ar14'43'' -2418'27''
01-Nov-1904 12Ar00'52'' -2417'34''
01-Dec-1904 11Ar50'46'' -2414'07''
01-Jan-1905 11Ar47'01'' D -2408'54''
01-Feb-1905 11Ar51'21'' -2403'35''
01-Mar-1905 12Ar01'19'' -2400'00''
01-Apr-1905 12Ar16'20'' -2358'25''
01-May-1905 12Ar31'15'' -2359'36''
01-Jun-1905 12Ar43'18'' -2403'20''
01-Jul-1905 12Ar49'01'' -2408'29''
01-Aug-1905 12Ar47'27'' R -2414'04''
01-Sep-1905 12Ar38'51'' -2418'29''
01-Oct-1905 12Ar26'08'' -2420'30''
01-Nov-1905 12Ar12'14'' -2419'39''
01-Dec-1905 12Ar02'03'' -2416'13''
01-Jan-1906 11Ar58'10'' D -2411'00''
01-Feb-1906 12Ar02'24'' -2405'39''
01-Mar-1906 12Ar12'20'' -2402'02''
01-Apr-1906 12Ar27'21'' -2400'24''
01-May-1906 12Ar42'19'' -2401'33''
01-Jun-1906 12Ar54'28'' -2405'16''
01-Jul-1906 13Ar00'18'' -2410'25''
01-Aug-1906 12Ar58'51'' R -2416'02''
01-Sep-1906 12Ar50'19'' -2420'29''
01-Oct-1906 12Ar37'37'' -2422'33''
01-Nov-1906 12Ar23'39'' -2421'45''
01-Dec-1906 12Ar13'21'' -2418'20''
01-Jan-1907 12Ar09'22'' D -2413'06''
01-Feb-1907 12Ar13'30'' -2407'44''
01-Mar-1907 12Ar23'23'' -2404'04''
01-Apr-1907 12Ar38'24'' -2402'23''
01-May-1907 12Ar53'26'' -2403'31''
01-Jun-1907 13Ar05'42'' -2407'13''
01-Jul-1907 13Ar11'38'' -2412'22''
01-Aug-1907 13Ar10'17'' R -2418'00''
01-Sep-1907 13Ar01'49'' -2422'30''
01-Oct-1907 12Ar49'07'' -2424'36''
01-Nov-1907 12Ar35'07'' -2423'50''
01-Dec-1907 12Ar24'43'' -2420'26''
01-Jan-1908 12Ar20'37'' -2415'13''
01-Feb-1908 12Ar24'39'' D -2409'48''
01-Mar-1908 12Ar34'55'' -2406'00''
01-Apr-1908 12Ar50'02'' -2404'22''
01-May-1908 13Ar05'04'' -2405'33''
01-Jun-1908 13Ar17'16'' -2409'18''
01-Jul-1908 13Ar23'06'' -2414'29''
01-Aug-1908 13Ar21'37'' R -2420'08''
01-Sep-1908 13Ar13'00'' -2424'37''
01-Oct-1908 13Ar00'13'' -2426'41''
01-Nov-1908 12Ar46'12'' -2425'51''
01-Dec-1908 12Ar35'53'' -2422'24''
01-Jan-1909 12Ar31'55'' D -2417'08''
01-Feb-1909 12Ar36'07'' -2411'43''
01-Mar-1909 12Ar46'04'' -2408'02''
01-Apr-1909 13Ar01'11'' -2406'21''
01-May-1909 13Ar16'17'' -2407'29''
01-Jun-1909 13Ar28'35'' -2411'13''
01-Jul-1909 13Ar34'32'' -2416'25''
01-Aug-1909 13Ar33'10'' R -2422'05''
01-Sep-1909 13Ar24'38'' -2426'36''
01-Oct-1909 13Ar11'51'' -2428'43''
01-Nov-1909 12Ar57'47'' -2427'56''
01-Dec-1909 12Ar47'22'' -2424'29''
01-Jan-1910 12Ar43'17'' -2419'13''
01-Feb-1910 12Ar47'22'' D -2413'46''
01-Mar-1910 12Ar57'17'' -2410'03''
01-Apr-1910 13Ar12'24'' -2408'19''
01-May-1910 13Ar27'34'' -2409'25''
01-Jun-1910 13Ar39'59'' -2413'08''
01-Jul-1910 13Ar46'03'' -2418'19''
01-Aug-1910 13Ar44'46'' R -2424'01''
01-Sep-1910 13Ar36'19'' -2428'35''
01-Oct-1910 13Ar23'33'' -2430'44''
01-Nov-1910 13Ar09'25'' -2429'59''
01-Dec-1910 12Ar58'55'' -2426'34''
01-Jan-1911 12Ar54'43'' -2421'17''
01-Feb-1911 12Ar58'43'' D -2415'49''
01-Mar-1911 13Ar08'35'' -2412'03''
01-Apr-1911 13Ar23'42'' -2410'16''
01-May-1911 13Ar38'56'' -2411'20''
01-Jun-1911 13Ar51'28'' -2415'02''
01-Jul-1911 13Ar57'39'' -2420'13''
01-Aug-1911 13Ar56'29'' R -2425'57''
01-Sep-1911 13Ar48'05'' -2430'33''
01-Oct-1911 13Ar35'20'' -2432'45''
01-Nov-1911 13Ar21'10'' -2432'02''
01-Dec-1911 13Ar10'33'' -2428'38''
01-Jan-1912 13Ar06'14'' -2423'21''
01-Feb-1912 13Ar10'09'' D -2417'50''
01-Mar-1912 13Ar20'25'' -2413'56''
01-Apr-1912 13Ar35'37'' -2412'12''
01-May-1912 13Ar50'52'' -2413'19''
01-Jun-1912 14Ar03'20'' -2417'04''
01-Jul-1912 14Ar09'25'' -2422'18''
01-Aug-1912 14Ar08'07'' R -2428'02''
01-Sep-1912 13Ar59'35'' -2432'37''
01-Oct-1912 13Ar46'45'' -2434'46''
01-Nov-1912 13Ar32'34'' -2434'00''
01-Dec-1912 13Ar22'02'' -2430'32''
01-Jan-1913 13Ar17'51'' -2425'13''
01-Feb-1913 13Ar21'56'' D -2419'42''
01-Mar-1913 13Ar31'53'' -2415'55''
01-Apr-1913 13Ar47'06'' -2414'08''
01-May-1913 14Ar02'25'' -2415'13''
01-Jun-1913 14Ar14'59'' -2418'56''
01-Jul-1913 14Ar21'11'' -2424'10''
01-Aug-1913 14Ar20'00'' R -2429'56''
01-Sep-1913 14Ar11'33'' -2434'33''
01-Oct-1913 13Ar58'44'' -2436'46''
01-Nov-1913 13Ar44'30'' -2436'02''
01-Dec-1913 13Ar33'52'' -2432'35''
01-Jan-1914 13Ar29'35'' -2427'15''
01-Feb-1914 13Ar33'32'' D -2421'43''
01-Mar-1914 13Ar43'27'' -2417'53''
01-Apr-1914 13Ar58'40'' -2416'03''
01-May-1914 14Ar14'03'' -2417'06''
01-Jun-1914 14Ar26'44'' -2420'48''
01-Jul-1914 14Ar33'03'' -2426'03''
01-Aug-1914 14Ar31'59'' R -2431'50''
01-Sep-1914 14Ar23'37'' -2436'30''
01-Oct-1914 14Ar10'48'' -2438'45''
01-Nov-1914 13Ar56'31'' -2438'03''
01-Dec-1914 13Ar45'47'' -2434'38''
01-Jan-1915 13Ar41'23'' -2429'18''
01-Feb-1915 13Ar45'15'' D -2423'44''
01-Mar-1915 13Ar55'06'' -2419'52''
01-Apr-1915 14Ar10'20'' -2417'59''
01-May-1915 14Ar25'46'' -2419'00''
01-Jun-1915 14Ar38'34'' -2422'41''
01-Jul-1915 14Ar45'00'' -2427'55''
01-Aug-1915 14Ar44'02'' R -2433'44''
01-Sep-1915 14Ar35'44'' -2438'27''
01-Oct-1915 14Ar22'57'' -2440'44''
01-Nov-1915 14Ar08'37'' -2440'05''
01-Dec-1915 13Ar57'47'' -2436'42''
01-Jan-1916 13Ar53'14'' -2431'21''
01-Feb-1916 13Ar57'01'' D -2425'45''
01-Mar-1916 14Ar07'15'' -2421'44''
01-Apr-1916 14Ar22'35'' -2419'54''
01-May-1916 14Ar38'02'' -2420'58''
01-Jun-1916 14Ar50'46'' -2424'43''
01-Jul-1916 14Ar57'06'' -2429'59''
01-Aug-1916 14Ar56'00'' R -2435'49''
01-Sep-1916 14Ar47'33'' -2440'31''
01-Oct-1916 14Ar34'40'' -2442'46''
01-Nov-1916 14Ar20'19'' -2442'04''
01-Dec-1916 14Ar09'33'' -2438'37''
01-Jan-1917 14Ar05'09'' -2433'14''
01-Feb-1917 14Ar09'04'' D -2427'37''
01-Mar-1917 14Ar19'00'' -2423'44''
01-Apr-1917 14Ar34'20'' -2421'51''
01-May-1917 14Ar49'50'' -2422'53''
01-Jun-1917 15Ar02'40'' -2426'36''
01-Jul-1917 15Ar09'07'' -2431'53''
01-Aug-1917 15Ar08'08'' R -2437'44''
01-Sep-1917 14Ar59'46'' -2442'29''
01-Oct-1917 14Ar46'53'' -2444'47''
01-Nov-1917 14Ar32'28'' -2444'07''
01-Dec-1917 14Ar21'36'' -2440'41''
01-Jan-1918 14Ar17'04'' -2435'18''
01-Feb-1918 14Ar20'53'' D -2429'40''
01-Mar-1918 14Ar30'45'' -2425'44''
01-Apr-1918 14Ar46'04'' -2423'49''
01-May-1918 15Ar01'38'' -2424'48''
01-Jun-1918 15Ar14'35'' -2428'30''
01-Jul-1918 15Ar21'09'' -2433'47''
01-Aug-1918 15Ar20'16'' R -2439'40''
01-Sep-1918 15Ar11'58'' -2444'27''
01-Oct-1918 14Ar59'06'' -2446'48''
01-Nov-1918 14Ar44'37'' -2446'11''
01-Dec-1918 14Ar33'38'' -2442'47''
01-Jan-1919 14Ar28'59'' -2437'23''
01-Feb-1919 14Ar32'41'' D -2431'43''
01-Mar-1919 14Ar42'30'' -2427'45''
01-Apr-1919 14Ar57'49'' -2425'46''
01-May-1919 15Ar13'26'' -2426'43''
01-Jun-1919 15Ar26'29'' -2430'24''
01-Jul-1919 15Ar33'10'' -2435'41''
01-Aug-1919 15Ar32'23'' R -2441'36''
01-Sep-1919 15Ar24'09'' -2446'26''
01-Oct-1919 15Ar11'17'' -2448'50''
01-Nov-1919 14Ar56'45'' -2448'15''
01-Dec-1919 14Ar45'40'' -2444'51''
01-Jan-1920 14Ar40'52'' -2439'28''
01-Feb-1920 14Ar44'28'' D -2433'45''
01-Mar-1920 14Ar54'40'' -2429'38''
01-Apr-1920 15Ar10'04'' -2427'42''
01-May-1920 15Ar25'43'' -2428'43''
01-Jun-1920 15Ar38'42'' -2432'27''
01-Jul-1920 15Ar45'16'' -2437'46''
01-Aug-1920 15Ar44'21'' R -2443'42''
01-Sep-1920 15Ar35'58'' -2448'31''
01-Oct-1920 15Ar23'00'' -2450'52''
01-Nov-1920 15Ar08'27'' -2450'14''
01-Dec-1920 14Ar57'25'' -2446'47''
01-Jan-1921 14Ar52'45'' -2441'20''
01-Feb-1921 14Ar56'30'' D -2435'37''
01-Mar-1921 15Ar06'23'' -2431'38''
01-Apr-1921 15Ar21'48'' -2429'39''
01-May-1921 15Ar37'30'' -2430'37''
01-Jun-1921 15Ar50'35'' -2434'19''
01-Jul-1921 15Ar57'17'' -2439'39''
01-Aug-1921 15Ar56'28'' R -2445'36''
01-Sep-1921 15Ar48'10'' -2450'27''
01-Oct-1921 15Ar35'12'' -2452'52''
01-Nov-1921 15Ar20'35'' -2452'16''
01-Dec-1921 15Ar09'28'' -2448'50''
01-Jan-1922 15Ar04'40'' -2443'23''
01-Feb-1922 15Ar08'19'' D -2437'39''
01-Mar-1922 15Ar18'08'' -2433'36''
01-Apr-1922 15Ar33'33'' -2431'34''
01-May-1922 15Ar49'18'' -2432'30''
01-Jun-1922 16Ar02'31'' -2436'11''
01-Jul-1922 16Ar09'20'' -2441'31''
01-Aug-1922 16Ar08'38'' R -2447'29''
01-Sep-1922 16Ar00'24'' -2452'23''
01-Oct-1922 15Ar47'27'' -2454'50''
01-Nov-1922 15Ar32'47'' -2454'17''
01-Dec-1922 15Ar21'33'' -2450'53''
01-Jan-1923 15Ar16'38'' -2445'25''
01-Feb-1923 15Ar20'10'' D -2439'39''
01-Mar-1923 15Ar29'57'' -2435'34''
01-Apr-1923 15Ar45'21'' -2433'29''
01-May-1923 16Ar01'10'' -2434'22''
01-Jun-1923 16Ar14'29'' -2438'02''
01-Jul-1923 16Ar21'26'' -2443'21''
01-Aug-1923 16Ar20'51'' R -2449'21''
01-Sep-1923 16Ar12'41'' -2454'18''
01-Oct-1923 15Ar59'46'' -2456'48''
01-Nov-1923 15Ar45'03'' -2456'17''
01-Dec-1923 15Ar33'43'' -2452'54''
01-Jan-1924 15Ar28'41'' -2447'26''
01-Feb-1924 15Ar32'06'' D -2441'38''
01-Mar-1924 15Ar42'16'' -2437'24''
01-Apr-1924 15Ar57'47'' -2435'21''
01-May-1924 16Ar13'38'' -2436'17''
01-Jun-1924 16Ar26'54'' -2440'00''
01-Jul-1924 16Ar33'44'' -2445'22''
01-Aug-1924 16Ar33'02'' R -2451'23''
01-Sep-1924 16Ar24'44'' -2456'19''
01-Oct-1924 16Ar11'42'' -2458'46''
01-Nov-1924 15Ar56'58'' -2458'12''
01-Dec-1924 15Ar45'43'' -2454'45''
01-Jan-1925 15Ar40'49'' -2449'15''
01-Feb-1925 15Ar44'24'' D -2443'25''
01-Mar-1925 15Ar54'16'' -2439'19''
01-Apr-1925 16Ar09'47'' -2437'13''
01-May-1925 16Ar25'42'' -2438'07''
01-Jun-1925 16Ar39'05'' -2441'49''
01-Jul-1925 16Ar46'03'' -2447'11''
01-Aug-1925 16Ar45'28'' R -2453'13''
01-Sep-1925 16Ar37'15'' -2458'12''
01-Oct-1925 16Ar24'15'' -2500'42''
01-Nov-1925 16Ar09'28'' -2500'10''
01-Dec-1925 15Ar58'07'' -2456'45''
01-Jan-1926 15Ar53'05'' -2451'15''
01-Feb-1926 15Ar56'35'' D -2445'23''
01-Mar-1926 16Ar06'23'' -2441'14''
01-Apr-1926 16Ar21'55'' -2439'05''
01-May-1926 16Ar37'54'' -2439'57''
01-Jun-1926 16Ar51'24'' -2443'37''
01-Jul-1926 16Ar58'30'' -2448'59''
01-Aug-1926 16Ar58'02'' R -2455'03''
01-Sep-1926 16Ar49'55'' -2500'04''
01-Oct-1926 16Ar36'56'' -2502'38''
01-Nov-1926 16Ar22'06'' -2502'08''
01-Dec-1926 16Ar10'39'' -2458'45''
01-Jan-1927 16Ar05'30'' -2453'14''
01-Feb-1927 16Ar08'53'' D -2447'21''
01-Mar-1927 16Ar18'39'' -2443'09''
01-Apr-1927 16Ar34'11'' -2440'57''
01-May-1927 16Ar50'14'' -2441'46''
01-Jun-1927 17Ar03'51'' -2445'25''
01-Jul-1927 17Ar11'06'' -2450'48''
01-Aug-1927 17Ar10'45'' R -2456'53''
01-Sep-1927 17Ar02'42'' -2501'57''
01-Oct-1927 16Ar49'45'' -2504'33''
01-Nov-1927 16Ar34'53'' -2504'07''
01-Dec-1927 16Ar23'19'' -2500'44''
01-Jan-1928 16Ar18'03'' -2455'14''
01-Feb-1928 16Ar21'20'' D -2449'19''
01-Mar-1928 16Ar31'29'' -2444'58''
01-Apr-1928 16Ar47'07'' -2442'49''
01-May-1928 17Ar03'12'' -2443'41''
01-Jun-1928 17Ar16'46'' -2447'23''
01-Jul-1928 17Ar23'55'' -2452'48''
01-Aug-1928 17Ar23'27'' R -2458'55''
01-Sep-1928 17Ar15'16'' -2503'58''
01-Oct-1928 17Ar02'12'' -2506'32''
01-Nov-1928 16Ar47'18'' -2506'02''
01-Dec-1928 16Ar35'49'' -2502'36''
01-Jan-1929 16Ar30'41'' -2457'03''
01-Feb-1929 16Ar34'07'' D -2451'07''
01-Mar-1929 16Ar43'57'' -2446'54''
01-Apr-1929 16Ar59'36'' -2444'42''
01-May-1929 17Ar15'45'' -2445'31''
01-Jun-1929 17Ar29'27'' -2449'12''
01-Jul-1929 17Ar36'43'' -2454'37''
01-Aug-1929 17Ar36'22'' R -2500'46''
01-Sep-1929 17Ar28'16'' -2505'51''
01-Oct-1929 17Ar15'14'' -2508'29''
01-Nov-1929 17Ar00'16'' -2508'02''
01-Dec-1929 16Ar48'40'' -2504'37''
01-Jan-1930 16Ar43'25'' -2459'04''
01-Feb-1930 16Ar46'45'' D -2453'06''
01-Mar-1930 16Ar56'31'' -2448'51''
01-Apr-1930 17Ar12'09'' -2446'35''
01-May-1930 17Ar28'22'' -2447'22''
01-Jun-1930 17Ar42'11'' -2451'02''
01-Jul-1930 17Ar49'35'' -2456'27''
01-Aug-1930 17Ar49'21'' R -2502'37''
01-Sep-1930 17Ar41'20'' -2507'46''
01-Oct-1930 17Ar28'19'' -2510'26''
01-Nov-1930 17Ar13'19'' -2510'01''
01-Dec-1930 17Ar01'36'' -2506'39''
01-Jan-1931 16Ar56'12'' -2501'05''
01-Feb-1931 16Ar59'25'' D -2455'06''
01-Mar-1931 17Ar09'09'' -2450'47''
01-Apr-1931 17Ar24'47'' -2448'29''
01-May-1931 17Ar41'03'' -2449'13''
01-Jun-1931 17Ar54'58'' -2452'51''
01-Jul-1931 18Ar02'30'' -2458'17''
01-Aug-1931 18Ar02'24'' R -2504'28''
01-Sep-1931 17Ar54'27'' -2509'39''
01-Oct-1931 17Ar41'27'' -2512'23''
01-Nov-1931 17Ar26'23'' -2512'01''
01-Dec-1931 17Ar14'35'' -2508'40''
01-Jan-1932 17Ar09'02'' -2503'06''
01-Feb-1932 17Ar12'08'' D -2457'05''
01-Mar-1932 17Ar22'14'' -2452'37''
01-Apr-1932 17Ar37'59'' -2450'20''
01-May-1932 17Ar54'17'' -2451'08''
01-Jun-1932 18Ar08'09'' -2454'50''
01-Jul-1932 18Ar15'35'' -2500'18''
01-Aug-1932 18Ar15'20'' R -2506'30''
01-Sep-1932 18Ar07'15'' -2511'41''
01-Oct-1932 17Ar54'08'' -2514'22''
01-Nov-1932 17Ar39'02'' -2513'56''
01-Dec-1932 17Ar27'17'' -2510'31''
01-Jan-1933 17Ar21'52'' -2504'54''
01-Feb-1933 17Ar25'08'' D -2458'52''
01-Mar-1933 17Ar34'55'' -2454'32''
01-Apr-1933 17Ar50'40'' -2452'13''
01-May-1933 18Ar07'02'' -2452'58''
01-Jun-1933 18Ar21'01'' -2456'38''
01-Jul-1933 18Ar28'34'' -2502'06''
01-Aug-1933 18Ar28'27'' R -2508'20''
01-Sep-1933 18Ar20'27'' -2513'33''
01-Oct-1933 18Ar07'21'' -2516'17''
01-Nov-1933 17Ar52'12'' -2515'54''
01-Dec-1933 17Ar40'19'' -2512'31''
01-Jan-1934 17Ar34'47'' -2506'54''
01-Feb-1934 17Ar37'56'' D -2500'50''
01-Mar-1934 17Ar47'40'' -2456'27''
01-Apr-1934 18Ar03'23'' -2454'04''
01-May-1934 18Ar19'49'' -2454'47''
01-Jun-1934 18Ar33'55'' -2458'25''
01-Jul-1934 18Ar41'37'' -2503'53''
01-Aug-1934 18Ar41'36'' R -2510'08''
01-Sep-1934 18Ar33'41'' -2515'24''
01-Oct-1934 18Ar20'37'' -2518'11''
01-Nov-1934 18Ar05'25'' -2517'52''
01-Dec-1934 17Ar53'26'' -2514'29''
01-Jan-1935 17Ar47'45'' -2508'52''
01-Feb-1935 17Ar50'47'' D -2502'46''
01-Mar-1935 18Ar00'27'' -2458'20''
01-Apr-1935 18Ar16'11'' -2455'54''
01-May-1935 18Ar32'40'' -2456'34''
01-Jun-1935 18Ar46'53'' -2500'11''
01-Jul-1935 18Ar54'42'' -2505'38''
01-Aug-1935 18Ar54'50'' R -2511'55''
01-Sep-1935 18Ar47'00'' -2517'14''
01-Oct-1935 18Ar33'56'' -2520'05''
01-Nov-1935 18Ar18'41'' -2519'47''
01-Dec-1935 18Ar06'36'' -2516'27''
01-Jan-1936 18Ar00'47'' -2510'49''
01-Feb-1936 18Ar03'41'' D -2504'41''
01-Mar-1936 18Ar13'45'' -2500'05''
01-Apr-1936 18Ar29'35'' -2457'42''
01-May-1936 18Ar46'07'' -2458'25''
01-Jun-1936 19Ar00'17'' -2502'05''
01-Jul-1936 19Ar08'00'' -2507'35''
01-Aug-1936 19Ar07'59'' R -2513'53''
01-Sep-1936 19Ar00'01'' -2519'11''
01-Oct-1936 18Ar46'51'' -2521'59''
01-Nov-1936 18Ar31'33'' -2521'38''
01-Dec-1936 18Ar19'32'' -2518'14''
01-Jan-1937 18Ar13'51'' -2512'34''
01-Feb-1937 18Ar16'55'' D -2506'24''
01-Mar-1937 18Ar26'40'' -2501'57''
01-Apr-1937 18Ar42'30'' -2459'30''
01-May-1937 18Ar59'06'' -2500'10''
01-Jun-1937 19Ar13'23'' -2503'49''
01-Jul-1937 19Ar21'15'' -2509'19''
01-Aug-1937 19Ar21'21'' R -2515'38''
01-Sep-1937 19Ar13'28'' -2520'59''
01-Oct-1937 19Ar00'20'' -2523'51''
01-Nov-1937 18Ar44'59'' -2523'33''
01-Dec-1937 18Ar32'51'' -2520'10''
01-Jan-1938 18Ar27'02'' -2514'29''
01-Feb-1938 18Ar29'59'' D -2508'18''
01-Mar-1938 18Ar39'40'' -2503'48''
01-Apr-1938 18Ar55'30'' -2501'18''
01-May-1938 19Ar12'10'' -2501'55''
01-Jun-1938 19Ar26'35'' -2505'32''
01-Jul-1938 19Ar34'35'' -2511'02''
01-Aug-1938 19Ar34'49'' R -2517'23''
01-Sep-1938 19Ar27'01'' -2522'47''
01-Oct-1938 19Ar13'54'' -2525'42''
01-Nov-1938 18Ar58'31'' -2525'27''
01-Dec-1938 18Ar46'16'' -2522'06''
01-Jan-1939 18Ar40'18'' -2516'25''
01-Feb-1939 18Ar43'09'' D -2510'12''
01-Mar-1939 18Ar52'46'' -2505'39''
01-Apr-1939 19Ar08'36'' -2503'06''
01-May-1939 19Ar25'19'' -2503'41''
01-Jun-1939 19Ar39'51'' -2507'16''
01-Jul-1939 19Ar47'59'' -2512'46''
01-Aug-1939 19Ar48'22'' R -2519'09''
01-Sep-1939 19Ar40'39'' -2524'35''
01-Oct-1939 19Ar27'34'' -2527'33''
01-Nov-1939 19Ar12'07'' -2527'21''
01-Dec-1939 18Ar59'46'' -2524'02''
01-Jan-1940 18Ar53'40'' -2518'21''
01-Feb-1940 18Ar56'23'' D -2512'07''
01-Mar-1940 19Ar06'23'' -2507'23''
01-Apr-1940 19Ar22'20'' -2504'52''
01-May-1940 19Ar39'05'' -2505'31''
01-Jun-1940 19Ar53'34'' -2509'09''
01-Jul-1940 20Ar01'37'' -2514'42''
01-Aug-1940 20Ar01'52'' R -2521'06''
01-Sep-1940 19Ar54'00'' -2526'32''
01-Oct-1940 19Ar40'48'' -2529'28''
01-Nov-1940 19Ar25'19'' -2529'13''
01-Dec-1940 19Ar13'00'' -2525'49''
01-Jan-1941 19Ar07'02'' -2520'06''
01-Feb-1941 19Ar09'55'' D -2513'50''
01-Mar-1941 19Ar19'37'' -2509'16''
01-Apr-1941 19Ar35'33'' -2506'41''
01-May-1941 19Ar52'22'' -2507'17''
01-Jun-1941 20Ar06'59'' -2510'54''
01-Jul-1941 20Ar15'10'' -2516'27''
01-Aug-1941 20Ar15'32'' R -2522'53''
01-Sep-1941 20Ar07'46'' -2528'22''
01-Oct-1941 19Ar54'36'' -2531'21''
01-Nov-1941 19Ar39'03'' -2531'08''
01-Dec-1941 19Ar26'38'' -2527'47''
01-Jan-1942 19Ar20'31'' -2522'04''
01-Feb-1942 19Ar23'16'' D -2515'46''
01-Mar-1942 19Ar32'54'' -2511'08''
01-Apr-1942 19Ar48'50'' -2508'31''
01-May-1942 20Ar05'42'' -2509'03''
01-Jun-1942 20Ar20'27'' -2512'39''
01-Jul-1942 20Ar28'46'' -2518'12''
01-Aug-1942 20Ar29'16'' R -2524'39''
01-Sep-1942 20Ar21'35'' -2530'11''
01-Oct-1942 20Ar08'26'' -2533'14''
01-Nov-1942 19Ar52'50'' -2533'04''
01-Dec-1942 19Ar40'18'' -2529'45''
01-Jan-1943 19Ar34'02'' -2524'01''
01-Feb-1943 19Ar36'40'' D -2517'42''
01-Mar-1943 19Ar46'13'' -2513'01''
01-Apr-1943 20Ar02'09'' -2510'20''
01-May-1943 20Ar19'06'' -2510'50''
01-Jun-1943 20Ar33'57'' -2514'24''
01-Jul-1943 20Ar42'24'' -2519'56''
01-Aug-1943 20Ar43'03'' R -2526'25''
01-Sep-1943 20Ar35'27'' -2532'00''
01-Oct-1943 20Ar22'19'' -2535'06''
01-Nov-1943 20Ar06'40'' -2535'00''
01-Dec-1943 19Ar54'02'' -2531'42''
01-Jan-1944 19Ar47'38'' -2525'58''
01-Feb-1944 19Ar50'07'' D -2519'37''
01-Mar-1944 20Ar00'03'' -2514'46''
01-Apr-1944 20Ar16'06'' -2512'07''
01-May-1944 20Ar33'06'' -2512'40''
01-Jun-1944 20Ar47'54'' -2516'18''
01-Jul-1944 20Ar56'16'' -2521'53''
01-Aug-1944 20Ar56'46'' R -2528'23''
01-Sep-1944 20Ar49'02'' -2533'58''
01-Oct-1944 20Ar35'47'' -2537'01''
01-Nov-1944 20Ar20'05'' -2536'51''
01-Dec-1944 20Ar07'29'' -2533'29''
01-Jan-1945 20Ar01'13'' -2527'43''
01-Feb-1945 20Ar03'53'' D -2521'20''
01-Mar-1945 20Ar13'31'' -2516'37''
01-Apr-1945 20Ar29'33'' -2513'55''
01-May-1945 20Ar46'36'' -2514'25''
01-Jun-1945 21Ar01'33'' -2518'01''
01-Jul-1945 21Ar10'03'' -2523'36''
01-Aug-1945 21Ar10'41'' R -2530'08''
01-Sep-1945 21Ar03'03'' -2535'45''
01-Oct-1945 20Ar49'50'' -2538'52''
01-Nov-1945 20Ar34'05'' -2538'45''
01-Dec-1945 20Ar21'22'' -2535'25''
01-Jan-1946 20Ar14'57'' -2529'38''
01-Feb-1946 20Ar17'29'' D -2523'13''
01-Mar-1946 20Ar27'04'' -2518'28''
01-Apr-1946 20Ar43'05'' -2515'42''
01-May-1946 21Ar00'13'' -2516'09''
01-Jun-1946 21Ar15'17'' -2519'43''
01-Jul-1946 21Ar23'56'' -2525'17''
01-Aug-1946 21Ar24'43'' R -2531'51''
01-Sep-1946 21Ar17'09'' -2537'31''
01-Oct-1946 21Ar03'58'' -2540'41''
01-Nov-1946 20Ar48'10'' -2540'37''
01-Dec-1946 20Ar35'21'' -2537'19''
01-Jan-1947 20Ar28'47'' -2531'32''
01-Feb-1947 20Ar31'12'' D -2525'05''
01-Mar-1947 20Ar40'43'' -2520'17''
01-Apr-1947 20Ar56'45'' -2517'27''
01-May-1947 21Ar13'56'' -2517'51''
01-Jun-1947 21Ar29'07'' -2521'23''
01-Jul-1947 21Ar37'55'' -2526'58''
01-Aug-1947 21Ar38'51'' R -2533'32''
01-Sep-1947 21Ar31'24'' -2539'15''
01-Oct-1947 21Ar18'14'' -2542'29''
01-Nov-1947 21Ar02'23'' -2542'28''
01-Dec-1947 20Ar49'28'' -2539'12''
01-Jan-1948 20Ar42'46'' -2533'25''
01-Feb-1948 20Ar45'03'' D -2526'56''
01-Mar-1948 20Ar54'56'' -2521'56''
01-Apr-1948 21Ar11'06'' -2519'09''
01-May-1948 21Ar28'20'' -2519'36''
01-Jun-1948 21Ar43'30'' -2523'12''
01-Jul-1948 21Ar52'12'' -2528'49''
01-Aug-1948 21Ar53'00'' R -2535'25''
01-Sep-1948 21Ar45'25'' -2541'08''
01-Oct-1948 21Ar32'08'' -2544'19''
01-Nov-1948 21Ar16'15'' -2544'15''
01-Dec-1948 21Ar03'22'' -2540'54''
01-Jan-1949 20Ar56'48'' -2535'04''
01-Feb-1949 20Ar59'16'' D -2528'33''
01-Mar-1949 21Ar08'51'' -2523'43''
01-Apr-1949 21Ar25'00'' -2520'52''
01-May-1949 21Ar42'19'' -2521'16''
01-Jun-1949 21Ar57'37'' -2524'49''
01-Jul-1949 22Ar06'28'' -2530'27''
01-Aug-1949 22Ar07'24'' R -2537'04''
01-Sep-1949 21Ar59'55'' -2542'50''
01-Oct-1949 21Ar46'41'' -2546'05''
01-Nov-1949 21Ar30'45'' -2546'03''
01-Dec-1949 21Ar17'46'' -2542'45''
01-Jan-1950 21Ar11'03'' -2536'54''
01-Feb-1950 21Ar13'23'' D -2530'22''
01-Mar-1950 21Ar22'54'' -2525'29''
01-Apr-1950 21Ar39'03'' -2522'34''
01-May-1950 21Ar56'26'' -2522'55''
01-Jun-1950 22Ar11'51'' -2526'27''
01-Jul-1950 22Ar20'52'' -2532'04''
01-Aug-1950 22Ar21'57'' R -2538'43''
01-Sep-1950 22Ar14'34'' -2544'31''
01-Oct-1950 22Ar01'21'' -2547'50''
01-Nov-1950 21Ar45'23'' -2547'52''
01-Dec-1950 21Ar32'17'' -2544'35''
01-Jan-1951 21Ar25'26'' -2538'45''
01-Feb-1951 21Ar27'38'' D -2532'11''
01-Mar-1951 21Ar37'05'' -2527'14''
01-Apr-1951 21Ar53'14'' -2524'16''
01-May-1951 22Ar10'41'' -2524'34''
01-Jun-1951 22Ar26'14'' -2528'04''
01-Jul-1951 22Ar35'23'' -2533'41''
01-Aug-1951 22Ar36'38'' R -2540'22''
01-Sep-1951 22Ar29'21'' -2546'13''
01-Oct-1951 22Ar16'10'' -2549'35''
01-Nov-1951 22Ar00'08'' -2549'40''
01-Dec-1951 21Ar46'56'' -2546'26''
01-Jan-1952 21Ar39'56'' -2540'36''
01-Feb-1952 21Ar42'00'' D -2534'00''
01-Mar-1952 21Ar51'49'' -2528'52''
01-Apr-1952 22Ar08'05'' -2525'56''
01-May-1952 22Ar25'35'' -2526'17''
01-Jun-1952 22Ar41'07'' -2529'51''
01-Jul-1952 22Ar50'11'' -2535'30''
01-Aug-1952 22Ar51'17'' R -2542'13''
01-Sep-1952 22Ar43'51'' -2548'04''
01-Oct-1952 22Ar30'34'' -2551'24''
01-Nov-1952 22Ar14'29'' -2551'26''
01-Dec-1952 22Ar01'18'' -2548'07''
01-Jan-1953 21Ar54'25'' -2542'14''
01-Feb-1953 21Ar56'39'' D -2535'37''
01-Mar-1953 22Ar06'11'' -2530'38''
01-Apr-1953 22Ar22'26'' -2527'38''
01-May-1953 22Ar39'59'' -2527'57''
01-Jun-1953 22Ar55'39'' -2531'28''
01-Jul-1953 23Ar04'52'' -2537'08''
01-Aug-1953 23Ar06'06'' R -2543'52''
01-Sep-1953 22Ar58'47'' -2549'46''
01-Oct-1953 22Ar45'31'' -2553'10''
01-Nov-1953 22Ar29'23'' -2553'15''
01-Dec-1953 22Ar16'05'' -2549'58''
01-Jan-1954 22Ar09'02'' -2544'05''
01-Feb-1954 22Ar11'08'' D -2537'26''
01-Mar-1954 22Ar20'35'' -2532'24''
01-Apr-1954 22Ar36'49'' -2529'21''
01-May-1954 22Ar54'26'' -2529'37''
01-Jun-1954 23Ar10'13'' -2533'06''
01-Jul-1954 23Ar19'35'' -2538'45''
01-Aug-1954 23Ar20'58'' R -2545'31''
01-Sep-1954 23Ar13'44'' -2551'28''
01-Oct-1954 23Ar00'29'' -2554'55''
01-Nov-1954 22Ar44'18'' -2555'04''
01-Dec-1954 22Ar30'53'' -2551'50''
01-Jan-1955 22Ar23'41'' -2545'57''
01-Feb-1955 22Ar25'38'' D -2539'15''
01-Mar-1955 22Ar35'00'' -2534'11''
01-Apr-1955 22Ar51'14'' -2531'03''
01-May-1955 23Ar08'55'' -2531'16''
01-Jun-1955 23Ar24'48'' -2534'43''
01-Jul-1955 23Ar34'19'' -2540'22''
01-Aug-1955 23Ar35'51'' R -2547'09''
01-Sep-1955 23Ar28'43'' -2553'10''
01-Oct-1955 23Ar15'30'' -2556'40''
01-Nov-1955 22Ar59'15'' -2556'53''
01-Dec-1955 22Ar45'43'' -2553'40''
01-Jan-1956 22Ar38'21'' -2547'47''
01-Feb-1956 22Ar40'10'' D -2541'04''
01-Mar-1956 22Ar49'53'' -2535'47''
01-Apr-1956 23Ar06'14'' -2532'42''
01-May-1956 23Ar23'58'' -2532'58''
01-Jun-1956 23Ar39'51'' -2536'29''
01-Jul-1956 23Ar49'16'' -2542'11''
01-Aug-1956 23Ar50'39'' R -2549'00''
01-Sep-1956 23Ar43'22'' -2555'00''
01-Oct-1956 23Ar30'01'' -2558'28''
01-Nov-1956 23Ar13'42'' -2558'37''
01-Dec-1956 23Ar00'12'' -2555'20''
01-Jan-1957 22Ar52'57'' -2549'24''
01-Feb-1957 22Ar54'55'' D -2542'39''
01-Mar-1957 23Ar04'21'' -2537'31''
01-Apr-1957 23Ar20'41'' -2534'22''
01-May-1957 23Ar38'29'' -2534'35''
01-Jun-1957 23Ar54'29'' -2538'03''
01-Jul-1957 24Ar04'04'' -2543'45''
01-Aug-1957 24Ar05'35'' R -2550'35''
01-Sep-1957 23Ar58'24'' -2556'39''
01-Oct-1957 23Ar45'05'' -2600'11''
01-Nov-1957 23Ar28'44'' -2600'23''
01-Dec-1957 23Ar15'06'' -2557'08''
01-Jan-1958 23Ar07'41'' -2551'11''
01-Feb-1958 23Ar09'31'' D -2544'25''
01-Mar-1958 23Ar18'52'' -2539'14''
01-Apr-1958 23Ar35'12'' -2536'01''
01-May-1958 23Ar53'03'' -2536'10''
01-Jun-1958 24Ar09'11'' -2539'37''
01-Jul-1958 24Ar18'54'' -2545'18''
01-Aug-1958 24Ar20'36'' R -2552'10''
01-Sep-1958 24Ar13'30'' -2558'16''
01-Oct-1958 24Ar00'13'' -2601'51''
01-Nov-1958 23Ar43'49'' -2602'07''
01-Dec-1958 23Ar30'04'' -2558'54''
01-Jan-1959 23Ar22'31'' -2552'58''
01-Feb-1959 23Ar24'12'' D -2546'09''
01-Mar-1959 23Ar33'28'' -2540'55''
01-Apr-1959 23Ar49'47'' -2537'38''
01-May-1959 24Ar07'42'' -2537'44''
01-Jun-1959 24Ar23'57'' -2541'08''
01-Jul-1959 24Ar33'50'' -2546'49''
01-Aug-1959 24Ar35'41'' R -2553'42''
01-Sep-1959 24Ar28'43'' -2559'51''
01-Oct-1959 24Ar15'28'' -2603'30''
01-Nov-1959 23Ar59'00'' -2603'49''
01-Dec-1959 23Ar45'09'' -2600'39''
01-Jan-1960 23Ar37'26'' -2554'42''
01-Feb-1960 23Ar38'59'' D -2547'52''
01-Mar-1960 23Ar48'37'' -2542'25''
01-Apr-1960 24Ar05'04'' -2539'11''
01-May-1960 24Ar23'03'' -2539'20''
01-Jun-1960 24Ar39'18'' -2542'47''
01-Jul-1960 24Ar49'06'' -2548'31''
01-Aug-1960 24Ar50'48'' R -2555'26''
01-Sep-1960 24Ar43'41'' -2601'35''
01-Oct-1960 24Ar30'20'' -2605'12''
01-Nov-1960 24Ar13'49'' -2605'27''
01-Dec-1960 23Ar59'59'' -2602'12''
01-Jan-1961 23Ar52'24'' -2556'13''
01-Feb-1961 23Ar54'07'' D -2549'20''
01-Mar-1961 24Ar03'28'' -2544'04''
01-Apr-1961 24Ar19'54'' -2540'45''
01-May-1961 24Ar37'57'' -2540'50''
01-Jun-1961 24Ar54'20'' -2544'16''
01-Jul-1961 25Ar04'19'' -2549'59''
01-Aug-1961 25Ar06'11'' R -2556'55''
01-Sep-1961 24Ar59'10'' -2603'07''
01-Oct-1961 24Ar45'51'' -2606'48''
01-Nov-1961 24Ar29'18'' -2607'07''
01-Dec-1961 24Ar15'21'' -2603'55''
01-Jan-1962 24Ar07'37'' -2557'55''
01-Feb-1962 24Ar09'11'' D -2551'01''
01-Mar-1962 24Ar18'28'' -2545'41''
01-Apr-1962 24Ar34'54'' -2542'18''
01-May-1962 24Ar53'02'' -2542'20''
01-Jun-1962 25Ar09'33'' -2545'44''
01-Jul-1962 25Ar19'41'' -2551'26''
01-Aug-1962 25Ar21'43'' R -2558'24''
01-Sep-1962 25Ar14'50'' -2604'39''
01-Oct-1962 25Ar01'33'' -2608'24''
01-Nov-1962 24Ar44'57'' -2608'47''
01-Dec-1962 24Ar30'54'' -2605'36''
01-Jan-1963 24Ar23'00'' -2559'37''
01-Feb-1963 24Ar24'27'' D -2552'41''
01-Mar-1963 24Ar33'38'' -2547'18''
01-Apr-1963 24Ar50'04'' -2543'51''
01-May-1963 25Ar08'16'' -2543'50''
01-Jun-1963 25Ar24'55'' -2547'11''
01-Jul-1963 25Ar35'13'' -2552'53''
01-Aug-1963 25Ar37'25'' R -2559'53''
01-Sep-1963 25Ar30'40'' -2606'11''
01-Oct-1963 25Ar17'26'' -2610'00''
01-Nov-1963 25Ar00'47'' -2610'26''
01-Dec-1963 24Ar46'37'' -2607'18''
01-Jan-1964 24Ar38'34'' -2601'19''
01-Feb-1964 24Ar39'52'' D -2554'21''
01-Mar-1964 24Ar49'25'' -2548'46''
01-Apr-1964 25Ar05'58'' -2545'21''
01-May-1964 25Ar24'15'' -2545'23''
01-Jun-1964 25Ar40'55'' -2548'48''
01-Jul-1964 25Ar51'08'' -2554'33''
01-Aug-1964 25Ar53'12'' R -2601'35''
01-Sep-1964 25Ar46'18'' -2607'53''
01-Oct-1964 25Ar32'57'' -2611'40''
01-Nov-1964 25Ar16'14'' -2612'03''
01-Dec-1964 25Ar02'06'' -2608'51''
01-Jan-1965 24Ar54'09'' -2602'48''
01-Feb-1965 24Ar55'37'' D -2555'48''
01-Mar-1965 25Ar04'54'' -2550'23''
01-Apr-1965 25Ar21'26'' -2546'55''
01-May-1965 25Ar39'47'' -2546'53''
01-Jun-1965 25Ar56'34'' -2550'16''
01-Jul-1965 26Ar06'58'' -2556'01''
01-Aug-1965 26Ar09'12'' R -2603'04''
01-Sep-1965 26Ar02'24'' -2609'25''
01-Oct-1965 25Ar49'06'' -2613'16''
01-Nov-1965 25Ar32'21'' -2613'43''
01-Dec-1965 25Ar18'05'' -2610'33''
01-Jan-1966 25Ar09'58'' -2604'31''
01-Feb-1966 25Ar11'17'' D -2557'29''
01-Mar-1966 25Ar20'28'' -2552'01''
01-Apr-1966 25Ar37'00'' -2548'28''
01-May-1966 25Ar55'25'' -2548'23''
01-Jun-1966 26Ar12'20'' -2551'43''
01-Jul-1966 26Ar22'53'' -2557'28''
01-Aug-1966 26Ar25'18'' R -2604'32''
01-Sep-1966 26Ar18'37'' -2610'57''
01-Oct-1966 26Ar05'21'' -2614'52''
01-Nov-1966 25Ar48'32'' -2615'22''
01-Dec-1966 25Ar34'10'' -2612'15''
01-Jan-1967 25Ar25'54'' -2606'13''
01-Feb-1967 25Ar27'03'' D -2559'10''
01-Mar-1967 25Ar36'09'' -2553'38''
01-Apr-1967 25Ar52'40'' -2550'01''
01-May-1967 26Ar11'08'' -2549'52''
01-Jun-1967 26Ar28'12'' -2553'10''
01-Jul-1967 26Ar38'54'' -2558'54''
01-Aug-1967 26Ar41'29'' R -2606'00''
01-Sep-1967 26Ar34'56'' -2612'28''
01-Oct-1967 26Ar21'42'' -2616'27''
01-Nov-1967 26Ar04'50'' -2617'01''
01-Dec-1967 25Ar50'20'' -2613'56''
01-Jan-1968 25Ar41'54'' -2607'55''
01-Feb-1968 25Ar42'55'' D -2600'49''
01-Mar-1968 25Ar52'21'' -2555'04''
01-Apr-1968 26Ar09'00'' -2551'30''
01-May-1968 26Ar27'33'' -2551'24''
01-Jun-1968 26Ar44'36'' -2554'46''
01-Jul-1968 26Ar55'15'' -2600'33''
01-Aug-1968 26Ar57'41'' R -2607'41''
01-Sep-1968 26Ar50'58'' -2614'09''
01-Oct-1968 26Ar37'37'' -2618'05''
01-Nov-1968 26Ar20'41'' -2618'36''
01-Dec-1968 26Ar06'11'' -2615'27''
01-Jan-1969 25Ar57'52'' -2609'22''
01-Feb-1969 25Ar59'02'' D -2602'14''
01-Mar-1969 26Ar08'12'' -2556'39''
01-Apr-1969 26Ar24'50'' -2553'00''
01-May-1969 26Ar43'26'' -2552'51''
01-Jun-1969 27Ar00'37'' -2556'10''
01-Jul-1969 27Ar11'26'' -2601'56''
01-Aug-1969 27Ar14'03'' R -2609'06''
01-Sep-1969 27Ar07'27'' -2615'37''
01-Oct-1969 26Ar54'08'' -2619'38''
01-Nov-1969 26Ar37'09'' -2620'12''
01-Dec-1969 26Ar22'33'' -2617'05''
01-Jan-1970 26Ar14'03'' -2611'01''
01-Feb-1970 26Ar15'03'' D -2603'51''
01-Mar-1970 26Ar24'08'' -2558'12''
01-Apr-1970 26Ar40'45'' -2554'29''
01-May-1970 26Ar59'25'' -2554'16''
01-Jun-1970 27Ar16'44'' -2557'32''
01-Jul-1970 27Ar27'43'' -2603'18''
01-Aug-1970 27Ar30'30'' R -2610'29''
01-Sep-1970 27Ar24'02'' -2617'03''
01-Oct-1970 27Ar10'45'' -2621'08''
01-Nov-1970 26Ar53'44'' -2621'46''
01-Dec-1970 26Ar39'00'' -2618'42''
01-Jan-1971 26Ar30'20'' -2612'37''
01-Feb-1971 26Ar31'11'' D -2605'25''
01-Mar-1971 26Ar40'10'' -2559'44''
01-Apr-1971 26Ar56'46'' -2555'56''
01-May-1971 27Ar15'31'' -2555'39''
01-Jun-1971 27Ar32'58'' -2558'53''
01-Jul-1971 27Ar44'07'' -2604'38''
01-Aug-1971 27Ar47'03'' R -2611'50''
01-Sep-1971 27Ar40'43'' -2618'27''
01-Oct-1971 27Ar27'30'' -2622'36''
01-Nov-1971 27Ar10'25'' -2623'18''
01-Dec-1971 26Ar55'34'' -2620'17''
01-Jan-1972 26Ar46'44'' -2614'12''
01-Feb-1972 26Ar47'26'' D -2606'59''
01-Mar-1972 26Ar56'46'' -2601'03''
01-Apr-1972 27Ar13'30'' -2557'18''
01-May-1972 27Ar32'19'' -2557'04''
01-Jun-1972 27Ar49'47'' -2600'21''
01-Jul-1972 28Ar00'52'' -2606'09''
01-Aug-1972 28Ar03'41'' R -2613'23''
01-Sep-1972 27Ar57'11'' -2620'01''
01-Oct-1972 27Ar43'50'' -2624'08''
01-Nov-1972 27Ar26'42'' -2624'46''
01-Dec-1972 27Ar11'51'' -2621'40''
01-Jan-1973 27Ar03'07'' -2615'32''
01-Feb-1973 27Ar03'59'' D -2608'16''
01-Mar-1973 27Ar13'03'' -2602'31''
01-Apr-1973 27Ar29'45'' -2558'41''
01-May-1973 27Ar48'38'' -2558'24''
01-Jun-1973 28Ar06'15'' -2601'38''
01-Jul-1973 28Ar17'30'' -2607'26''
01-Aug-1973 28Ar20'30'' R -2614'41''
01-Sep-1973 28Ar14'08'' -2621'22''
01-Oct-1973 28Ar00'49'' -2625'33''
01-Nov-1973 27Ar43'38'' -2626'16''
01-Dec-1973 27Ar28'41'' -2623'12''
01-Jan-1974 27Ar19'47'' -2617'05''
01-Feb-1974 27Ar20'29'' D -2609'47''
01-Mar-1974 27Ar29'26'' -2603'58''
01-Apr-1974 27Ar46'08'' -2600'04''
01-May-1974 28Ar05'06'' -2559'42''
01-Jun-1974 28Ar22'50'' -2602'55''
01-Jul-1974 28Ar34'16'' -2608'41''
01-Aug-1974 28Ar37'26'' R -2615'58''
01-Sep-1974 28Ar31'13'' -2622'42''
01-Oct-1974 28Ar17'57'' -2626'57''
01-Nov-1974 28Ar00'43'' -2627'44''
01-Dec-1974 27Ar45'38'' -2624'43''
01-Jan-1975 27Ar36'34'' -2618'36''
01-Feb-1975 27Ar37'07'' D -2611'17''
01-Mar-1975 27Ar45'58'' -2605'25''
01-Apr-1975 28Ar02'38'' -2601'26''
01-May-1975 28Ar21'40'' -2601'01''
01-Jun-1975 28Ar39'33'' -2604'10''
01-Jul-1975 28Ar51'09'' -2609'56''
01-Aug-1975 28Ar54'30'' R -2617'14''
01-Sep-1975 28Ar48'25'' -2624'02''
01-Oct-1975 28Ar35'12'' -2628'21''
01-Nov-1975 28Ar17'55'' -2629'12''
01-Dec-1975 28Ar02'42'' -2626'14''
01-Jan-1976 27Ar53'28'' -2620'08''
01-Feb-1976 27Ar53'51'' D -2612'46''
01-Mar-1976 28Ar03'03'' -2606'41''
01-Apr-1976 28Ar19'52'' -2602'44''
01-May-1976 28Ar38'58'' -2602'22''
01-Jun-1976 28Ar56'52'' -2605'35''
01-Jul-1976 29Ar08'24'' -2611'25''
01-Aug-1976 29Ar11'37'' R -2618'45''
01-Sep-1976 29Ar05'22'' -2625'33''
01-Oct-1976 28Ar52'01'' -2629'50''
01-Nov-1976 28Ar34'40'' -2630'38''
01-Dec-1976 28Ar19'28'' -2627'36''
01-Jan-1977 28Ar10'19'' -2621'26''
01-Feb-1977 28Ar10'51'' D -2614'02''
01-Mar-1977 28Ar19'47'' -2608'07''
01-Apr-1977 28Ar36'34'' -2604'06''
01-May-1977 28Ar55'43'' -2603'40''
01-Jun-1977 29Ar13'45'' -2606'50''
01-Jul-1977 29Ar25'28'' -2612'39''
01-Aug-1977 29Ar28'53'' R -2620'01''
01-Sep-1977 29Ar22'45'' -2626'52''
01-Oct-1977 29Ar09'27'' -2631'14''
01-Nov-1977 28Ar52'03'' -2632'06''
01-Dec-1977 28Ar36'43'' -2629'07''
01-Jan-1978 28Ar27'23'' -2622'57''
01-Feb-1978 28Ar27'45'' D -2615'31''
01-Mar-1978 28Ar36'34'' -2609'33''
01-Apr-1978 28Ar53'20'' -2605'28''
01-May-1978 29Ar12'33'' -2604'57''
01-Jun-1978 29Ar30'44'' -2608'05''
01-Jul-1978 29Ar42'37'' -2613'53''
01-Aug-1978 29Ar46'12'' R -2621'16''
01-Sep-1978 29Ar40'13'' -2628'11''
01-Oct-1978 29Ar26'58'' -2632'37''
01-Nov-1978 29Ar09'31'' -2633'33''
01-Dec-1978 28Ar54'03'' -2630'37''
01-Jan-1979 28Ar44'33'' -2624'28''
01-Feb-1979 28Ar44'44'' D -2617'00''
01-Mar-1979 28Ar53'27'' -2610'59''
01-Apr-1979 29Ar10'10'' -2606'48''
01-May-1979 29Ar29'28'' -2606'14''
01-Jun-1979 29Ar47'47'' -2609'19''
01-Jul-1979 29Ar59'50'' -2615'06''
01-Aug-1979 00Ta03'36'' R -2622'31''
01-Sep-1979 29Ar57'45'' -2629'28''
01-Oct-1979 29Ar44'34'' -2633'59''
01-Nov-1979 29Ar27'04'' -2634'59''
01-Dec-1979 29Ar11'28'' -2632'06''
01-Jan-1980 29Ar01'47'' -2625'57''
01-Feb-1980 29Ar01'48'' D -2618'28''
01-Mar-1980 29Ar10'51'' -2612'12''
01-Apr-1980 29Ar27'43'' -2608'03''
01-May-1980 29Ar47'05'' -2607'32''
01-Jun-1980 00Ta05'25'' -2610'40''
01-Jul-1980 00Ta17'26'' -2616'31''
01-Aug-1980 00Ta21'04'' R -2623'57''
01-Sep-1980 00Ta15'04'' -2630'56''
01-Oct-1980 00Ta01'43'' -2635'24''
01-Nov-1980 29Ar44'09'' -2636'21''
01-Dec-1980 29Ar28'33'' -2633'23''
01-Jan-1981 29Ar18'57'' -2627'11''
01-Feb-1981 29Ar19'08'' D -2619'39''
01-Mar-1981 29Ar27'54'' -2613'34''
01-Apr-1981 29Ar44'45'' -2609'20''
01-May-1981 00Ta04'12'' -2608'45''
01-Jun-1981 00Ta22'40'' -2611'50''
01-Jul-1981 00Ta34'51'' -2617'40''
01-Aug-1981 00Ta38'42'' R -2625'08''
01-Sep-1981 00Ta32'50'' -2632'09''
01-Oct-1981 00Ta19'32'' -2636'42''
01-Nov-1981 00Ta01'55'' -2637'43''
01-Dec-1981 29Ar46'12'' -2634'48''
01-Jan-1982 29Ar36'25'' -2628'36''
01-Feb-1982 29Ar36'26'' D -2621'02''
01-Mar-1982 29Ar45'06'' -2614'53''
01-Apr-1982 00Ta01'56'' -2610'35''
01-May-1982 00Ta21'26'' -2609'55''
01-Jun-1982 00Ta40'03'' -2612'58''
01-Jul-1982 00Ta52'26'' -2618'46''
01-Aug-1982 00Ta56'27'' R -2626'15''
01-Sep-1982 00Ta50'45'' -2633'20''
01-Oct-1982 00Ta37'31'' -2637'57''
01-Nov-1982 00Ta19'51'' -2639'03''
01-Dec-1982 00Ta04'00'' -2636'10''
01-Jan-1983 29Ar54'04'' -2629'59''
01-Feb-1983 29Ar53'54'' D -2622'23''
01-Mar-1983 00Ta02'28'' -2616'11''
01-Apr-1983 00Ta19'15'' -2611'48''
01-May-1983 00Ta38'50'' -2611'04''
01-Jun-1983 00Ta57'37'' -2614'03''
01-Jul-1983 01Ta10'10'' -2619'50''
01-Aug-1983 01Ta14'23'' R -2627'20''
01-Sep-1983 01Ta08'50'' -2634'28''
01-Oct-1983 00Ta55'41'' -2639'10''
01-Nov-1983 00Ta37'59'' -2640'20''
01-Dec-1983 00Ta22'00'' -2637'30''
01-Jan-1984 00Ta11'53'' -2631'20''
01-Feb-1984 00Ta11'33'' D -2623'42''
01-Mar-1984 00Ta20'27'' -2617'14''
01-Apr-1984 00Ta37'24'' -2612'53''
01-May-1984 00Ta57'05'' -2612'11''
01-Jun-1984 01Ta15'53'' -2615'14''
01-Jul-1984 01Ta28'24'' -2621'05''
01-Aug-1984 01Ta32'31'' R -2628'38''
01-Sep-1984 01Ta26'48'' -2635'46''
01-Oct-1984 01Ta13'31'' -2640'26''
01-Nov-1984 00Ta55'44'' -2641'32''
01-Dec-1984 00Ta39'46'' -2638'39''
01-Jan-1985 00Ta29'44'' -2632'24''
01-Feb-1985 00Ta29'34'' D -2624'43''
01-Mar-1985 00Ta38'12'' -2618'27''
01-Apr-1985 00Ta55'08'' -2614'01''
01-May-1985 01Ta14'53'' -2613'15''
01-Jun-1985 01Ta33'50'' -2616'15''
01-Jul-1985 01Ta46'33'' -2622'04''
01-Aug-1985 01Ta50'52'' R -2629'38''
01-Sep-1985 01Ta45'18'' -2636'50''
01-Oct-1985 01Ta32'05'' -2641'34''
01-Nov-1985 01Ta14'16'' -2642'45''
01-Dec-1985 00Ta58'11'' -2639'54''
01-Jan-1986 00Ta47'59'' -2633'40''
01-Feb-1986 00Ta47'38'' D -2625'58''
01-Mar-1986 00Ta56'09'' -2619'38''
01-Apr-1986 01Ta13'04'' -2615'07''
01-May-1986 01Ta32'54'' -2614'17''
01-Jun-1986 01Ta52'00'' -2617'13''
01-Jul-1986 02Ta04'54'' -2623'02''
01-Aug-1986 02Ta09'25'' R -2630'37''
01-Sep-1986 02Ta04'02'' -2637'52''
01-Oct-1986 01Ta50'53'' -2642'41''
01-Nov-1986 01Ta33'02'' -2643'57''
01-Dec-1986 01Ta16'49'' -2641'09''
01-Jan-1987 01Ta06'26'' -2634'56''
01-Feb-1987 01Ta05'55'' D -2627'12''
01-Mar-1987 01Ta14'20'' -2620'48''
01-Apr-1987 01Ta31'12'' -2616'13''
01-May-1987 01Ta51'06'' -2615'18''
01-Jun-1987 02Ta10'22'' -2618'11''
01-Jul-1987 02Ta23'28'' -2623'59''
01-Aug-1987 02Ta28'11'' R -2631'35''
01-Sep-1987 02Ta22'57'' -2638'53''
01-Oct-1987 02Ta09'52'' -2643'47''
01-Nov-1987 01Ta51'59'' -2645'07''
01-Dec-1987 01Ta35'39'' -2642'23''
01-Jan-1988 01Ta25'04'' -2636'11''
01-Feb-1988 01Ta24'22'' D -2628'25''
01-Mar-1988 01Ta33'07'' -2621'46''
01-Apr-1988 01Ta50'09'' -2617'12''
01-May-1988 02Ta10'08'' -2616'20''
01-Jun-1988 02Ta29'26'' -2619'17''
01-Jul-1988 02Ta42'29'' -2625'08''
01-Aug-1988 02Ta47'06'' R -2632'47''
01-Sep-1988 02Ta41'42'' -2640'06''
01-Oct-1988 02Ta28'29'' -2644'58''
01-Nov-1988 02Ta10'31'' -2646'16''
01-Dec-1988 01Ta54'10'' -2643'27''
01-Jan-1989 01Ta43'40'' -2637'11''
01-Feb-1989 01Ta43'07'' D -2629'22''
01-Mar-1989 01Ta51'35'' -2622'55''
01-Apr-1989 02Ta08'36'' -2618'16''
01-May-1989 02Ta28'39'' -2617'20''
01-Jun-1989 02Ta48'05'' -2620'14''
01-Jul-1989 03Ta01'20'' -2626'03''
01-Aug-1989 03Ta06'09'' R -2633'44''
01-Sep-1989 03Ta00'55'' -2641'06''
01-Oct-1989 02Ta47'46'' -2646'03''
01-Nov-1989 02Ta29'44'' -2647'25''
01-Dec-1989 02Ta13'15'' -2644'40''
01-Jan-1990 02Ta02'34'' -2638'25''
01-Feb-1990 02Ta01'50'' D -2630'34''
01-Mar-1990 02Ta10'10'' -2624'03''
01-Apr-1990 02Ta27'09'' -2619'20''
01-May-1990 02Ta47'16'' -2618'19''
01-Jun-1990 03Ta06'51'' -2621'09''
01-Jul-1990 03Ta20'17'' -2626'58''
01-Aug-1990 03Ta25'18'' R -2634'39''
01-Sep-1990 03Ta20'13'' -2642'05''
01-Oct-1990 03Ta07'08'' -2647'07''
01-Nov-1990 02Ta49'04'' -2648'33''
01-Dec-1990 02Ta32'27'' -2645'52''
01-Jan-1991 02Ta21'34'' -2639'37''
01-Feb-1991 02Ta20'38'' D -2631'45''
01-Mar-1991 02Ta28'51'' -2625'11''
01-Apr-1991 02Ta45'46'' -2620'22''
01-May-1991 03Ta05'56'' -2619'16''
01-Jun-1991 03Ta25'41'' -2622'03''
01-Jul-1991 03Ta39'19'' -2627'50''
01-Aug-1991 03Ta44'31'' -2635'33''
01-Sep-1991 03Ta39'37'' R -2643'02''
01-Oct-1991 03Ta26'35'' -2648'08''
01-Nov-1991 03Ta08'29'' -2649'40''
01-Dec-1991 02Ta51'43'' -2647'02''
01-Jan-1992 02Ta40'38'' -2640'48''
01-Feb-1992 02Ta39'30'' D -2632'54''
01-Mar-1992 02Ta48'02'' -2626'04''
01-Apr-1992 03Ta05'07'' -2621'16''
01-May-1992 03Ta25'23'' -2620'13''
01-Jun-1992 03Ta45'09'' -2623'04''
01-Jul-1992 03Ta58'45'' -2628'55''
01-Aug-1992 04Ta03'51'' R -2636'40''
01-Sep-1992 03Ta58'46'' -2644'10''
01-Oct-1992 03Ta45'36'' -2649'15''
01-Nov-1992 03Ta27'23'' -2650'43''
01-Dec-1992 03Ta10'36'' -2648'00''
01-Jan-1993 02Ta59'35'' -2641'42''
01-Feb-1993 02Ta58'36'' D -2633'45''
01-Mar-1993 03Ta06'52'' -2627'07''
01-Apr-1993 03Ta23'55'' -2622'14''
01-May-1993 03Ta44'14'' -2621'06''
01-Jun-1993 04Ta04'09'' -2623'53''
01-Jul-1993 04Ta17'56'' -2629'42''
01-Aug-1993 04Ta23'15'' -2637'28''
01-Sep-1993 04Ta18'21'' R -2645'02''
01-Oct-1993 04Ta05'14'' -2650'11''
01-Nov-1993 03Ta46'59'' -2651'44''
01-Dec-1993 03Ta30'04'' -2649'05''
01-Jan-1994 03Ta18'51'' -2642'48''
01-Feb-1994 03Ta17'41'' D -2634'49''
01-Mar-1994 03Ta25'49'' -2628'07''
01-Apr-1994 03Ta42'48'' -2623'09''
01-May-1994 04Ta03'12'' -2621'56''
01-Jun-1994 04Ta23'16'' -2624'40''
01-Jul-1994 04Ta37'15'' -2630'27''
01-Aug-1994 04Ta42'46'' -2638'14''
01-Sep-1994 04Ta38'02'' R -2645'51''
01-Oct-1994 04Ta25'01'' -2651'05''
01-Nov-1994 04Ta06'43'' -2652'43''
01-Dec-1994 03Ta49'40'' -2650'07''
01-Jan-1995 03Ta38'15'' -2643'51''
01-Feb-1995 03Ta36'53'' D -2635'50''
01-Mar-1995 03Ta44'54'' -2629'04''
01-Apr-1995 04Ta01'50'' -2624'01''
01-May-1995 04Ta22'17'' -2622'43''
01-Jun-1995 04Ta42'31'' -2625'23''
01-Jul-1995 04Ta56'42'' -2631'09''
01-Aug-1995 05Ta02'27'' -2638'56''
01-Sep-1995 04Ta57'53'' R -2646'36''
01-Oct-1995 04Ta44'56'' -2651'55''
01-Nov-1995 04Ta26'37'' -2653'38''
01-Dec-1995 04Ta09'26'' -2651'06''
01-Jan-1996 03Ta57'49'' -2644'51''
01-Feb-1996 03Ta56'15'' D -2636'48''
01-Mar-1996 04Ta04'34'' -2629'46''
01-Apr-1996 04Ta21'41'' -2624'43''
01-May-1996 04Ta42'15'' -2623'29''
01-Jun-1996 05Ta02'31'' -2626'12''
01-Jul-1996 05Ta16'40'' -2632'01''
01-Aug-1996 05Ta22'19'' -2639'52''
01-Sep-1996 05Ta17'36'' R -2647'33''
01-Oct-1996 05Ta04'30'' -2652'50''
01-Nov-1996 04Ta46'06'' -2654'30''
01-Dec-1996 04Ta28'54'' -2651'53''
01-Jan-1997 04Ta17'21'' -2645'34''
01-Feb-1997 04Ta15'56'' D -2637'28''
01-Mar-1997 04Ta23'59'' -2630'37''
01-Apr-1997 04Ta41'04'' -2625'30''
01-May-1997 05Ta01'42'' -2624'10''
01-Jun-1997 05Ta22'08'' -2626'50''
01-Jul-1997 05Ta36'30'' -2632'37''
01-Aug-1997 05Ta42'23'' -2640'29''
01-Sep-1997 05Ta37'51'' R -2648'13''
01-Oct-1997 05Ta24'50'' -2653'35''
01-Nov-1997 05Ta06'24'' -2655'20''
01-Dec-1997 04Ta49'04'' -2652'47''
01-Jan-1998 04Ta37'20'' -2646'29''
01-Feb-1998 04Ta35'43'' D -2638'22''
01-Mar-1998 04Ta43'38'' -2631'27''
01-Apr-1998 05Ta00'41'' -2626'15''
01-May-1998 05Ta21'23'' -2624'50''
01-Jun-1998 05Ta41'59'' -2627'25''
01-Jul-1998 05Ta56'34'' -2633'11''
01-Aug-1998 06Ta02'39'' -2641'04''
01-Sep-1998 05Ta58'19'' R -2648'51''
01-Oct-1998 05Ta45'24'' -2654'18''
01-Nov-1998 05Ta26'56'' -2656'09''
01-Dec-1998 05Ta09'28'' -2653'39''
01-Jan-1999 04Ta57'33'' -2647'23''
01-Feb-1999 04Ta55'44'' D -2639'14''
01-Mar-1999 05Ta03'32'' -2632'16''
01-Apr-1999 05Ta20'31'' -2626'58''
01-May-1999 05Ta41'17'' -2625'28''
01-Jun-1999 06Ta02'02'' -2627'59''
01-Jul-1999 06Ta16'50'' -2633'44''
01-Aug-1999 06Ta23'10'' -2641'37''
01-Sep-1999 06Ta19'01'' R -2649'28''
01-Oct-1999 06Ta06'12'' -2655'00''
01-Nov-1999 05Ta47'43'' -2656'56''
01-Dec-1999 05Ta30'07'' -2654'31''
01-Jan-2000 05Ta17'59'' -2648'16''
01-Feb-2000 05Ta15'57'' D -2640'05''
01-Mar-2000 05Ta24'03'' -2632'50''
01-Apr-2000 05Ta41'13'' -2627'33''
01-May-2000 06Ta02'06'' -2626'06''
01-Jun-2000 06Ta22'55'' -2628'41''
01-Jul-2000 06Ta37'41'' -2634'29''
01-Aug-2000 06Ta43'56'' -2642'25''
01-Sep-2000 06Ta39'38'' R -2650'18''
01-Oct-2000 06Ta26'40'' -2655'49''
01-Nov-2000 06Ta08'04'' -2657'42''
01-Dec-2000 05Ta50'27'' -2655'12''
01-Jan-2001 05Ta38'23'' -2648'53''
01-Feb-2001 05Ta36'30'' D -2640'39''
01-Mar-2001 05Ta44'20'' -2633'37''
01-Apr-2001 06Ta01'27'' -2628'14''
01-May-2001 06Ta22'24'' -2626'42''
01-Jun-2001 06Ta43'23'' -2629'13''
01-Jul-2001 06Ta58'22'' -2635'00''
01-Aug-2001 07Ta04'50'' -2642'57''
01-Sep-2001 07Ta00'44'' R -2650'53''
01-Oct-2001 06Ta47'51'' -2656'29''
01-Nov-2001 06Ta29'13'' -2658'27''
01-Dec-2001 06Ta11'28'' -2656'01''
01-Jan-2002 05Ta59'12'' -2649'44''
01-Feb-2002 05Ta57'06'' D -2641'28''
01-Mar-2002 06Ta04'48'' -2634'22''
01-Apr-2002 06Ta21'51'' -2628'54''
01-May-2002 06Ta42'52'' -2627'17''
01-Jun-2002 07Ta04'00'' -2629'44''
01-Jul-2002 07Ta19'13'' -2635'29''
01-Aug-2002 07Ta25'55'' -2643'26''
01-Sep-2002 07Ta21'59'' R -2651'26''
01-Oct-2002 07Ta09'13'' -2657'07''
01-Nov-2002 06Ta50'34'' -2659'11''
01-Dec-2002 06Ta32'40'' -2656'49''
01-Jan-2003 06Ta20'10'' -2650'33''
01-Feb-2003 06Ta17'52'' D -2642'16''
01-Mar-2003 06Ta25'25'' -2635'06''
01-Apr-2003 06Ta42'25'' -2629'32''
01-May-2003 07Ta03'29'' -2627'50''
01-Jun-2003 07Ta24'47'' -2630'12''
01-Jul-2003 07Ta40'13'' -2635'55''
01-Aug-2003 07Ta47'09'' -2643'54''
01-Sep-2003 07Ta43'25'' R -2651'57''
01-Oct-2003 07Ta30'44'' -2657'43''
01-Nov-2003 07Ta12'03'' -2659'52''
01-Dec-2003 06Ta54'01'' -2657'34''
01-Jan-2004 06Ta41'19'' -2651'20''
01-Feb-2004 06Ta38'47'' D -2643'01''
01-Mar-2004 06Ta46'37'' -2635'33''
01-Apr-2004 07Ta03'48'' -2630'01''
01-May-2004 07Ta24'59'' -2628'20''
01-Jun-2004 07Ta46'20'' -2630'47''
01-Jul-2004 08Ta01'45'' -2636'33''
01-Aug-2004 08Ta08'36'' -2644'34''
01-Sep-2004 08Ta04'43'' R -2652'38''
01-Oct-2004 07Ta51'52'' -2658'24''
01-Nov-2004 07Ta33'04'' -2700'30''
01-Dec-2004 07Ta15'00'' -2658'08''
01-Jan-2005 07Ta02'21'' -2651'48''
01-Feb-2005 06Ta59'58'' D -2643'26''
01-Mar-2005 07Ta07'32'' -2636'11''
01-Apr-2005 07Ta24'40'' -2630'33''
01-May-2005 07Ta45'55'' -2628'47''
01-Jun-2005 08Ta07'26'' -2631'09''
01-Jul-2005 08Ta23'04'' -2636'53''
01-Aug-2005 08Ta30'09'' -2644'55''
01-Sep-2005 08Ta26'29'' R -2653'02''
01-Oct-2005 08Ta13'44'' -2658'53''
01-Nov-2005 07Ta54'54'' -2701'04''
01-Dec-2005 07Ta36'41'' -2658'47''
01-Jan-2006 07Ta23'49'' -2652'29''
01-Feb-2006 07Ta21'14'' D -2644'05''
01-Mar-2006 07Ta28'39'' -2636'46''
01-Apr-2006 07Ta45'42'' -2631'02''
01-May-2006 08Ta07'01'' -2629'10''
01-Jun-2006 08Ta28'43'' -2631'28''
01-Jul-2006 08Ta44'33'' -2637'10''
01-Aug-2006 08Ta51'53'' -2645'12''
01-Sep-2006 08Ta48'24'' R -2653'23''
01-Oct-2006 08Ta35'46'' -2659'18''
01-Nov-2006 08Ta16'55'' -2701'35''
01-Dec-2006 07Ta58'34'' -2659'21''
01-Jan-2007 07Ta45'29'' -2653'05''
01-Feb-2007 07Ta42'40'' D -2644'39''
01-Mar-2007 07Ta49'57'' -2637'16''
01-Apr-2007 08Ta06'57'' -2631'27''
01-May-2007 08Ta28'18'' -2629'30''
01-Jun-2007 08Ta50'09'' -2631'42''
01-Jul-2007 09Ta06'14'' -2637'22''
01-Aug-2007 09Ta13'49'' -2645'25''
01-Sep-2007 09Ta10'32'' R -2653'39''
01-Oct-2007 08Ta58'00'' -2659'39''
01-Nov-2007 08Ta39'09'' -2702'02''
01-Dec-2007 08Ta20'40'' -2659'52''
01-Jan-2008 08Ta07'22'' -2653'38''
01-Feb-2008 08Ta04'18'' D -2645'10''
01-Mar-2008 08Ta11'51'' -2637'29''
01-Apr-2008 08Ta29'02'' -2631'40''
01-May-2008 08Ta50'32'' -2629'45''
01-Jun-2008 09Ta12'27'' -2632'01''
01-Jul-2008 09Ta28'31'' -2637'44''
01-Aug-2008 09Ta36'02'' -2645'50''
01-Sep-2008 09Ta32'37'' R -2654'06''
01-Oct-2008 09Ta19'55'' -2700'05''
01-Nov-2008 09Ta00'56'' -2702'25''
01-Dec-2008 08Ta42'25'' -2700'11''
01-Jan-2009 08Ta29'10'' -2653'51''
01-Feb-2009 08Ta26'16'' D -2645'21''
01-Mar-2009 08Ta33'33'' -2637'52''
01-Apr-2009 08Ta50'41'' -2631'57''
01-May-2009 09Ta12'15'' -2629'57''
01-Jun-2009 09Ta34'20'' -2632'08''
01-Jul-2009 09Ta50'38'' -2637'49''
01-Aug-2009 09Ta58'23'' -2645'56''
01-Sep-2009 09Ta55'11'' R -2654'14''
01-Oct-2009 09Ta42'37'' -2700'19''
01-Nov-2009 09Ta23'37'' -2702'44''
01-Dec-2009 09Ta04'57'' -2700'35''
01-Jan-2010 08Ta51'30'' -2654'17''
01-Feb-2010 08Ta48'22'' D -2645'45''
01-Mar-2010 08Ta55'30'' -2638'13''
01-Apr-2010 09Ta12'33'' -2632'12''
01-May-2010 09Ta34'10'' -2630'06''
01-Jun-2010 09Ta56'26'' -2632'12''
01-Jul-2010 10Ta12'58'' -2637'51''
01-Aug-2010 10Ta20'58'' -2645'58''
01-Sep-2010 10Ta17'59'' R -2654'20''
01-Oct-2010 10Ta05'32'' -2700'29''
01-Nov-2010 09Ta46'32'' -2703'01''
01-Dec-2010 09Ta27'44'' -2700'56''
01-Jan-2011 09Ta14'02'' -2654'41''
01-Feb-2011 09Ta10'40'' D -2646'07''
01-Mar-2011 09Ta17'39'' -2638'31''
01-Apr-2011 09Ta34'38'' -2632'24''
01-May-2011 09Ta56'19'' -2630'12''
01-Jun-2011 10Ta18'44'' -2632'14''
01-Jul-2011 10Ta35'30'' -2637'50''
01-Aug-2011 10Ta43'47'' -2645'58''
01-Sep-2011 10Ta41'01'' R -2654'23''
01-Oct-2011 10Ta28'40'' -2700'38''
01-Nov-2011 10Ta09'39'' -2703'15''
01-Dec-2011 09Ta50'43'' -2701'15''
01-Jan-2012 09Ta36'48'' -2655'02''
01-Feb-2012 09Ta33'11'' D -2646'27''
01-Mar-2012 09Ta40'24'' -2638'32''
01-Apr-2012 09Ta57'35'' -2632'26''
01-May-2012 10Ta19'24'' -2630'16''
01-Jun-2012 10Ta41'53'' -2632'22''
01-Jul-2012 10Ta58'39'' -2638'01''
01-Aug-2012 11Ta06'51'' -2646'12''
01-Sep-2012 11Ta03'57'' R -2654'39''
01-Oct-2012 10Ta51'27'' -2700'53''
01-Nov-2012 10Ta32'18'' -2703'28''
01-Dec-2012 10Ta13'19'' -2701'24''
01-Jan-2013 09Ta59'26'' -2655'06''
01-Feb-2013 09Ta55'57'' D -2646'28''
01-Mar-2013 10Ta02'55'' -2638'46''
01-Apr-2013 10Ta20'01'' -2632'34''
01-May-2013 10Ta41'53'' -2630'18''
01-Jun-2013 11Ta04'33'' -2632'19''
01-Jul-2013 11Ta21'32'' -2637'56''
01-Aug-2013 11Ta30'00'' -2646'07''
01-Sep-2013 11Ta27'19'' R -2654'37''
01-Oct-2013 11Ta14'56'' -2700'57''
01-Nov-2013 10Ta55'46'' -2703'39''
01-Dec-2013 10Ta36'38'' -2701'39''
01-Jan-2014 10Ta22'31'' -2655'23''
01-Feb-2014 10Ta18'48'' D -2646'43''
01-Mar-2014 10Ta25'36'' -2638'58''
01-Apr-2014 10Ta42'36'' -2632'40''
01-May-2014 11Ta04'31'' -2630'18''
01-Jun-2014 11Ta27'21'' -2632'14''
01-Jul-2014 11Ta44'35'' -2637'49''
01-Aug-2014 11Ta53'18'' -2646'00''
01-Sep-2014 11Ta50'50'' R -2654'33''
01-Oct-2014 11Ta38'34'' -2700'59''
01-Nov-2014 11Ta19'23'' -2703'46''
01-Dec-2014 11Ta00'07'' -2701'51''
01-Jan-2015 10Ta45'45'' -2655'37''
01-Feb-2015 10Ta41'47'' D -2646'56''
01-Mar-2015 10Ta48'25'' -2639'07''
01-Apr-2015 11Ta05'20'' -2632'43''
01-May-2015 11Ta27'17'' -2630'15''
01-Jun-2015 11Ta50'17'' -2632'05''
01-Jul-2015 12Ta07'45'' -2637'37''
01-Aug-2015 12Ta16'45'' -2645'49''
01-Sep-2015 12Ta14'30'' R -2654'25''
01-Oct-2015 12Ta02'22'' -2700'56''
01-Nov-2015 11Ta43'10'' -2703'49''
01-Dec-2015 11Ta23'45'' -2702'00''
01-Jan-2016 11Ta09'10'' -2655'48''
01-Feb-2016 11Ta04'55'' D -2647'05''
01-Mar-2016 11Ta11'47'' -2638'57''
01-Apr-2016 11Ta28'54'' -2632'33''
01-May-2016 11Ta51'00'' -2630'07''
01-Jun-2016 12Ta14'04'' -2632'00''
01-Jul-2016 12Ta31'33'' -2637'36''
01-Aug-2016 12Ta40'28'' -2645'50''
01-Sep-2016 12Ta38'06'' R -2654'29''
01-Oct-2016 12Ta25'48'' -2700'59''
01-Nov-2016 12Ta06'28'' -2703'50''
01-Dec-2016 11Ta46'59'' -2701'56''
01-Jan-2017 11Ta32'26'' -2655'39''
01-Feb-2017 11Ta28'19'' D -2646'53''
01-Mar-2017 11Ta34'56'' -2638'58''
01-Apr-2017 11Ta51'58'' -2632'28''
01-May-2017 12Ta14'07'' -2629'55''
01-Jun-2017 12Ta37'23'' -2631'43''
01-Jul-2017 12Ta55'05'' -2637'16''
01-Aug-2017 13Ta04'17'' -2645'30''
01-Sep-2017 13Ta02'09'' R -2654'12''
01-Oct-2017 12Ta49'59'' -2700'47''
01-Nov-2017 12Ta30'38'' -2703'44''
01-Dec-2017 12Ta11'01'' -2701'55''


What's a Plutino?

First, let's mention what it isn't. Pluto is not a Plutino according to David Jewitt, the astronomer who coined the term. "Plutino" means "little Pluto", and since Pluto is a standard-sized Pluto, it couldn't be a "little Pluto."

A reasonable definition of plutino is "a minor planet in 3:2 resonance with Neptune".

Plutino's represent about 1/4 of all the known Kuiper Belt Objects, and when they are named, the name is chosen from mythological beings associated with the underworld, or the afterworld.

There are currently (early 2017) six named bodies that are officially classified as Plutino's (Arawn, Huya, Ixion, Lempo, Mors-Somnus, Orcus), and Rhadamanthus is most likely also a Plutino. Some astronomers think that Pluto's moon, Charon, should also be a Plutino. There are 47 numbered, but as yet unnamed bodies that are also now classified as Plutino's. And there are over 100 other bodies, most of which have not yet been numbered, that are possible Plutino's.

The first Plutino was discovered on Sept 16, 1993 and has not yet been given a name. But it was provisionally known as 1993 RO and now has the minor planet number 385185.

The brightest of all the Plutino's discovered so far is Orcus.


Designated 1999 HX11, this body was discovered April 18, 1999, and has an orbit of 295.5395 years. (Let's say 295-1/2 years for convenience.)

In mythology, he was the brother of Minos (King of Crete), son of Jupiter and Europa. However, he was raised by Asterion, not Jupiter. Minos became extremely jealous of his brother's popularity, and drove him out of Crete, so Rhadamanthus fled to Boeotia where he married Alcmene. (Homer represents him as dwelling in the Elysian fields.)

On account of his inflexible integrity he was made one of the judges of the dead in the lower world, together with Aeacus and Minos. He was supposed to judge the souls of Asians, Aeacus those of Europeans, while Minos had the deciding vote. Rhadamanthus would decide upon cruel punishments for sinners; first, rebuking them, then trying their case, finally forcing them to confess.

Dante makes Rhadamanthus one of the judges of the damned in the Inferno section of Divine Comedy. "Rhadamanthine" has since come to describe any just but inflexible judgment.

Mark Andrew Holmes designed the symbol for Rhadamanthus, and has written about it at

When Rhadamanthus was discovered, it was at 1 Libra 48 R.

Click here for a RHADAMANTHUS EPHEMERIS for 1900-2020.



Minor planet 38628 has been given the name Huya (Spanish: Juyá, pronounced "hoo YAH") is the name of the rain god of the Wayuu Indians of Venezuela and Colombia.

Provisionally called 2000 EB173, it was discovered March 10, 2000 by Ignacio Ferrin, and has an orbit of 250.3576 years (let's call it 250-1/3 years for convenience.) It gets as close as 28.5591 AU to the Sun at perihelion, while its aphelion reaches 50.8856 AU.

At discovery, it was located at 18 Libra 39 R.

Sandy Turnbull has designed the symbol for Huya that is on the left, writing that it is "A modification of the meterological symbol for rain showers utilizing the symbols for the element water and a variation of Pluto to indicate its orbit."

Mark Andrew Holmes has designed the Huya symbol that is on the right, and has written a bit about it at

Click here for a HUYA EPHEMERIS for 1900-2020.


. D R

Orcus, minor planet #90482, is pretty big. With a diameter of 995 miles, it's 1-1/2 times the size of Ixion. It, too, was discovered by a team of astronomers including M. Brown, C. Trujillo and D. Rabinowitz, on February 17, 2004. At that time it was provisionally called 2004 DW. The official announcement to the world occurred November 22, 2004.

It appears to travel an elliptical orbit around the Sun, bringing it as close as 2.7 billion miles from the Sun and sending it as far out as 4.7 billion miles from the Sun.

Pluto takes 248.09 years to circle the Sun while Orcus takes 247.94. This produces an interesting relationship. I calculated all the way back to the year 1000, and forwards to the year 2510, and not once were these two ever in conjunction or opposition. However, there were numerous squares, sextiles, trines, and even quincunxes between them. Most recently, they made 9 exact trines between 2006-2009, and before that, 5 exact squares in 1986-1987.

Since it shares a similar size and orbit to that of Pluto, it was decided that it, too must be named after a deity of the underworld. In accordance with IAU rules, the discoverers' suggested name of Orcus was approved and published November 22, 2004.

In Roman mythology, Orcus was a god of the underworld, punisher of broken oaths, more equivalent to Pluto than to the Greek Hades. The origins of Orcus may have lain in Etruscan religion. Orcus was a name used by Roman writers to identify a Gaulish god of the underworld.

In modern day mythology, it is a popular name for providing an instant "demonic" atmosphere. This is in good part because Orcus' name is the origin of the words "orca" and "orc"; the latter popularized by J.R.R. Tolkien in his "Lord of the Rings" trilogy. The former designates not only the killer whale but also a monster in Ariosto's Orlando furioso.

Orcus also appears as the Lord of Demons in Fred Saberhagen's Empire of the East series (the precursor to his more popular Book of Swords/Book of Lost Swords series), in which magic has replaced technology as the dominant force in the world, and what technology remains has often been transformed into something more than it once was.

In Dungeons & Dragons, Orcus is a demon prince, and lord of the undead. Killed after a string of successful wars with Graz'zt and Demogorgon, he was restored as the undead demon Teneborous by Quah-Nomag the Skull King, one of his most devout followers. Rising against his murderers, Orcus reclaimed his layer of Hell Thanatos and his original name, proclaiming himself 'Prince of the Undead'. In this context, he typically is shown as having the head and legs of a ram, a bloated body, bat-like wings and a long tail.

When Orcus was discovered, it was at 24 Leo 53 R.
The announcement to the world was made when it was at 26 Leo 58.

Sandy Turnbull designed the Orcus symbol that is on the left. She writes, "Derived from a little-used glyph for Pluto to represent the staff of Orcus, Prince of the Underworld.

Check out these other pages for more insight into Orcus:

Nick Anthony Firenza's Orcus page

Richard Brown's Orcus: The Other God of the Underworld

Click here for a ORCUS EPHEMERIS for 1900-2020.


Mors-Somnus is minor planet #341520, and was previously designated 2007 TY430. Discovered on October 14, 2007, it is actually a binary: two bodies, Mors and Somnus, travelling around a common focal point. (The other known outer binary is Sila-Nunam.) It takes 246.5958314 years to circle the Sun, and is highly elliptical (e-0.266606565), with a perihelion distance of 28.83956489 AU, and an aphelion distance of 49.80734823 AU. This orbit puts it in the same league as Pluto with an orbit of 248.09 years, and Orcus at 247.94 years.

Mors-Somnus is in resonance with Neptune, going around the Sun twice every time Neptune travels around it three times. At its discovery, this binary was approximately 17 Aries 19, which would have made it trine Jupiter at 16 Sagittarius 25. Dane Rudhyar described the Sabian Symbol for the 18th degree of Aries as "An empty hammock stretched between two trees", perhaps quite fitting for a binary. The keynote, he said, is "A constructive alteration of activity and rest."

Mors and Somnus, in Roman mythology, were twin gods of the underworld, children of Nox (in Greek, Nyx), deity of Night, and Erebus (darkness).

Mors (also known as Letus) was the personification of death. He is depicted as holding an hour-glass and the scythe with which he cut down those whose life-span had expired. In some accounts, Mors is portrayed as Female. The Latin noun for "death", mors, from the root mortis. We still refer to the stiffness of death as 'rigor mortis'
. Somnus was the personification of sleep. The word somnus referred to sleep, drowsiness, and (figuratively) death. Our word for sleepwalking, Somnambulism, derives from it.

In Greece, the son of Nyx was Thanatos, god of death, often seen as the god of peaceful death. His twin brother was Hypnos, god of sleep. The Romans associated Thanatos with Mors, and Hypnos with Somnus. But the Romans gave more power as god of death to Pluto, and Mors was sometimes seen as Pluto's servant.

Hypnos, or Hypnus, became the father of Morpheus. I'll mention this again in a moment.

Hypnus has given his name to an asteroid, #14827. But at this rising, there does not appear to be a minor planet for Thantos.

While it is too soon to attribute astrological meanings to this body, my first thought when I heard it connected with death and sleep was a flower that is used to symbolize both, the poppy. And considering its resonance with Neptune, which rules drugs, perhaps the Opium Poppy isn't too far a stretch. Especially since Somnus, or Hypnos, was the father of Morheus.

When I was younger I graduated from a course, trained to be a Master Hypnotist. Transitng Mors-Somnus was conjunct my Ascendant at this time.

In a recent blog, Phil Sedgwick comtemplated this newly named body, wondering if it might tie into the idea of "'rest in peace' (sleep plus death), sleeping like the dead, waking the dead, looking to be dead while sleeping or the comment made at a wake that the deceased appears to be resting/sleeping."

Television currently is hosting a number of shows about people who are dead, but not dead. The Walking Dead, a human versus zombie show, has been showing since 2010, but has been gaining a strong increase in popularity lately. Resurrection ran for the past few years and was about people suddenly coming back from the dead. iZombie is a show that premiered March 2015, which features a zombie as the main character who, believe it or not, solves the murders of the corpses in the morgue.

I started looking for outer body conjunctions with Mors-Somnus, and going back to 1700 I didn't see any such with Neptune or Pluto. There was only one with Eris, fairly recently, on 17 April 2009. (This occurred at 21 Aries 24.) One of the most notable events at that time was the 2009 flue pandemic, also known as Swine Flu. (The virus appeared to be a new strain resulting when a previous triple reassortment of bird, swine and human flu viruses further combined with a Eurasian pig flu virus.)

It was conjunct with Uranus several times since 1700. Perhaps we'll find some major world events coinciding.

  • 18 May 1765 - 23 Aries 10
  • 23 October 1765 - 22 Aries 55
  • 27 February 1766 - 22 Aries 41
  • 26 December 1892 - 9 Scorpio 40
  • 14 April 1893 - 9 Scorpio 17
  • 24 September 1893 - 8 Scorpio 41

Click here for a MORS-SOMNUS EPHEMERIS for 1900-2020.


Arawn (pronounced AHR-oun) is minor planet #15810, and was previously designated 1994 JR1. Discovered on May 12, 1994, it is a Plutino (in resonance with Neptune, going around the Sun twice every time Neptune travels around it three times), approximately 133 kilometers in diameter. It takes about 248.07 years to orbit the Sun with an inclination of 3.8074 and an eccentricty of 0.1206. It's perihelion is 34.720 AU, aphelion 44.241 AU.


Arawn was the Welsh king of the otherworld realm of Annwn, a world of delights, eternal youth, absence of disease, abundant food...a kind of paradise or heaven. His memory is kept alive in a traditional Welsh saying, "Long is the day and long is the night, and long is the waiting of Arawn"


Astrologers only found out about Arawn in early 2017, so we have a long way to go before we can surmise some of its essence. But here are a few things we can look at to begin our search for its meaning:

Here are three individuals with close natal aspects to Arawn.

  • DIANA ROSS (singer, songwriter, actress, and record producer) - Arawn conjunct MC, square Uranus
  • JAMES MADISON (fourth President of the USA, hailed as the "Father of the Constitution" for his pivotal role in drafting and promoting the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights) - Arawn conjunct Ascendant and Pluto
  • JOHN LENNON (singer, songwriter) - Arawn conjunct Venus, quincunx Moon
Since Arawn was ruler of a place like heaven, perhaps world events occurring when it was in conjunction with Pluto, lord of the underworld, might be revealing. All of the following are within 14 days either side of the conjunction

  • 7 Feb 2008, 0 Cap 22
    • Stock markets around the world plunge amid growing fears of a U.S. recession, fueled by the 2007 subprime mortgage crisis.
    • A peace deal is signed in Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo, ending the Kivu conflict.
    • Iran opens its first space center and launches a rocket into space.
    • U.S. stock market indices plunge more than 3% after a report shows signs of economic recession in the service sector. The S&P 500 fall 3.2%, The Dow Jones Industrial Average drops 370 points.
    • Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd delivers a formal apology to the Stolen Generations.
    • Kosovo formally declares independence from Serbia, with a mixed response from the international community.
    • Fidel Castro announces his resignation as President of Cuba, effective February 24. He is replaced by his brother Ral Castro.
  • 9 Jun 2008, 0 Cap 07
    • The Legislature Parliament of Nepal votes overwhelmingly in favor of abolishing the country's 240-year-old monarchy, turning the country into a republic.
    • The Convention on Cluster Munitions is adopted in Dublin.
    • The Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope is launched.
    • Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper formally apologizes, on behalf of the Canadian government, to the country's First Nations for the Canadian Indian residential school system.
    • Ireland votes to reject the Treaty of Lisbon, in the only referendum to be held by a European Union member state on the treaty.
  • 20 Nov 2008, 29 Sag 46
    • King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck of Bhutan is crowned, having ascended to the throne in 2006.
    • Claudia Castillo of Spain becomes the first person to have a successful trachea transplant using a tissue-engineered organ.
    • The 2008 Santa Catarina floods in Santa Catarina, Brazil, kill 126 and force the evacuation of over 78,000 people.
    • Greenland holds a referendum for increased autonomy from Denmark with 75% of voters in favour.
    • A series of terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India by Pakistan-based Islamic militants who lay siege over a hotel for 2 days, results in 195 casualties, and over 250 injured.
    • Riots in Jos, Nigeria, kill 381, and injure at least 300.

Currently we have Arawn in Capricorn. Arawn first touched Capricorn on 24 January 2008, but moved back into Sagittarius on 14 June. On 27 November that year it moved into Capricorn again, and will continue in this sign until 2025. 4 February 2025 it enters Aquarius, back into Capricorn 9 August, and then firmly into Aquarius 9 December.

It might be difficult to pick up the feel of Arawn in Capricorn by looking at what began to shift in 2008, since the year was also colored by the Arawn/Pluto conjunction. However, 2008 was the year a number of things changed, or began really taking off, so that the world is a bit different today than then.

  • Smartphones - 2008 saw the beginning of the rapid rise in their sales. (iPhone itself saw its debut the year before.) In 2008, about 139 million smartphones were sold; in 2015, 1.4 billion were sold. And for many, the smart phone is an integral part of daily life.
  • Social media - In 2008, Twitter began to take off, and Facebook had 100 million users. Today, Facebook has 1.79 billion users.
  • Streaming - this began to really take off in 2008, and now....with Netflix, Hulu, etc, if you want to see a movie, you just go online. (Most of my friends don't even have a DVD player or VCR hooked up to their TV anymore.)
  • In 2008, the global economy underwent a massive shift away from extremely high growth that started in 1982. What occurred in 2008 was a massive decompression of the system. (The financial crisis became an economic malaise. The economic malaise created a social crisis. The social crisis generated a global political crisis. The class that had absorbed the existential blow of 2008 turned on the elite and their values. The elite, focused obsessively on their interests and ideology, failed to notice the revolt. Donald Trump in the United States, Brexit in Britain and numerous parties throughout the European Continent challenged the orthodoxies of interdependence and the pre-eminence of the interests of the financial class. This class and its allies were completely unprepared for a fundamental challenge to the pre-2008 orthodoxies. They were struggling to return to those halcyon days. Their challengers sensed that there was no going back and sought a completely different paradigm that appeared to be witless to the elite. But then the elite appeared brutally indifferent to any interests but their own.)
  • Barack Obama became the first black president of the USA.

Here are a few other outer planet aspects to Arawn with some events on or near the exact aspect:

Square with Saturn

  • 11 Nov 2009, 1 Lib 20
    • The Czech Republic becomes the final member-state of the European Union to sign the Treaty of Lisbon, thereby permitting that document's initiation into European law
    • The Prime Minister of Belgium, Herman Van Rompuy, is designated the first permanent President of the European Council, a position he takes up on December 1, 2009.
    • Having analyzed the data from the LCROSS lunar impact, NASA announces that it has found a "significant" quantity of water in the Moon's Cabeus crater.
    • CERN restarts the Large Hadron Collider particle accelerator in Geneva, Switzerland; they had shut it down on September 19, 2008.
    • In the Philippines, at least 58 people are abducted and killed in the province of Maguindanao, in what the Committee to Protect Journalists called the single deadliest attack on journalists in history.
  • Feb 2010, 4 Lib 01
    • The President of Niger, Mamadou Tandja, is overthrown after a group of soldiers storms the presidential palace and form a ruling junta, the Supreme Council for the Restoration of Democracy headed by chef d'escadron Salou Djibo.
  • Aug 2010, 2 Lib 31
    • The World Health Organization declares the H1N1 influenza pandemic over, saying worldwide flu activity has returned to typical seasonal patterns.

Square with Uranus

  • 1 Jun 2012, 7 Ari 50
    • Researchers at the University of Washington in Seattle announced the successful sequencing of a complete fetal genome using nothing more than snippets of DNA floating in its mother's blood.
    • Two teams of researchers, one from China and the other from Austria, broke a world record by teleporting quantum particles more than 50 miles through the open air.
  • 9 Oct 2012, 6 Ari 08
    • Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner becomes the first person to break the sound barrier without any machine assistance during a record space dive out of the Red Bull Stratos helium-filled balloon from 24 miles (39 kilometers) over Roswell, New Mexico in the United States.
    • Seven paintings worth $25 million are stolen from the Kunsthal in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
  • 28 Apr 2013, 10 Ari 10
    • Two Chechen Islamist brothers explode two bombs at the Boston Marathon in Boston, Massachusetts, in the United States, killing 3 and injuring 264 others
  • 24 Nov 2013, 8 Ari 49
    • Euromaidan pro-EU demonstrations begin in Ukraine after President Viktor Yanukovych rejects an economic association agreement between the European Union and Ukraine in favor of closer ties to Russia
    • Iran agrees to limit their nuclear development program in exchange for sanctions relief.
    • Ninth Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organization delegates sign the Bali Package agreement aimed at loosening global trade barriers.
    • Chinese spacecraft Chang'e 3, carrying the Yutu rover, becomes the first spacecraft to "soft"-land on the Moon since 1976 and the third ever robotic rover to do so
  • 24 Mar 2014, 11 Ari 58
    • Russia formally annexes Crimea after President Vladimir Putin signed a bill finalizing the annexation process.
    • During an emergency meeting, the United Kingdom, the United States, Italy, Germany, France, Japan, and Canada temporarily suspend Russia from the G8.
    • The United Nations General Assembly passes Resolution 68/262, recognizing Crimea within Ukraines international borders and rejecting the validity of the 2014 Crimean referendum.
    • The United Nations International Court of Justice rules that Japan's Antarctic whaling program is not scientific but commercial and forbids grants of further permits.
    • The Donetsk People's Republic declares its independence from Ukraine.

Click here for a ARAWN EPHEMERIS for 1900-2020.


Lempo is minor planet #47171 (previously known as 1999 TC36). Discovered on Oct. 1, 1999, it is a Plutino (in resonance with Neptune, going around the Sun twice every time Neptune travels around it three times). It takes about 245 years to orbit the Sun with an inclination of 8.41967 and an eccentricty of 0.2207033. It's perihelion is 30.5523815 AU, aphelion 47.858 AU. (Pluto's orbit is 248 years.)

Lempo is a triple system consisting of a central primary, which is itself a binary, Lempo and Hiisi, and a small satellite, Paha.


According to Minor Planet Circular 106502: "Lempo is the ancient Finnish devil who, with the help of his two demon cohorts, Hiisi and Paha, brought down the hero Vinminen."

In pre-Christian Finnish mythology, Lempo was the god of love and fertility. Portrayed in the folklore usually as erratic spirit, since love can be capricious, even dangerous, and as many have discovered, can take control of a being and turn them to destruction.

But with the coming of Christianity, Lempo began to be associated with demons. Today in the Finnish language, the words lempo and hiisi can be used as mild swear words.


Here are a few charts of people with Lempo closely conjunct one or more points in their chart. I've put my provisional symbol for Lempo in each chart, but to make it easier, here are the conjunctions in each of the following:
  • Dakota Fanning: Lempo conjunct Venus
  • Drew Barrymore: Lempo conjunct Mercury & Vesta
  • Jim Carrey: Lempo conjunct Mars
  • Denzel Washington: Lempo conjunct NN, Sun and Mercury
  • Al Gore: Lempo conjunct Jupiter and Moon
  • John McCain: Lempo conjunct Jupiter and MC
  • Chesar Chavez: Lempo conjunct Saturn
  • Margaret Thatcher: Lempo conjunct Venus
  • Indira Gandhi: Lempo conjunct Sun


Lempo takes approximately the same length of time to orbit the Sun as Pluto. One of the things this means is that the two bodies can have a similar distance apart for decades or even centuries.

Looking back to the year 1000, and forward to the year 2500, I did not find one conjunction, square or opposition between Pluto and Lempo. In fact, the two moved back and forth between trine and sesquiquadrate that whole time period. More on this in a bit.


Although we may not be able to study charts with Lempo in conjunction, square or opposition to Pluto, we can certainly look at the times one of these bodies transits in hard aspect to the other body in a natal chart.

Looking at my own chart:

Pluto moving through my 7th squared my natal tenth-house Lempo five times between 2 December 1972 and 21 June 1974, and it was very much a time of turmoil for me. I was married to my first wife at the time, and she ran off for several months with another man which devastated me (and left me to take care of our 1 year old daughter on my own.) She did return, and I took her back. Decided I needed to do something constructive with my life and joined the Air Force, but ended up not even completing basic training, going home with (at least) an honorable discharge. Our daughter was rushed to the hospital a few weeks after I came home...she was playing with her grandma and lacerated her forehead. My father died. And around the last square, I was mugged (hit over the head with a lead pipe), and rushed to the hospital with a concussion.

Transiting Lempo in my 12th opposed my natal 6th-house Pluto three times: 24 March 1980 - I was working hard to finish up my work on a booklet showcasing research findings of various people on Chiron in astrology, and I submitted an article to Dell Horoscope magazine on Chiron (which they accepted and published.) I can't remember anything about the 19 July transit that year. But around the third opposition 25 January 1981 I fell and injured my back at work, which let to my leaving that job a few months later and going through some job retraining...which opened me up initially to a data entry position and eventually to working with computers.

Pluto passed over my tenth-house Lempo on 22 January 2010 when I was making arrangements for a lecture tour of Australia, a country I had wanted to see since childhood. I can't think of anything special about the retrograde passage 26 June that year. But at the first city of my tour I met an Australian woman that I ended up falling in love with. We connected daily by phone when I travelled the rest of the country, and by Skype when I returned to the USA, and on 24 November I proposed marriage to her, and she accepted...and the following day was the third and final exact passage of Pluto over my Lempo.

Interestingly, whatever Lempo means it is important in my wife's chart, falling less than a degree away from exact conjunction to her MC, and almost exactly square her Ascendant (which is conjunct her Eris by about 1-1/2 degrees, so Lempo squares that body as well.) And her Lempo at 10 Cap 41 is quite closely square my Jupiter 10 Aries 47. And in the beginning of 2010, the year we met, there was a Lunar Eclipse at 10 Can 14, which aspected these points in our chart.


Let's just look at the exact aspects between them from 1900-2050:

Plu 08Le04' D Sqq Lempo 23Sg04' D 15,09,1943
Plu 08Le45' D Sqq Lempo 23Sg45' D 08,11,1943
Plu 09Le15' D Sqq Lempo 24Sg15' R 02,09,1944
Plu 10Le14' R Sqq Lempo 25Sg14' D 22,11,1944
Plu 10Le29' D Sqq Lempo 25Sg29' R 24,08,1945
Plu 11Le42' R Sqq Lempo 26Sg42' D 04,12,1945
Plu 11Le45' D Sqq Lempo 26Sg45' R 16,08,1946
Plu 13Le09' R Sqq Lempo 28Sg09' D 15,12,1946
Plu 13Le04' D Sqq Lempo 28Sg04' R 09,08,1947
Plu 14Le37' R Sqq Lempo 29Sg37' D 25,12,1947
Plu 14Le24' D Sqq Lempo 29Sg24' R 01,08,1948
Plu 16Le04' R Sqq Lempo 01Cp04' D 03,01,1949
Plu 15Le46' D Sqq Lempo 00Cp46' R 26,07,1949
Plu 17Le32' R Sqq Lempo 02Cp32' D 13,01,1950
Plu 17Le09' D Sqq Lempo 02Cp09' R 20,07,1950
Plu 19Le01' R Sqq Lempo 04Cp01' D 23,01,1951
Plu 18Le34' D Sqq Lempo 03Cp34' R 13,07,1951
Plu 20Le30' R Sqq Lempo 05Cp30' D 03,02,1952
Plu 20Le01' D Sqq Lempo 05Cp01' R 05,07,1952
Plu 21Le59' R Sqq Lempo 06Cp59' D 13,02,1953
Plu 21Le29' D Sqq Lempo 06Cp29' R 27,06,1953
Plu 23Le29' R Sqq Lempo 08Cp29' D 25,02,1954
Plu 23Le00' D Sqq Lempo 08Cp00' R 18,06,1954
Plu 24Le58' R Sqq Lempo 09Cp58' D 11,03,1955
Plu 24Le33' D Sqq Lempo 09Cp33' R 08,06,1955
Plu 26Le27' R Sqq Lempo 11Cp27' D 29,03,1956
Plu 26Le09' D Sqq Lempo 11Cp09' R 23,05,1956
Plu 01Li16' D Tri Lempo 01Aq16' D 12,11,1971
Plu 01Li57' D Tri Lempo 01Aq57' D 17,12,1971
Plu 02Li41' D Tri Lempo 02Aq41' D 16,10,1972
Plu 04Li23' R Tri Lempo 04Aq23' D 16,01,1973
Plu 04Li23' D Tri Lempo 04Aq23' R 30,09,1973
Plu 06Li36' R Tri Lempo 06Aq36' D 05,02,1974
Plu 06Li11' D Tri Lempo 06Aq11' R 17,09,1974
Plu 08Li45' R Tri Lempo 08Aq45' D 23,02,1975
Plu 08Li04' D Tri Lempo 08Aq04' R 05,09,1975
Plu 10Li51' R Tri Lempo 10Aq51' D 12,03,1976
Plu 10Li02' D Tri Lempo 10Aq02' R 23,08,1976
Plu 12Li55' R Tri Lempo 12Aq55' D 29,03,1977
Plu 12Li04' D Tri Lempo 12Aq04' R 10,08,1977
Plu 14Li57' R Tri Lempo 14Aq57' D 18,04,1978
Plu 14Li11' D Tri Lempo 14Aq11' R 26,07,1978
Plu 16Li54' R Tri Lempo 16Aq54' D 15,05,1979
Plu 16Li26' D Tri Lempo 16Aq26' R 05,07,1979
Plu 10Aq00' R Tri Lempo 10Ge00' R 13,09,2030
Plu 09Aq40' R Tri Lempo 09Ge40' R 19,10,2030
Plu 12Aq02' R Tri Lempo 12Ge02' D 22,08,2031
Plu 11Aq21' D Tri Lempo 11Ge21' R 14,11,2031
Plu 13Aq58' R Tri Lempo 13Ge58' D 08,08,2032
Plu 13Aq08' D Tri Lempo 13Ge08' R 01,12,2032
Plu 15Aq49' R Tri Lempo 15Ge49' D 28,07,2033
Plu 14Aq57' D Tri Lempo 14Ge57' R 16,12,2033
Plu 17Aq37' R Tri Lempo 17Ge37' D 18,07,2034
Plu 16Aq48' D Tri Lempo 16Ge48' R 31,12,2034
Plu 19Aq21' R Tri Lempo 19Ge21' D 08,07,2035
Plu 18Aq39' D Tri Lempo 18Ge39' R 14,01,2036
Plu 21Aq02' R Tri Lempo 21Ge02' D 26,06,2036
Plu 20Aq31' D Tri Lempo 20Ge31' R 28,01,2037
Plu 22Aq40' R Tri Lempo 22Ge40' D 15,06,2037
Plu 22Aq26' D Tri Lempo 22Ge26' R 14,02,2038
Plu 24Aq14' R Tri Lempo 24Ge14' D 03,06,2038
Plu 24Aq25' D Tri Lempo 24Ge25' D 06,03,2039

Click here for a LEMPO EPHEMERIS for 1900-2050.

385185 (1993 RO)

The first Plutino was discovered on Sept 16, 1993 and has not yet been given a name. But it was provisionally known as 1993 RO and now has the minor planet number 385185.

At aphelion it goes out to 46.776 AU, while its perihelion is all the way in to 31.492 AU. It's orbit is 244.81 years, with an inclination of 3.7196 and an eccentricity of 0.19528.


The following noted individuals were born with at least one close conjunction to 385185 (within 3 degrees, or within 5 degrees if Sun, Moon, Asc or MC.) I'm also including any squares or oppositions to 385185, so as to acknowledge other influences on this Plutino.

  • Ralph Abernathy
  • 385185 23 Sco 52 R
  • Saturn 26 Sco 03 R
  • Ed Asner
  • 385185 27 Sco 11
  • Mars 27 Sco 48
  • Josephine Baker
  • 385185 28 Lib 51 R
  • Moon 27 Lib 10
  • Lucille Ball
  • 385185 4 Sco 11
  • Jupiter 6 Sco 26
  • Drew Barrymore
  • 385185 10 Aqu 43
  • Mercury 10 Aqu 11
  • John Belushi
  • 385185 25 Sat 02
  • Moon 22 Sag 56
  • Uranus 27 Gem 08 R
  • Nicolas Cage
  • 385185 18 Cap 50
  • Sun 16 Cap 16
  • E.E. Cummings
  • 385185 17 Lib 23
  • Sun 21 Lib 37
  • Moon 24 ARi 19
  • John Coltrane
  • 385185 22 Sco 16
  • Saturn 22 Sco 17
  • Neptune 25 Leo 48
  • Danny DeVito
  • 385185 17 Sag 14
  • Moon 14 Sag 25
  • Mercury 10 Sag 39
  • Uranus 11 Gem 45 R
  • Patty Duke
  • 385185 20 Sag 54
  • Sun 22 Sag 33
  • Uranus 19 Gem 38 R
  • Moon 18 Sag 52
  • King Edward VIII of England
  • 385185 15 Lib 45 R
  • Saturn 18 Lib 25
  • Queen Elizabeth II of England
  • 385185 23 Sco 21 R
  • Saturn 24 Sco 26 R
  • MC 25 Sco 33
  • Mars 20 Aqu 51
  • Jupiter 22 Aqu 30
  • Neptune 22 Leo 02 R
  • Squeaky Fromme
  • 385185 22 Sag 29
  • Jupiter 25 Sag 27
  • Venus 18 Vir 27
  • Moon 20 Gem 45
  • Maurice Gibb
  • 385185 25 Sag 35
  • Sun 29 Sag 58
  • Mars 28 Vir 20
  • Donald Glaser
  • 385185 22 Sco 14
  • Saturn 22 Sco 08
  • Mars 19 Tau 05
  • Jup 18 Aqu 27 R
  • Hugh Grant
  • 385185 11 Cap 34 R
  • Pallas 10 Cap 29
  • Saturn 11 Cap 51 R
  • Larry Hagman
  • 385185 28 Sco 28
  • MC 29 Sco 42
  • Harry Hamlin
  • 385185 27 Sag 12
  • Chiron 29 Sag 14
    • Phil Hartman
    • 385185 22 sag 05
    • Jupiter 21 Sag 27
    • Vaclav Havel
    • 385185 5 Sag 14
    • Ceres 6 Sag 32
    • Mars 5 Vir 34
    • William Randolph Hearst
    • 385185 14 Vir 08 R
    • Moon 17 Vir 40
    • Venus 11 Gem 46
    • Uranus 18 Gem 22
    • Chiron 10 Pis 00
    • Barbara Hershey
    • 385185 23 Sag 45
    • Jup 22 Sag 11
    • Moon 28 Sag 15
    • Venus 22 Pis 43
    • Uranus 22 Gem 21R
    • Chrissie Hynde
    • 385185 26 Sag 39 R
    • Chiron 26 Sag 49
    • Grace Kelly
    • 385185 27 Sco 06
    • Mars 25 Sco 37
    • Ken Keyes
    • 385185 17 Sco 38
    • Asc 20 Sco 06
    • Peewee King
    • 385185 9 Sco 34 R
    • MC 5 Sco 41
    • Jupiter 6 Aqu 28
    • Uranus 8 Aqu 47
    • Cloris Leachman
    • 385185 23 Sco 10 R
    • Saturn 23 Sco 48 R
    • Jupiter 23 Aqu 51
    • Mars 27 Aqu 40
    • Neptune 21 Leo 59 R
    • Harper Lee
    • 385185 23 Sco 12 R
    • Moon 19 Sco 33
    • Saturn 23 Sco 54 R
    • Jupiter 23 Aqu 39
    • Mars 26 Aqu 34
    • Neptune 21 Leo 59 R
    • Linda Lovelace
    • 385185 24 Sag 38
    • Venus 26 Sag 22
    • Uranus 27 Gem 40 R
    • Marcel Marceau
    • 385185 20 Sco 02 R
    • Jupiter 18 Sco 30 R
    • Moon 22 Tau 44
    • Joseph R McCarthy
    • 385185 2 Sco 50
    • Mercury 2 Sco 59
    • Ed McMahon
    • 385185 20 Sco 10 R
    • Jupiter 18 Sco 56 R
    • Mercury 20 Aqu 53
    • Neptune 16 Leo 02 R
    • Bette Midler
    • 385185 19 Sag 04
    • Mercury 21 Sag 19 R
    • Uranus 15 Gem 40 R
    • Kate Millett
    • 385185 2 Sag 16
    • Moon 3 Sag 08
    • Venus 4 Vir 50
    • Marilyn Monroe
    • 385185 22 Sco 32 R
    • Saturn 21 Sco 26 R
    • Moon 19 Aqu 05
    • Neptune 22 Leo 13
    • Yves Montand
    • 385185 16 Sco 41
    • Mercury 14 Sco 15
    • Neptune 15 Leo 36
    • George Moscone
    • 385185 27 Sco 25
    • Mercury 29 Sco 59
    • Olivia Newton-John
    • 385185 22 Sag 06
    • Jupiter 21 Sag 37
    • Buck Owens
    • 385185 25 Sco 35
    • Moon 21 Sco 41
    • Janis Paige
    • 385185 17 Sco 19
    • Ceres 17 Sco 50
    • Neptune 17 Leo 03
    • Tom Paxton
    • 385185 7 Sag 09
    • NN 6 Sag 17 R
    • Pablo Picasso
    • 385185 4 Lib 31
    • Venus 4 Lib 31
    • Salvatore Quasimodo
    • 385185 23 Lib 30
    • Mars 22 Lib 29
    • Paul Stookey
    • 385185 8 Sag 45
    • NN 5 Sag 53 R
    • Mars 6 Pis 58
    • Rex Stout
    • 385185 10 Lib 12
    • Uranus 11 Lib 32
    • Mars 12 Cap 44
    • Robert Taylor
    • 385185 4 Sco 11
    • Jup 6 Sco 18
    • NN 5 Tau 04R
    • Pamela Tiffin
    • 385185 13 Sag 35
    • Moon 11 Sag 11
    • Saturn 12 Gem 12 R
    • Tina Turner
    • 385185 10 Sag 32
    • Mercury 7 Sag 40 R
    • Moon 7 Gem 14
    • Ceres 11 Virg 05
    • Tom Waits
    • 385185 25 Sag 09
    • Mercury 23 Sag 53
    • Ascendant 23 Sag 15
    • Mars 21 Sag 18
    • Saturn 18 Vir 58
    • Denzel Washington
    • 385185 3 Cap 30
    • NN 5 Cap 31 S
    • Sun 5 Cap 56
    • Mercury 7 Cap 30
    • Charles "Tex" Watson
    • 385185 19 Sag 06
    • Ceres 17 Sag 46
    • Mercury 20 Sag 20 R
    • Uranus 15 Gem 37 R
    • Jack Welch
    • 385185 4 Sag 58
    • Jupiter 2 Sag 19
    • Saturn 3 Pis 37
    • H.G. Wells
    • 385185 18 Vir 48
    • Mercury 19 Vir 01
    • Chiron 20 Pis 06 R
    • Hank Williams
    • 385185 18 Sco 31
    • Jupiter 15 Sco 54
    • Neptune 19 Leo 12
    • Thomas Wolfe
    • 385185 23 Lib 20
    • Mercury 24 Lib 20
  • I will put more here when I have studied it in more detail.

    Click here for a 385185 EPHEMERIS for 1900-2020.

    Unnamed Plutinos

    Several new Plutinos have been discovered recently but have not as yet been named. In case you'd like to get a head start on studying these new bodies, here is a yearly ephemeris, 1900-2012, 0 Hr UT, for those whose orbits are known well enough to have been given Minor Planet Numbers:

    (55638) 2002 VE95 (55638) 2002 VE95 (84922) 2003 VS2 (84922) 2003 VS2 (208996) 2003 AZ84 (208996) 2003 AZ84
    Long Lat Long Lat Long Lat
    Jan 1 1900 03Sg09' +1120' 19Sg43' -0948' 13Pi14' +1322'
    Jan 1 1901 04Sg02' +1131' 20Sg58' -0933' 14Pi55' +1321'
    Jan 1 1902 04Sg55' +1141' 22Sg13' -0919' 16Pi34' +1319'
    Jan 1 1903 05Sg48' +1151' 23Sg28' -0904' 18Pi12' +1317'
    Jan 1 1904 06Sg42' +1201' 24Sg43' -0849' 19Pi50' +1313'
    Jan 1 1905 07Sg37' +1211' 25Sg59' -0833' 21Pi27' +1309'
    Jan 1 1906 08Sg30' +1220' 27Sg14' -0817' 23Pi03' +1305'
    Jan 1 1907 09Sg24' +1230' 28Sg29' -0801' 24Pi38' +1300'
    Jan 1 1908 10Sg19' +1239' 29Sg44' -0745' 26Pi12' +1255'
    Jan 1 1909 11Sg15' +1248' 01Cp00' -0728' 27Pi45' +1249'
    Jan 1 1910 12Sg11' +1257' 02Cp15' -0711' 29Pi17' +1243'
    Jan 1 1911 13Sg07' +1306' 03Cp31' -0654' 00Ar49' +1236'
    Jan 1 1912 14Sg03' +1315' 04Cp46' -0637' 02Ar19' +1229'
    Jan 1 1913 15Sg01' +1324' 06Cp03' -0620' 03Ar49' +1221'
    Jan 1 1914 15Sg58' +1332' 07Cp19' -0602' 05Ar18' +1213'
    Jan 1 1915 16Sg56' +1340' 08Cp35' -0544' 06Ar46' +1204'
    Jan 1 1916 17Sg54' +1349' 09Cp50' -0526' 08Ar14' +1155'
    Jan 1 1917 18Sg53' +1357' 11Cp08' -0507' 09Ar41' +1146'
    Jan 1 1918 19Sg52' +1404' 12Cp23' -0449' 11Ar06' +1136'
    Jan 1 1919 20Sg51' +1412' 13Cp39' -0430' 12Ar31' +1127'
    Jan 1 1920 21Sg50' +1419' 14Cp55' -0411' 13Ar55' +1116'
    Jan 1 1921 22Sg52' +1427' 16Cp13' -0352' 15Ar18' +1106'
    Jan 1 1922 23Sg52' +1433' 17Cp29' -0332' 16Ar41' +1055'
    Jan 1 1923 24Sg53' +1440' 18Cp45' -0313' 18Ar02' R +1044'
    Jan 1 1924 25Sg55' +1447' 20Cp02' -0253' 19Ar23' +1032'
    Jan 1 1925 26Sg59' +1453' 21Cp21' -0233' 20Ar43' +1020'
    Jan 1 1926 28Sg03' +1459' 22Cp38' -0214' 22Ar03' +1009'
    Jan 1 1927 29Sg06' +1505' 23Cp56' -0153' 23Ar22' +0957'
    Jan 1 1928 00Cp11' +1511' 25Cp14' -0133' 24Ar40' +0944'
    Jan 1 1929 01Cp17' +1516' 26Cp33' -0113' 25Ar58' +0931'
    Jan 1 1930 02Cp22' +1521' 27Cp51' -0053' 27Ar15' +0919'
    Jan 1 1931 03Cp28' +1526' 29Cp10' -0032' 28Ar32' +0906'
    Jan 1 1932 04Cp35' +1530' 00Aq28' -0011' 29Ar48' +0853'
    Jan 1 1933 05Cp44' +1535' 01Aq48' +0008' 01Ta03' +0839'
    Jan 1 1934 06Cp53' +1538' 03Aq08' +0029' 02Ta18' +0826'
    Jan 1 1935 08Cp02' +1542' 04Aq27' +0050' 03Ta32' +0813'
    Jan 1 1936 09Cp12' +1545' 05Aq47' +0111' 04Ta45' +0759'
    Jan 1 1937 10Cp25' +1548' 07Aq09' +0132' 05Ta58' +0745'
    Jan 1 1938 11Cp36' +1551' 08Aq30' +0153' 07Ta10' +0731'
    Jan 1 1939 12Cp49' +1553' 09Aq51' +0214' 08Ta22' +0717'
    Jan 1 1940 14Cp02' +1555' 11Aq12' +0235' 09Ta34' +0703'
    Jan 1 1941 15Cp18' +1556' 12Aq35' +0256' 10Ta45' +0648'
    Jan 1 1942 16Cp32' +1557' 13Aq56' +0317' 11Ta56' +0634'
    Jan 1 1943 17Cp48' +1558' 15Aq18' +0338' 13Ta06' +0620'
    Jan 1 1944 19Cp04' +1558' 16Aq41' +0359' 14Ta16' +0605'
    Jan 1 1945 20Cp24' +1557' 18Aq05' +0420' 15Ta25' +0551'
    Jan 1 1946 21Cp43' +1556' 19Aq28' +0441' 16Ta33' +0536'
    Jan 1 1947 23Cp02' +1555' 20Aq52' +0502' 17Ta42' +0521'
    Jan 1 1948 24Cp23' +1553' 22Aq17' +0522' 18Ta50' +0507'
    Jan 1 1949 25Cp47' +1550' 23Aq43' +0543' 19Ta57' +0452'
    Jan 1 1950 27Cp11' +1547' 25Aq09' +0603' 21Ta05' +0437'
    Jan 1 1951 28Cp35' +1544' 26Aq35' +0624' 22Ta12' +0422'
    Jan 1 1952 00Aq01' +1539' 28Aq01' +0644' 23Ta19' +0407'
    Jan 1 1953 01Aq29' +1534' 29Aq29' +0704' 24Ta25' +0352'
    Jan 1 1954 02Aq57' +1529' 00Pi57' +0724' 25Ta31' +0337'
    Jan 1 1955 04Aq26' +1523' 02Pi24' +0744' 26Ta37' +0322'
    Jan 1 1956 05Aq56' +1516' 03Pi52' +0803' 27Ta43' +0307'
    Jan 1 1957 07Aq30' +1508' 05Pi22' +0822' 28Ta48' +0252'
    Jan 1 1958 09Aq02' +1500' 06Pi51' +0841' 29Ta52' +0237'
    Jan 1 1959 10Aq37' +1450' 08Pi21' +0900' 00Ge57' +0222'
    Jan 1 1960 12Aq12' +1440' 09Pi51' +0919' 02Ge02' +0207'
    Jan 1 1961 13Aq51' +1429' 11Pi23' +0937' 03Ge05' +0152'
    Jan 1 1962 15Aq30' +1417' 12Pi55' +0955' 04Ge09' +0137'
    Jan 1 1963 17Aq11' +1405' 14Pi27' +1012' 05Ge13' +0121'
    Jan 1 1964 18Aq52' +1351' 16Pi00' +1030' 06Ge17' +0106'
    Jan 1 1965 20Aq37' +1336' 17Pi35' +1046' 07Ge20' +0051'
    Jan 1 1966 22Aq22' +1321' 19Pi08' +1103' 08Ge24' +0036'
    Jan 1 1967 24Aq08' +1304' 20Pi43' +1119' 09Ge27' +0021'
    Jan 1 1968 25Aq56' +1247' 22Pi18' +1135' 10Ge31' +0006'
    Jan 1 1969 27Aq47' +1228' 23Pi54' +1150' 11Ge33' -0008'
    Jan 1 1970 29Aq38' +1208' 25Pi30' +1205' 12Ge36' -0023'
    Jan 1 1971 01Pi31' +1147' 27Pi07' +1219' 13Ge39' -0037'
    Jan 1 1972 03Pi26' +1125' 28Pi44' +1233' 14Ge42' -0052'
    Jan 1 1973 05Pi24' +1101' 00Ar23' +1246' 15Ge43' -0107'
    Jan 1 1974 07Pi23' +1037' 02Ar01' +1258' 16Ge46' -0122'
    Jan 1 1975 09Pi23' +1011' 03Ar41' +1311' 17Ge49' -0137'
    Jan 1 1976 11Pi25' +0944' 05Ar20' +1322' 18Ge51' -0151'
    Jan 1 1977 13Pi30' +0916' 07Ar01' +1333' 19Ge53' -0206'
    Jan 1 1978 15Pi35' +0846' 08Ar41' +1344' 20Ge56' -0221'
    Jan 1 1979 17Pi42' +0816' 10Ar22' +1354' 21Ge58' -0235'
    Jan 1 1980 19Pi51' +0744' 12Ar04' +1403' 23Ge01' -0250'
    Jan 1 1981 22Pi03' +0710' 13Ar46' +1411' 24Ge02' -0304'
    Jan 1 1982 24Pi16' +0636' 15Ar28' +1419' 25Ge05' -0319'
    Jan 1 1983 26Pi31' +0600' 17Ar11' +1426' 26Ge07' -0333'
    Jan 1 1984 28Pi48' +0523' 18Ar54' +1432' 27Ge09' -0347'
    Jan 1 1985 01Ar07' +0445' 20Ar38' R +1438' 28Ge11' -0402'
    Jan 1 1986 03Ar28' +0406' 22Ar23' +1443' 29Ge13' -0416'
    Jan 1 1987 05Ar51' +0326' 24Ar07' +1447' 00Cn16' -0430'
    Jan 1 1988 08Ar16' +0244' 25Ar53' +1450' 01Cn19' -0444'
    Jan 1 1989 10Ar43' +0202' 27Ar38' +1453' 02Cn21' -0458'
    Jan 1 1990 13Ar12' +0119' 29Ar24' +1455' 03Cn24' -0511'
    Jan 1 1991 15Ar42' +0035' 01Ta11' +1456' 04Cn28' -0525'
    Jan 1 1992 18Ar14' -0008' 02Ta57' +1456' 05Cn31' -0539'
    Jan 1 1993 20Ar47' -0053' 04Ta43' +1455' 06Cn33' -0552'
    Jan 1 1994 23Ar22' R -0138' 06Ta30' +1454' 07Cn37' -0606'
    Jan 1 1995 25Ar59' -0224' 08Ta16' +1452' 08Cn40' -0619'
    Jan 1 1996 28Ar37' -0310' 10Ta03' +1449' 09Cn44' -0633'
    Jan 1 1997 01Ta16' -0356' 11Ta50' +1445' 10Cn46' -0646'
    Jan 1 1998 03Ta57' -0441' 13Ta37' +1441' 11Cn50' -0659'
    Jan 1 1999 06Ta40' -0527' 15Ta25' +1435' 12Cn54' -0712'
    Jan 1 2000 09Ta24' -0612' 17Ta13' +1429' 13Cn59' -0725'
    Jan 1 2001 12Ta08' -0656' 19Ta00' +1422' 15Cn03' -0737'
    Jan 1 2002 14Ta54' -0739' 20Ta48' +1414' 16Cn08' -0750'
    Jan 1 2003 17Ta41' -0822' 22Ta36' +1406' 17Cn13' -0802'
    Jan 1 2004 20Ta28' -0904' 24Ta24' +1356' 18Cn19' -0815'
    Jan 1 2005 23Ta15' -0944' 26Ta10' +1346' 19Cn24' -0827'
    Jan 1 2006 26Ta03' -1023' 27Ta58' +1335' 20Cn30' -0839'
    Jan 1 2007 28Ta51' -1101' 29Ta45' +1324' 21Cn36' -0851'
    Jan 1 2008 01Ge39' -1136' 01Ge32' +1312' 22Cn43' -0903'
    Jan 1 2009 04Ge25' -1210' 03Ge18' +1258' 23Cn49' -0915'
    Jan 1 2010 07Ge13' -1243' 05Ge05' +1244' 24Cn56' -0926'
    Jan 1 2011 10Ge00' -1313' 06Ge52' +1230' 26Cn03' -0938'
    Jan 1 2012 12Ge46' -1342' 08Ge38' +1215' 27Cn11' -0949'


    OK, Plutino as a little Pluto makes sense. But I KNOW there is no body out there called Cubo, or even Cubewan. (Help me, Cubewan, you're my only hope?) So where the heck did this category get it's name?

    Quite simple, really. The very first body ever discovered out past Neptune & Pluto was designated 1992 QB1. Later, when other bodies were found with similar characteristics, they were called "QB1-o's", or cubewanos.

    Anyway, a cubewano is any substantial Kuiper belt object, orbiting beyond about 41 AU and not controlled by resonances with the outer planets. This category now also includes Borasisi, Chaos, Deucalion, Varuna and Quaoar.

    QB1 was discovered by David C. Jewitt and Jane X. Luu at the Mauna Kea Observatory, Hawaii. The discoverers suggested the name Smiley for the object, but as there is already another asteroid with that name (1613 Smiley, named after an American astronomer) the name couldn't be used. The asteroid has received the number 15760, and until January 2018 it remained unnamed; it was normally referred to simply as QB1. But in 2018 QB1 was officially named Albion. Albion has it's own page on this site: QB1 Albion.

    Click here for an Albion/QB1 EPHEMERIS for 1900-2020.


    Minor planet 66652, originally designated 1999 RZ253, was discovered on September 8, 1999. It takes about 292.6 years to circle the Sun, at perihelion getting as close as 39.982 AU, and as far away at aphelion as 48.164 AU. It has an orbital eccentricity of 0.0928, and an inclination of 0.5629.

    The other bodies on this page were named after deities at the center of mythological tales told by various cultures around the world. Borasisi's name, however, is unique, as it came from the mythology of a culture invented by novelist named Kurt Vonnegut. In his book, Cat's Cradle, Vonnegut takes us to a little island called San Lorenzo where a man, having adopted the name Bokonon, invents a religion based, as he describes it, completely on lies. His followers are called Bokononists, and they teach their children a creation myth about the sun god Borasisi:

    "Borasisi, the sun, held Pabu, the moon, in his arms, and hoped Pabu would bear him a fiery child. But poor Pabu gave birth to children that were cold, that did not burn; and Borasisi threw them away in disgust. Those were the planets who circled their terrible father at a safe distance. Then poor Pabu herself was cast away, and she went to live with her favourite child, which was Earth. Earth was Pabus favorite because it had people on it; and the people looked up to her and loved her and sympathised." So unlike Varuna, or Sedna, or Deucalion, central figures in myths handed down generation to generation, the myth of the Sun God Borasisi was created in the Twentieth Century in the mind of a man who also created the people who believed in him. I'll have more to say about Vonnegut's mind in a moment.

    The body in our solar system we now call Borasisi was found to be a binary system on 23 April 2003, like the Earth and Moon, and it's companion was named Pabu from the same story.

    I wondered where Borasisi fell in the chart of Kurt Vonnegut, since it was his creation, so I searched AstroDatabank and found that he was born on Nov 11, 1922 at 8:00 AM (although the accuracy of the time is in question) in Indianapolis, Indiana (39N46, 86W09.) Setting up his chart, I could easiy see why I liked his books (my moon is closely conjunct his Ascendant and Venus), but I almost fell out of my seat when I learned how significant Borasisi was in his chart!

    In his 11th house he has a close conjunction of Jupiter 3 Scorpio 25 to Mercury 4 Scorpio 03, and right between them sits Borasisi at 3 Scorpio 55! The closeness to his mental planets, Mercury and Jupiter, is significant enough. But if you've read Cat's Cradle, you too may find Borasisi's location in the 11th house of friends, groups, teams and associations quite amazing. Let me again quote from this book:
    "We Bokononists believe that humanity is organized into teams, teams that do God's Will without ever discovering what they are doing. Such a team is called a karass by Bokonon ... "If you find your life tangled up with somebody else's life for no very logical reasons," writes Bokonon,"that person may be a member of your karass."
    and about a world full of false karasses which are man-made groups that turn out to be, "a seeming team that was meaningless in terms of the ways God gets things done, a textbook example of what Bokonon calls a granfalloon. Other examples are the Communist party, the Daughters of the American Revolution, the General Electric Company, the International Order of Odd Fellows - and any nation, anytime, anywhere."
    So Vonnegut, having Borasisi in the house of associations, writes about a clear distinction between those people we are associated with because we share some common destiny, and those we associate with because of some invented, fictitious purpose.

    At discovery, Borasisi was 25 Aquarius 32. The Sabian symbol for this degree is "A Garage Man Testing A Car's Battery With A Hydrometer". I've seen a mechanic do just this, deducing how much charge is still left in the battery by the density of the remaining sulphuric acid. The battery is a place where a dangerous, poisonous substance has been tamed and put to work for us, and if the density of the acid is too great it can damage the battery, while too little will keep the battery from holding a charge. In the human body, our stomach also has a dangerous poison put to good use. Too much hydrochloric acid will eat away at the stomach lining, too little will not allow us to break down the foods to enable us to convert them into energy for the body's use. As a metaphor, one could apply this on many levels. For example, using certain words in just the right context, with just the right emphasis, can stir people on to great heights. The same words, without any feeling behind them, could be totally useless, while too much intensity backing the words can cause them to be biting, even destructive.

    Going back to Vonnegut's book for a moment, Bokonon states that his religion is built on 'harmless untruths', and that the essence of his religion is that one should live by the lies "that make you brave and. kind and healthy and happy." Lies can be like sulfuric acid, burning everything they touch, but there are also times when telling a lie is the best thing to do in a situation. We even have the terms "White lie" and "Noble lie" as part of our vocabulary, both often reference to situations where a lie is told for good or noble reasons.

    Kurt Vonnegut's son Mark has a close Borasisi connection with his father, and I will get into that in a moment. Mark is a well known and respected pediatrician, but is perhaps even more known for writing about his descent into mental illness (schizophrenia and bipolar). You can read an article here about how Kurt and his son Mark talked about the latter's illness: Vonnegut Speaks On Mental Illness. Mark has written a powerful book, well worth reading, entitled, "Just Like Someone Without Mental Illness Only More So."

    Mark was born on May 11, 1947. I haven't found his birth time so I'll focus on two points in his chart. His Borasisi is 8 Sag 46 R, conjunct his father's Ascendant; and his Chiron is 4 Scorpio 22 R, conjunct his father's Jupiter/Borasisi/Mercury conjunction.

    Phil Sedgwick has a few words to say about Borisisi: Borasisi ~ 30 September 2007

    Here are a few other people with close aspects to Borasisi:

    Neil Armstrong:
    Borasisi 12 Scorpio 50 in the 6th
    Sun 12 Leo 04

    Charles Manson:
    Borasisi 20 Scorpio 14 in the 7th
    Sun 19 Scorpio 49
    Venus 18 Scorpio 18
    Saturn 21 Aquarius 45

    Woody Allen:
    Borasisi 22 Scorpio 09 in the 3rd
    Moon 24 Aquarius 06

    George Arliss:
    Borasisi 25 Leo 27 R in the 8th
    Moon 24 Scorpio 31

    Borasisi 3 Cancer 02 R in the 8th
    Moon 2 Cap 17

    Pearl Bailey:
    Borasisi 27 Libra 50 R in the 6th
    Moon 28 Libra 16

    Loni Anderson:
    Borasisi 4 Sag 20 R barely in the 3rd
    IC 5 Sag 34
    Mercury 4 Sag 44
    Neptune 4 Libra 20

    Ed Asner:
    Borasisi 13 Scorpio 27 in the 1st
    South Node 12 Scorpio 12 S
    Mercury 15 Scorpio 38
    Vesta 13 Leo 37
    Chiron 11 Taurus 28

    Roberto Assagioli:
    Borasisi 19 Virgo 41 R in the 4th
    Mercury 18 Pisces 13 R
    Eris 17 Pisces 58

    Tracy Austin:
    Borasisi 1 Cap 09 in the 1st
    Mercury 29 Sag 34

    Felix Adler:
    Borasisi 8 Leo 23 11th
    Venus 6 Leo 55
    MC 7 Gem 59

    Alan Arkin:
    Borasisi 20 Scorpio 21 R in the 9th
    Venus 20 Aquarius 47

    Antinon Artaud:
    Borasisi 29 Virgo 21 in the 12th
    Venus 27 Virgo 47
    Vesta 28 Gemini 09

    Arthur Ashe:
    Borasisi 1 Sag 38 R in the 2nd
    Venus 2 Virgo 19
    Jupiter 2 Leo 06

    Sri Aurobindo:
    Borasisi 1 Virgo 10 in the 1st
    Venus 0 Virgo 35

    Jim Backus:
    Borasisi 21 Libra 36 R in the 7th
    Venus 22 Aries 22
    Neptune 23 Cancer 35 R

    Roseanne Barr:
    Borasisi 15 Sag 33 in the 10th
    Venus 15 Sag 25
    Ceres 16 Gemini 12 R

    Josephine Baker:
    Borasisi 10 Libra 46 R in the 2nd
    Neptune 9 Cancer 03
    Venus 9 Cancer 36
    Chiron 12 Aqu 34 R
    Sun 12 Gem 10

    Robert Altman:
    Borasisi 7 Scorpio 57 R in the 12th
    Mars 9 Taurus 31

    Cleveland Amory:
    Borasisi 25 Libra 37 in the 2nd
    Mars 23 Cancer 43

    Chuck Barris:
    Borasisi 11 Scorpio 54 R in the 1st
    Chiron 11 Taurus 56
    Ceres 13 Taurus 33
    Mars 12 Leo 26

    Brigitte Bardot:
    Borasisi 19 Scorpio 06 in the 11th
    Mars 18 Leo 06

    Bob Barker:
    Borasisi 5 Scorpio 59 in the 1st
    Asc 5 Scorpio 26
    Mars 5 Scorpio 23

    Don Adams:
    Borasisi 8 Sag 57 in the 10th
    Jupiter 7 Sag 31
    Sun 4 Sag 36

    Herb Alpert:
    Borasisi 21 Scorpio 43 R barely in the 3rd
    Jupiter 22 Scorpio 33 R
    IC 23 Scorpio 59
    Pluto 23 Cancer 50 R

    Julie Andrews:
    Borasisi 20 Scorpio 33 in the 2nd
    Jupiter 22 Scorpio 00

    Bernie Ashman:
    Borasisi 8 Sag 52 in the 9th
    Jupiter 6 Sag 52

    F. Lee Bailey:
    Borasisi 17 Sco 30 R in the 7th almost 8th
    Saturn 16 Aquarius 13 R

    Fred Astaire:
    Borasisi 2 Libra 05 R in the 10th
    MC 1 Libra 54

    Patch Adams:
    Borasisi 5 Sag 31 R barely in the 7th
    Asc 6 Sag 21
    Sun 7 Gemin 15

    Rosanna Arquette:
    Borasisi 25 Sag 16 R
    Asc 24 Sag 32

    Frankie Avalon:
    Borasisi 25 Scorpio 56 in the 12th
    Asc 26 Scorpio 39

    Walter H. Annenberg:
    Borasisi 14 Libra 42 R in the 3rd
    Ceres 14 Libra 50 R
    Neptune 12 Cancer 06
    Uranus 16 Cancer 16

    Click here for a BORASISI EPHEMERIS for 1900-2020.


    I love the name of this one! Wonder if it has anything to do with Chaos theory?

    Minor planet 19521 was discovered on November 19, 1998 and was originally designated 1998 WH24. It has an orbit of 309.1006 years, reaches perihelion at 40.9264 AU, and aphelion at 50.5041. (Funny, you'd think with a name like Chaos it would have a more elliptical orbit!)

    Chaos derives from the Greek language and typically refers to unpredictability. In the metaphysical sense, it is the opposite of Law: unrestrictive, both creative and destructive.

    However, the original Greek worder did not mean "disorder" in classical-period Ancient Greece. It meant "the primal emptiness, Space". It is derived from the Indo-European root ghn or ghen meaning "gape, be wide open": compare "chasm" (from Greek), and Anglo-Saxon gānian (= "yawn"), geanian, ginian (= "gape wide"); see also Old Norse Ginnunga gap. Due to people misunderstanding early Christian uses of the word, the meaning of the word changed to "disorder".

    An oft-made assumption is that the metaphysical Chaos is Evil and that Law is Good, however it should be noted these are different concepts, and it is quite possible for Chaos to be Good and Law be Evil. One example of this would be the story of Robin Hood, or the real-life world examples of oppressive governments and dictatorships being thrown off by freedom fighters.

    Chaos (also 'Khaos')is also the primordial substance from which the universe sprang in Greek mythology.

    Mark Andrew Holmes has some thoughts on Chaos:

    At its discovery, Chaos was located at 26 Taurus 34 R.

    Click here for a CHAOS EPHEMERIS for 1900-2020.


    Minor planet 53311, Deucalion, was discovered April 18, 1999, and was originally designated 1999 HU11. It has an orbit of 295.5395 years, and its orbit is more round than that of Chaos, with perihelion at 41.5791 AU and aphelion at 44.3683 AU.

    In Greek mythology, Deucalion, or Deukalion ("new-wine sailor") was the son of Prometheus and Clymene or Celaeno.

    When the wrath of Zeus was ignited against the whole of the Pelasgians, the original pre-Hellenic inhabitants of Greece, Zeus decided to bring an end to the Golden Age with the Great Deluge. Zeus was appalled that these people were practicing cannibalism, and sacrificing humans to him, especially young boys. So Zeus was set upon loosing a deluge which would wash everything clean.

    Deucalion had been forewarned by his father Prometheus (who, being the god who took a particular liking to man, had a penchant for trying to help mankind avoid destruction), and so Deucalion's plan to build an ark and provision it carefully (no animals are rescued in this version of the Flood myth), so that when the waters receded after nine days, he and his wife Pyrrha, daughter of Epimetheus, were the one surviving pair of humans. Their ark touched solid ground on Mount Parnassus or Mount Etna or Mount Athos or Mount Othrys in Thessaly -- it depends whose version one is reading.

    Once the deluge was over and the couple had given thanks to Zeus, Deucalion consulted an oracle of Themis about how to repopulate the earth. He was told to cover your head and throw the bones of your mother behind your shoulder. Deucalion and Pyrrha understood that "mother" is Gaia, the mother of all living things, and the "bones" to be rocks. They threw the rocks behind their shoulders and the stones formed people. Pyrrha's became women; Deucalion's became men. Deucalion and Pyrrha had at least two children, Hellen and Protogenea, and possibly a third, Amphictyon (who is autochthonous in other traditions). Deucalion's parallels with Noah and with Utnapishtim, the survivor of the Sumerian Flood that is told in the Epic of Gilgamesh, are even clearer in the wine subtext in this myth. Though Deucalion is no longer allowed to be the inventor of wine as Noah still is, his name gives away his secret: deucos + halieus "new wine sailor". His wife, named "wine-red", just happens to be the sister of Ariadne who mothered with Dionysus, several wine-making progenitors of Aegean tribes.


    These people were all born with
    Sun conjunct Deucalion
    within 2 degrees or less:

    Deucalion Sun
    Lola Jean Albright 27 Can 30 27 Can 18
    Kristian Joy Alfonso 11 Vir 25 12 Vir 13
    Tom Berger 27 Can 30 27 Can 41
    Ingmar Bergman 20 Can 52 21 Can 13
    Norman Blunsdon 17 Can 33 18 Can 22
    James Boehrer 16 Can 26 17 Can 02
    Helen Caldicott 13 Leo 04 13 Leo 42
    Peter Carderelli 26 Leo 31 26 Leo 18
    Father Celestin 7 Leo 26 5 Leo 33
    Ann B Connally 5 Vir 41 6 Vir 39
    Francesco Cossiga 1 Leo 57 3 Leo 44
    Clara Darr 14 Can 14 15 Can 29
    Derek Enright 9 Leo 42 9 Leo 04
    Rene Goodale 0 Leo 48 0 Leo 42
    Muriel Grey 5 Vir 41 6 Vir 47
    Scott Hamilton 5 Vir 38 4 Vir 35
    Debbi Henderson 10 Vir 15 10 Vir 56
    Darryl Hickman 5 Leo 14 4 Leo 30
    Micahel Jackson 5 Vir 39 5 Vir 50
    Norman Jewison 29 Can 40 28 Can 10
    Wynne Jordan 1 Vir 04 0 Vir 45
    Alex Katz 0 Leo 49 0 Leo 51
    Richard D. Lamm 9 Leo 43 10 Leo 17
    Carmen Longo 23 Leo 07 22 Leo 21
    Peter Lorre 5 Can 17 3 Can 57
    Iris Love 7 Leo 31 8 Leo 59
    James S. Mackin 6 Leo 23 7 Leo 18
    William David Madel 13 Leo 03 13 Leo05
    Steve Martin 20 Leo 54 21 Leo 16
    Elmo Mays 13 Can 06 13 Can 05
    George McGovern 25 Can 18 25 Can 53
    Peter McIntyre 11 Can 58 11 Can 13
    Virginia McKinney 0 Leo 48 0 Leo 40
    Gian Carlo Menotti 13 Can 07 14 Can 01
    Iris Murdoch 21 Can 57 21 Can 44
    Stavros S. Niarchos 10 Can 53 10 Can 51
    George Orwell 4 Can 10 2 Can 29
    Stephen Peck 22 Leo 02 23 Leo 05
    Phranc 4 Vir 32 5 Vir 28
    Georges Pompidou 13 Can 04 12 Can 09
    John G. Rangos 3 Leo 03 4 Leo 08
    Suzie Rheingold 19 Leo 44 18 Leo 37
    Nora Ricci 27 Can 29 26 Can 54
    Graham Riddick 2 Vir 13 2 Vir 35
    Luciana Rothberg 10 Vir 15 10 Vir 33
    Robert Ryan 19 Leo 47 20 Leo 57
    Susan Saint James 22 Leo 00 21 Leo 44
    Claude Sarraute 0 Leo 48 0 Leo 41
    Anthony Sarro 11 Vir 24 11 Vir 36
    Richard Sharpe 1 Vir 03 29 Leo 57
    Matthew Sloan 5 Vir 40 6 Vir 25
    Rabindranath Tagore 16 Tau 05 16 Tau 18
    Marlene Thompson 7 Leo 29 7 Leo 23
    Jerry Van Dyke 5 Leo 13 3 Leo 43
    Jimmy Webb 22 Leo 01 22 Leo 08
    Wim Wenders 20 Leo 53 20 Leo 45
    Anne Whitaker 23 Leo 08 22 Leo 33
    Shirley Williams 4 Leo 07 3 Leo 21
    Steve Wright 5 Vir 41 7 Vir 02
    Andrew Wyeth 19 Can 44 19 Can 19
    Prince of Japan Yasuhito 3 Can 05 2 Can 26

    These people were all born with
    Moon conjunct Deucalion
    within 2 degrees or less:

    Deucalion Moon
    George Orwell 4 Can 10 2 Can 17
    Debra Paget 7 Leo 56 7 Leo 28
    Ron Jaecks 2 Vir 55 2 Vir 24
    Anne Morro Lindbergh 7 Can22 8 Can15

    These people were all born with
    Mercury conjunct Deucalion
    within 1 degree or less:

    Deucalion Mercury
    Andy Warhol 2 Leo 12 3 Leo 09
    Belinda Jo Carlisle 5 Vir 23 4 Vir 36
    Benjamin Stanton Gage 25 Leo 07 24 Leo 28
    Bill Berry 4 Vir 59 4 Vir 28
    Brian Sweeney 10 Vir 49 11 Vir 39
    Carolyn Campbell 0 Vir 07 0 Vir 36
    Cindy Williams 23 Leo 17 22 Leo 48
    Clarence Carvalho 28 Can 12 27 Can 51
    David McGillivray 1 Vir 02 0 Vir 32
    Debra Paget 7 Leo 56 7 Leo 41
    Elizabeth Dole 10 Leo 42 11 Leo 41
    Father Celestin 7 Leo 26 7 Leo 47
    Gary Dunford 13 Leo 31 13 Leo 44
    Ingrid Sell, PhD 4 Vir 59 4 Vir 16
    Jeffrey A. Mallett 11 Vir 53 12 Vir 28
    Jerry Rubin 12 Leo 32 12 Leo 56
    John William Chancellor 0 Leo 34 29 Can 55
    Mack Truesdale 27 Leo 02 27 Leo 05
    Mary E. Choate 5 Leo 50 6 Leo 28
    Peggy Lipton 22 Leo 22 23 Leo 06
    Ray Morris 1 Leo 15 1 Leo 31
    Richard Secord 5 Leo 50 6 Leo 26
    Ron Jaecks 2 Vir 55 3 Vir 13
    Sally Harrington 9 Leo 47 8 Leo 47
    Shirley Fry 0 Leo 16 0 Leo 57
    Stephan Connally 7 Vir 00 6 Vir 24
    Steve Carell 9 Vir 49 10 Vir 01
    Tem Tarriktar 2 Vir 55 2 Vir 48
    Thomas Seers 14 Leo 20 13 Leo 59
    Tom Fleming 0 Leo 14 0 Leo 18
    Verna Bradley 29 Leo 10 28 Leo 45
    Vesna Vulovic 25 Leo 07 25 Leo 00
    Whitney Houston 10 Vir 58 10 Vir 15
    William Coblentz 25 Can 32 24 Can 55
    Madonna 5 Vir 21 5 Vir 39

    These people were all born with
    Venus conjunct Deucalion
    within 1 degree or less:

    Deucalion Venus
    Dana Allman 13 Vir 30 13 Vir 33
    Milton Berle 10 Can 00 9 Can 50
    Michael Russell Brown 26 Leo 37 25 Leo 59
    Johnny Dean 26 Leo 37 26 Leo 17
    Elaine Donahue 0 Vir 08 29 Leo 57
    Kat Duff 28 Leo 29 28 Leo 21
    Thomas Eagleton 3 Leo 54 4 Leo 34
    Margaret Eden 0 Leo 17 29 Can 28
    Kathleen Freeman 11 Vir 21 11 Vir 00
    Farley Granger 28 Can 09 28 Can 25
    Roy Hertz 10 Can 33 11 Can 12
    Daniel Inouye 28 Can 32 29 Can 02
    Julie Kavner 26 Leo 58 27 Leo 32
    Joseph Kennedy Jr 17 Can 52 18 Can 11
    Otto Kerner 10 Can 44 11 Can 14
    Carol Lawrence 7 Leo 24 7 Leo 01
    Dennis Lehane 12 Vir 58 12 Vir 43
    Marvin Lemons 8 Leo 40 7 Leo 51
    Charles Lindbergh III 3 Leo 21 4 Leo 11
    Eric Lomax 20 Can 59 20 Can 06
    Louise Mandrell 0 Vir 09 0 Vir 35
    Sam Mitchell 11 Vir 21 10 Vir 29
    George Montgomery 19 Can 39 19 Can 11
    Moon Moore 24 Leo 46 24 Leo 47
    Gurudev Muktananda Baba 8 Can 46 8 Can 33
    Yves Navarre 16 Leo 17 15 Leo 59
    Web Parker 0 Leo 18 0 Leo 46
    Adam Poirer 7 Vir 46 7 Vir 15
    Jean Marie Prat 26 Can 40 27 Can 05
    Robert L. Purdum 8 Leo 41 8 Leo 22
    Robin Quivers 28 Leo 29 28 Leo 01
    Martha Raye 19 Can 39 19 Can 42
    Duchess of York Sarah 7 Vir 48 8 Vir 20
    Willy Schneider 3 Can 18 2 Can 44
    Thomas Seers 14 Leo 20 15 Leo 16
    Morris K. Udall 24 Can 33 25 Can 18
    Michael Vrontakis 13 Vir 30 14 Vir 00
    Suzanne Whyte Azar 5 Vir 49 6 Vir 33

    These people were all born with
    Mars conjunct Deucalion
    within 1 degree or less:

    Deucalion Mars
    Frank Abagnale 22 Leo 44 22 Leo 36
    Amadeo Amadei 24 Can 24 25 Can 04
    Tom Bachman 24 Leo 39 24 Leo 30
    Richard Carlson 12 Can 54 13 Can 30
    Henri Cartan 5 Can 35 5 Can 33
    Philip Crane 5 Leo 39 6 Leo 07
    Nathuram Godse 10 Can 59 10 Can 42
    Betty Graham 26 Can 09 25 Can 43
    David Hefner 2 Vir 20 2 Vir 22
    Noor Inayat Khan 15 Can38 16 Can 11
    Mary Jo Kopechne 14 Leo 59 14 Leo 48
    Gary Kurtz 15 Leo 01 15 Leo 24
    Richard Lamparski 7 Leo 41 8 Leo 37
    William Henry Lancaster 24 Leo 39 24 Leo 25
    Anne Morrow Lindbergh 7 Can22 7 Can 12
    Samuel Mesquita 9 Can 11 9 Can 32
    Kate Millet 9 Leo 34 9 Leo 47
    Edmund Muskie 14 Can 54 14 Can 54
    Benjamin Netanyahu 26 Leo 40 26 Leo 41
    John Norquist 26 Leo 41 27 Leo 29
    Isabel Peron 4 Leo 31 3 Leo 43
    Troy Perry 15 Leo 01 15 Leo 43
    Bernadette Peters 23 Leo 25 23 Leo 32
    Katherine Pierce 7 Vir 59 7 Vir 47
    Odette Sansome 12 Can 53 12 Can 28
    Bob Shafran 7 Vir 59 7 Vir 51
    Bob Shell 4 Vir 13 4 Vir 52
    Jean K Shepherd 24 Can 24 25 Can 14
    Eleanor Simmons 12 Can 53 13 Can 11
    Sting 28 Leo 35 28 Leo 09
    Peter Sutcliffe 20 Leo 37 20 Leo 17
    Edith Wangemann 20 Can 46 21 Can 24
    Gary Webb 2 Vir 21 2 Vir 51
    Joanne Wickenburg 18 Leo 42 19 Leo 09
    Mary Frances Wood 27 Can 59 28 Can 50
    Charles Ziegler 4 Leo 31 3 Leo 44

    These people were all born with
    Jupiter conjunct Deucalion
    within 1 degree or less:

    Deucalion Jupiter
    Jim S Abrahams 18 Leo 14 18 Leo 12
    Pete Chilcutt 17 Vir 19 17 Vir 36
    Bob Christian 18 Leo 14 18 Leo 14
    Vera Colombo 5 Leo 32 5 Leo 19
    Doris Cross 8 Can 29 8 Can 20
    William B. Ginsberg 18 Leo 38 18 Leo 38
    Antonia Lamb 19 Leo 44 19 Leo 54
    Bob Land 18 Leo 14 18 Leo 10
    Tom Laughlin 5 Leo 33 5 Leo 28
    Graham Lyle 18 Leo 39 18 Leo 39
    Bill Manhoff 21 Can 30 21 Can 38
    Judith Richardson 18 Leo 40 18 Leo 45
    Marian Talley 8 Can 29 8 Can 21
    Bernie Williams 17 Vir 18 17 Vir 23

    This person was born with
    Saturn conjunct Deucalion
    within 1 degree or less:

    Deucalion Saturn
    Olivia DeHavilland 18 Can 24 18 Can 35

    These people were born with
    Uranus conjunct Deucalion
    within 1 degree or less:

    Deucalion Uranus
    Dana Allman 13 Vir 30 13 Vir 04
    Dr Dre 13 Vir 22 13 Vir 21
    Dennis Lehane 12 Vir 58 13 Vir 10
    Federica Moro 13 Vir 21 13 Vir 17
    J. K. Rowling 12 Vir 52 12 Vir 54
    Michael Vrontakis 13 Vir 30 13 Vir 05
    Andrea Zorzi 12 Vir 49 12 Vir 47

    Mark Andrew Holmes designed the above symbol for Deucalion, and has written a bit about it at

    At its discovery, Deucalion was located at 24 Libra 06 R

    Click here for a DEUCALION EPHEMERIS for 1900-2020.


    On the 3rd of February 1997, a team of astronomers working together in Hawaii discovered a new body that was initially designated 1997 CS29, and eventually given the number 79360. But it was not until several years later, at the beginning of 2012, that it was officially named Sila-Nunam.

    The hyphen in its name is there because this is not a single body, but a pair of objects orbiting around a common center, or what is now called a Binary System. One of these was named Sila and the other Nunam.


    The Inuit (also called Eskimo) are people living in the far northern regions of Canada, the US state of Alaska, and on the other side of what might once have been the Bering Strait Land Bridge, Siberia and Greenland.

    Sedna was their sea-goddess. But they also believed deeply in another pair of beings.

    They believed the earth-goddess Nunam created the land animals and, some say, humans as well. She is often pictured as wearing a coat that reaches to her knees and from which hang living miniatures of all land animals she has created. She is a goddess of fertility, gestation and childbirth. The Musk-Ox, a very important creature for the Inuit's survival, was said to have been born from eggs that were deep inside Nunam's body.

    Her husband, Sila, was the god of weather, especially the winds, and also the god of the life-force, which he breathed into Nunam's creations to bring them to life. (The life force was said to come from Sila and flow back into Sila after death.) Since telling tales, and making music with one's voice, also required breathing, Sila was also seen as the god of music (especially singing), storytelling, and other creative inspiration. Edmond Carpenter wrote, in his book "Eskimo Realities", "In Eskimo, the word 'to make poetry' is the word 'to breathe', both are derivatives of anerca - the soul, that which is eternal, the breath of life." Shamans received their creative inspiration and abilities from Sila as well.


    Sila-Nunam has an orbit of about 288.1713 years, which is just a little longer than Pluto's. The two bodies in fact can seem to keep pace with each other for centuries. I ran the aspects between Pluto and Sila-Nunam all the way back to the year 1400, and they were never in conjunction. They were in opposition 3 times during 1478-1479, and have not opposed each other since. But between 1761 and 1765 they exactly squared each other 11 times; between 1867 and 1877 they made 23 exact squares; and then another 11 squares from 1960 to 1965.

    It has an orbital eccentricity of 0.00837059. That's pretty circular, considering a circle would be 0 and a straight line would be 1. For this reason its perihelion of 43.449 AU is not much different to its aphelion of 44.43. The inclination to the ecliptic is 2.25612.

    On 9 January 2012 the pair was officially named Sila-Nunam.

    The two bodies are almost identical in size. Sila is approximately 243 km in diameter and Nunam is 230 km. Sila-Nunam is very red in visible light, by the way.


    I didnt catch it at first.the fact that Sila and Nunam were a couple. But when I read that it is a binary system with one body masculine, the other feminine, I realized that whatever influence Sila-Nunam has, one can probably expect some type of duality....a yin yang.

    I was thinking of Silas connection to the breath of life, when he breathed into Nunams creations, the animals. And I could not help thinking of the chi or ki, the life force that is so much a part of Asian philosophies, and how proper breathing is necessary to balance the Yin and Yang within. Tao Yin is the name of a Taoist Respiration Therapy. Respiration therapy has long been a well-known art in ancient China, and it was adopted by the Taoists, not only for its therapeutic qualities, but also because it was realized that everything within nature has to breathe to survive, so truly 'breath is life'. Perhaps there is a strong Sila-Nunam who excel at playing the aboriginal musical instrument, the Didgeridoo, that requires a form of circular breathing.

    Sila-Nunam's discovery degree was 23 Cancer 34 R. The Sabian Symbol for that degree is "A Woman And Two Men Castaways On A Small Island Of The South Seas."

    Click here for a SILA-NUNAM EPHEMERIS for 1900-2020.


    . D
    The 2000th minor Planet, Varuna, was originally designated 2000 WR106 when it was discovered on November 28, 2000. It has an orbit of 283.20 years, a perihelion of 40.915 AU, and an aphelion of 45.335 AU. It has a diameter of about 560 miles.

    Varuna was discovered in the year 2000, but it was seen in 1953, although it was not recognized at the time.

    Russian astrologer Denis Kutalyov indicates that the Kuiper Belt may be seen as a sort of boundary of what is knowable; the multiplicity of objects in this region therefore suggests that the doors to the mystery beyond are legion. He further states that Varuna in particular may be seen as conferring notoriety, not to say infamy, and immortality in the sense of renown.

    Interestingly, it was discovered during a very strange event in US history: a US election where the results where hotly contested, and where no one knew for sure who was going to be president for days past the election. (Astrologer Jerome Armstrong has noted that the GOP has its natal Varuna at 19 Sagittarius, conjunct George W. Bush's South Node, which Pluto is currently transiting).

    It is named after the Hindu god Varuna, the oldest of the vedic (Hindu) deities, the maker and upholder of heaven and the earth. (In Vedism, god of the night sky who with his thousand eyes watches over human conduct and judges good and evil and punishes evildoers; often considered king of the Hindu gods and frequently paired with Mitra as an upholder of the world.) "He knows the pathway of the wind" (Rig Veda, the oldest of the Vedas and the oldest book in Sanskrit). Varuna is the merciful, supportive, and heavenly king of both the gods and humans who controls the physical order of the universe....Keeper of Divine Order, Lord of the Cosmos. He expresses physical power in battle and pro-creative vigor as he upholds cosmic law and a path of order. Omnipotent and omniscient, an enforcer of contracts who punished mortals who did not keep their word, he was also a Lord of the Dead who could confer immortality.

    Check out these other pages for more insight into Varuna:

    Nick Anthony Firenza's Varuna page

    Denis Kutalyov's Varuna: Angel or Demon

    Mark Andrew Holmes Varuna page

    When Varuna was discovered, it was at 10 Cancer 29 R

    Click here for a VARUNA EPHEMERIS for 1900-2020.


    D .
    The 5000th minor planet, Quaoar (pronounced kwah-o-wahr), was discovered June 4, 2002, and was originally classified as 2002 LM60. The discovery was announced to the world on October 7, 2002. It has an orbit of 285.97 years, reaches perihelion at 41.914 AU, and aphelion at 44.896 AU.) The wonder of this is that it actually does have a nearly circular orbit...a rarity in this solar system. It is over half the diameter of Pluto....800 miles.

    Quaoar was named for a Native American god worshipped by the Tongva people as a creation deity of the Tongva people. (The Tongva are native to the area around Los Angeles, California.) According to legend, Quaoar "came down from heaven; and, after reducing chaos to order, laid out the world on the back of seven giants. He then created the lower animals, and then mankind."

    According to Tongva mythology, Quaoar sings and dances the world and other deities into existence.

    At the time of its discovery, Quaoar was conjunct the fixed star Antares, the brightest star in the constellation Scorpio. DeVore states that this star has the name Watcher of the West, and can be malevolent, destructive, subject to rash impulses, headtrong obtinancy.......but can also be a sign of honor and good fortune. It will be interesting to see how this plays out as we learn the nature of Quaoar.

    Check out these other pages for more insight into Quaoar:

    Nick Anthony Firenza's Quaoar page

    Mark Andrew Holmes has designed the Quaoar symbol on the right, and has written about it at

    Lynn Koiner has written an article well worth reading on this body: Quaoar, the Centaur of Transformation

    Discovery position was 10 Sagittarius 10 R.
    It was announced to the world when it was 9 Sagittarius 35.

    Click here for a QUAOAR EPHEMERIS for 1900-2020.


    OK, what exactly is an Oort Object? Well, first, you need to understand what the Oort Cloud is.

    The Oort Cloud is a spherical cloud of comets situated about 50,000 to 100,000 AU from the Sun. This is approximately 1000 times the distance from the Sun to Pluto or roughly one light year, almost a quarter of the distance from the Sun to Proxima Centauri, the star nearest the Sun. The Oort cloud has its inner disk at the ecliptic from the Kuiper belt. It is believed to be the source of most or all comets entering the inner solar system (some short-period comets may come from the Kuiper belt), based on observations of the orbits of comets. The Oort cloud is believed to be a remnant of the original nebula that collapsed to form the Sun and planets five billion years ago, and is loosely bound to the solar system.

    Oort Objects are also known as Detached Objects, Extended Scattered Disk Objects (E-SDO), Distant Detached Objects (DDO) or Scattered-Extended. These are bodies with a perihelion too far away from Neptune to be significantly influenced by it, and so appear to be "detached" from the solar system. Eight other bodies have so far been placed in this classification, but only Sedna so far has been named. Sedna is most likely the largest of these, and for awhile was the one known to go the furthest out. But at least one other, as yet unnamed, goes even further outward: #87269. (2000 OO67). More on this in a bit. Here are a few of the other known Oort Objects:

    • 148209 (2000 CR105)
    • 48639 (1995 TL8)
    • 82075 (2000 YW134)
    • 2003 FZ129
    • 2003 QK91
    • 2003 UY291
    • 2004 XR190
    • 145480 (2005 TB190)


    . D . B
    Sedna, minor planet #90377, is totally amazing. Its orbit (76 AU at perihelion, 928 AU at aphelion), have led some to speculate that it is the planet Nibiru spoken of by author Zechariah Sitchen. It may belong to an "inner" Oort cloud.

    If Sedna indeed belongs to the Oort cloud, this may mean that the Oort cloud is both denser and closer to the Sun than previously thought. This has been proposed as possible evidence that the Sun initially formed as part of a dense cluster of stars; with closer neighbors during Oort cloud formation, objects ejected by gas giants would have their orbits circularized closer to the Sun than was predicted for situations with more distant neighbors.

    We don't know the size yet, because it is too far out to be able to deduce. But its diameter should be approximately 995 miles. One thing they can tell us is that it is red in color and very shiny. It is said to be the reddest object in the Solar System after the planet Mars.

    Sedna was discovered by Mike Brown, Chad Trujillo, and David Rabinowitz on Nov. 14, 2003. (There's that Rabinowitz guy again!) The discovery was announced on March 15, 2004, and was originally designated 2003 VB12.

    Its discovery was the farthest distance at which any natural object in solar system has ever been observed. And...are you ready for this? Sedna's orbit takes about 10,706 years!!!!

    Sedna was named after the mythical Inuit goddess of the sea. It is said she was thrown into very cold Arctic waters by her father. Naming the faraway body Sedna seemed appropriate to its discoverers as the planetoid may be the coldest object in the Solar System.

    The Inuit are an aboriginal people on Earth living on fish and animals in northern Canada above the tree line in the Northwest Territories, and in Northern Quebec and Labrador.

    In Inuit mythology, Sedna is a sea goddess and master of the animals, especially mammals such as seals, of the ocean. She lives in and rules over Adlivun, the Inuit underworld.

    According to one myth, Sedna, similar to a mermaid, was the daughter of the creator-god Anguta and his wife. She is said to have been so huge and hungry that she ate everything in her parents' home, and even gnawed off one of her father's arms as he slept. According to some versions of the myth, she took a dog for her husband.

    Anguta was so angry that he threw her over the side of his canoe. She clung to its sides, whereupon he chopped her fingers off one by one until she let go. She sank to the underworld, becoming the queen of the monsters of the deep, and her huge fingers became the seals, sea-lions and whales hunted by the Inuit.

    Other tales assert that Sedna was a beautiful and chaste maiden who was innocently lured into marriage by an evil bird spirit. When her father tried to rescue her, the spirit became angry and caused a terrible storm which threatened the very survival of her people. In desperation, Sedna's father threw her into the raging sea.

    The varying legends each give different rationales for her death at the hands of her father. Sometimes she is the innocent victim, and sometimes she appears to deserve death as punishment for greed or some other evil. But all tales agree that she descended into the depths of the ocean and became the Goddess of Sea Creatures. As such she became a vital deity, eagerly worshipped by hunters who depended on her goodwill to supply food.

    At its discovery, Sedna was at 17 Tau 58 R
    And when it was announced to the world, its postion was 17 Tau 40

    Check out these other pages for more insight into Sedna:

    Kim Falconer's page, Discover The Astrology Of Sedna

    Nick Anthony Firenza's Sedna page

    Mark Andrew Holmes' Sedna page:

    Richard Brown's Sedna page

    And if you go on the Astrology Now website, you can download a copy of Barbara Schermer's article, Sedna: Goddess For Our Time

    Click here for a monthly SEDNA EPHEMERIS for 1900-2020.

    But because is such a slow mover, here is also a yearly ephemeris for 1701-1900, at 0 hrs UT:

    Jan 1 1701 NS 06Pi07' -0320'
    Jan 1 1702 NS 06Pi13' -0321'
    Jan 1 1703 NS 06Pi19' -0322'
    Jan 1 1704 NS 06Pi25' -0323'
    Jan 1 1705 NS 06Pi31' -0324'
    Jan 1 1706 NS 06Pi38' -0325'
    Jan 1 1707 NS 06Pi44' -0326'
    Jan 1 1708 NS 06Pi50' -0327'
    Jan 1 1709 NS 06Pi56' -0328'
    Jan 1 1710 NS 07Pi03' -0330'
    Jan 1 1711 NS 07Pi09' -0331'
    Jan 1 1712 NS 07Pi15' -0332'
    Jan 1 1713 NS 07Pi22' -0333'
    Jan 1 1714 NS 07Pi28' -0334'
    Jan 1 1715 NS 07Pi34' -0335'
    Jan 1 1716 NS 07Pi40' -0336'
    Jan 1 1717 NS 07Pi47' -0337'
    Jan 1 1718 NS 07Pi53' -0338'
    Jan 1 1719 NS 07Pi59' -0340'
    Jan 1 1720 NS 08Pi06' -0341'
    Jan 1 1721 NS 08Pi12' -0342'
    Jan 1 1722 NS 08Pi18' -0343'
    Jan 1 1723 NS 08Pi25' -0344'
    Jan 1 1724 NS 08Pi31' -0345'
    Jan 1 1725 NS 08Pi38' -0346'
    Jan 1 1726 NS 08Pi45' -0348'
    Jan 1 1727 NS 08Pi52' -0349'
    Jan 1 1728 NS 08Pi58' -0350'
    Jan 1 1729 NS 09Pi05' -0351'
    Jan 1 1730 NS 09Pi12' -0352'
    Jan 1 1731 NS 09Pi19' -0353'
    Jan 1 1732 NS 09Pi25' -0355'
    Jan 1 1733 NS 09Pi32' -0356'
    Jan 1 1734 NS 09Pi39' -0357'
    Jan 1 1735 NS 09Pi45' -0358'
    Jan 1 1736 NS 09Pi52' -0359'
    Jan 1 1737 NS 09Pi59' -0401'
    Jan 1 1738 NS 10Pi06' -0402'
    Jan 1 1739 NS 10Pi13' -0403'
    Jan 1 1740 NS 10Pi19' -0404'
    Jan 1 1741 NS 10Pi27' -0405'
    Jan 1 1742 NS 10Pi33' -0407'
    Jan 1 1743 NS 10Pi40' -0408'
    Jan 1 1744 NS 10Pi47' -0409'
    Jan 1 1745 NS 10Pi55' -0410'
    Jan 1 1746 NS 11Pi02' -0412'
    Jan 1 1747 NS 11Pi09' -0413'
    Jan 1 1748 NS 11Pi16' -0414'
    Jan 1 1749 NS 11Pi23' -0415'
    Jan 1 1750 NS 11Pi31' -0417'
    Jan 1 1751 NS 11Pi38' -0418'
    Jan 1 1752 NS 11Pi45' -0419'
    Jan 1 1753 NS 11Pi52' -0420'
    Jan 1 1754 NS 11Pi59' -0422'
    Jan 1 1755 NS 12Pi07' -0423'
    Jan 1 1756 NS 12Pi14' -0424'
    Jan 1 1757 NS 12Pi21' -0426'
    Jan 1 1758 NS 12Pi28' -0427'
    Jan 1 1759 NS 12Pi36' -0428'
    Jan 1 1760 NS 12Pi43' -0429'
    Jan 1 1761 NS 12Pi51' -0431'
    Jan 1 1762 NS 12Pi59' -0432'
    Jan 1 1763 NS 13Pi06' -0433'
    Jan 1 1764 NS 13Pi14' -0435'
    Jan 1 1765 NS 13Pi22' -0436'
    Jan 1 1766 NS 13Pi29' -0437'
    Jan 1 1767 NS 13Pi37' -0439'
    Jan 1 1768 NS 13Pi45' -0440'
    Jan 1 1769 NS 13Pi53' -0441'
    Jan 1 1770 NS 14Pi00' -0443'
    Jan 1 1771 NS 14Pi08' -0444'
    Jan 1 1772 NS 14Pi16' -0445'
    Jan 1 1773 NS 14Pi24' -0447'
    Jan 1 1774 NS 14Pi31' -0448'
    Jan 1 1775 NS 14Pi39' -0450'
    Jan 1 1776 NS 14Pi47' -0451'
    Jan 1 1777 NS 14Pi55' -0452'
    Jan 1 1778 NS 15Pi03' -0454'
    Jan 1 1779 NS 15Pi11' -0455'
    Jan 1 1780 NS 15Pi19' -0457'
    Jan 1 1781 NS 15Pi27' -0458'
    Jan 1 1782 NS 15Pi36' -0459'
    Jan 1 1783 NS 15Pi44' -0501'
    Jan 1 1784 NS 15Pi52' -0502'
    Jan 1 1785 NS 16Pi01' -0504'
    Jan 1 1786 NS 16Pi09' -0505'
    Jan 1 1787 NS 16Pi18' -0507'
    Jan 1 1788 NS 16Pi26' -0508'
    Jan 1 1789 NS 16Pi34' -0509'
    Jan 1 1790 NS 16Pi43' -0511'
    Jan 1 1791 NS 16Pi51' -0512'
    Jan 1 1792 NS 16Pi59' -0514'
    Jan 1 1793 NS 17Pi08' -0515'
    Jan 1 1794 NS 17Pi16' -0517'
    Jan 1 1795 NS 17Pi25' -0518'
    Jan 1 1796 NS 17Pi34' -0520'
    Jan 1 1797 NS 17Pi43' -0521'
    Jan 1 1798 NS 17Pi51' -0523'
    Jan 1 1799 NS 18Pi00' -0524'
    Jan 1 1800 NS 18Pi09' -0526'
    Jan 1 1801 NS 18Pi18' -0527'
    Jan 1 1802 NS 18Pi27' -0529'
    Jan 1 1803 NS 18Pi36' -0530'
    Jan 1 1804 NS 18Pi45' -0532'
    Jan 1 1805 NS 18Pi54' -0533'
    Jan 1 1806 NS 19Pi03' -0535'
    Jan 1 1807 NS 19Pi12' -0537'
    Jan 1 1808 NS 19Pi21' -0538'
    Jan 1 1809 NS 19Pi31' -0540'
    Jan 1 1810 NS 19Pi40' -0541'
    Jan 1 1811 NS 19Pi49' -0543'
    Jan 1 1812 NS 19Pi58' -0544'
    Jan 1 1813 NS 20Pi08' -0546'
    Jan 1 1814 NS 20Pi17' -0548'
    Jan 1 1815 NS 20Pi26' -0549'
    Jan 1 1816 NS 20Pi36' -0551'
    Jan 1 1817 NS 20Pi45' -0552'
    Jan 1 1818 NS 20Pi55' -0554'
    Jan 1 1819 NS 21Pi05' -0556'
    Jan 1 1820 NS 21Pi15' -0557'
    Jan 1 1821 NS 21Pi25' -0559'
    Jan 1 1822 NS 21Pi35' -0600'
    Jan 1 1823 NS 21Pi44' -0602'
    Jan 1 1824 NS 21Pi54' -0604'
    Jan 1 1825 NS 22Pi04' -0605'
    Jan 1 1826 NS 22Pi14' -0607'
    Jan 1 1827 NS 22Pi24' -0609'
    Jan 1 1828 NS 22Pi34' -0610'
    Jan 1 1829 NS 22Pi44' -0612'
    Jan 1 1830 NS 22Pi54' -0614'
    Jan 1 1831 NS 23Pi05' -0616'
    Jan 1 1832 NS 23Pi15' -0617'
    Jan 1 1833 NS 23Pi25' -0619'
    Jan 1 1834 NS 23Pi36' -0621'
    Jan 1 1835 NS 23Pi46' -0622'
    Jan 1 1836 NS 23Pi57' -0624'
    Jan 1 1837 NS 24Pi07' -0626'
    Jan 1 1838 NS 24Pi18' -0628'
    Jan 1 1839 NS 24Pi29' -0629'
    Jan 1 1840 NS 24Pi40' -0631'
    Jan 1 1841 NS 24Pi50' -0633'
    Jan 1 1842 NS 25Pi01' -0635'
    Jan 1 1843 NS 25Pi12' -0636'
    Jan 1 1844 NS 25Pi23' -0638'
    Jan 1 1845 NS 25Pi34' -0640'
    Jan 1 1846 NS 25Pi46' -0642'
    Jan 1 1847 NS 25Pi57' -0644'
    Jan 1 1848 NS 26Pi08' -0645'
    Jan 1 1849 NS 26Pi19' -0647'
    Jan 1 1850 NS 26Pi30' -0649'
    Jan 1 1851 NS 26Pi41' -0651'
    Jan 1 1852 NS 26Pi53' -0653'
    Jan 1 1853 NS 27Pi04' -0655'
    Jan 1 1854 NS 27Pi16' -0656'
    Jan 1 1855 NS 27Pi28' -0658'
    Jan 1 1856 NS 27Pi40' -0700'
    Jan 1 1857 NS 27Pi52' -0702'
    Jan 1 1858 NS 28Pi04' -0704'
    Jan 1 1859 NS 28Pi16' -0706'
    Jan 1 1860 NS 28Pi28' -0708'
    Jan 1 1861 NS 28Pi40' -0710'
    Jan 1 1862 NS 28Pi52' -0711'
    Jan 1 1863 NS 29Pi04' -0713'
    Jan 1 1864 NS 29Pi16' -0715'
    Jan 1 1865 NS 29Pi28' -0717'
    Jan 1 1866 NS 29Pi41' -0719'
    Jan 1 1867 NS 29Pi53' -0721'
    Jan 1 1868 NS 00Ar06' -0723'
    Jan 1 1869 NS 00Ar18' -0725'
    Jan 1 1870 NS 00Ar31' -0727'
    Jan 1 1871 NS 00Ar44' -0729'
    Jan 1 1872 NS 00Ar56' -0731'
    Jan 1 1873 NS 01Ar09' -0733'
    Jan 1 1874 NS 01Ar22' -0735'
    Jan 1 1875 NS 01Ar36' -0737'
    Jan 1 1876 NS 01Ar49' -0739'
    Jan 1 1877 NS 02Ar02' -0741'
    Jan 1 1878 NS 02Ar16' -0743'
    Jan 1 1879 NS 02Ar29' -0745'
    Jan 1 1880 NS 02Ar43' -0747'
    Jan 1 1881 NS 02Ar56' -0749'
    Jan 1 1882 NS 03Ar10' -0751'
    Jan 1 1883 NS 03Ar24' -0753'
    Jan 1 1884 NS 03Ar38' -0755'
    Jan 1 1885 NS 03Ar51' -0757'
    Jan 1 1886 NS 04Ar05' -0759'
    Jan 1 1887 NS 04Ar19' -0801'
    Jan 1 1888 NS 04Ar33' -0803'
    Jan 1 1889 NS 04Ar47' -0805'
    Jan 1 1890 NS 05Ar02' -0808'
    Jan 1 1891 NS 05Ar16' -0810'
    Jan 1 1892 NS 05Ar31' -0812'
    Jan 1 1893 NS 05Ar46' -0814'
    Jan 1 1894 NS 06Ar00' -0816'
    Jan 1 1895 NS 06Ar15' -0818'
    Jan 1 1896 NS 06Ar30' -0820'
    Jan 1 1897 NS 06Ar45' -0822'
    Jan 1 1898 NS 07Ar01' -0825'
    Jan 1 1899 NS 07Ar16' -0827'
    Jan 1 1900 NS 07Ar31' -0829'
    Jan 1 1901 07Ar46' -0831'

    #87269 (2000 OO67)

    Sedna's discovery was amazing. Imagine a body that takes over 11,000 years to orbit the Sun. I thought I'd seen everything! That is, until the Cerro Tololo Observatory in Chile discovered, on July 29, 2000 , one with a 12,705 year orbit! If any body fits Sitchen's idea of Nibiru, it's got to be #87269. So I've nicknamed it Nibiru, at least until it gets an official name.

    Nibiru travels out more than 1068 AU from the Sun at aphelion. That's more than twice the distance Pluto gets when it is furthest out. But get this: when it is at its perihelion, it gets as close as 20.766 AU! That closer than Neptune or Pluto ever fact, that is almost to the orbit of Uranus, which at furthest out can reach 20.09 AU. One could even say that once one has stepped beyond the walls (Saturn) to explore the new and different (Uranus), this body is waiting as a bridge to take us to the furthest reaches of reality!

    We just recently witnessed its Perihelion April 18-19, 2005, approximately 24 Pisces 36. Pluto at that time was about 24 Sagittarius 22.

    Since it moves, relatively, so close to the Sun, and crosses the orbits of Neptune and Pluto, some astronomers have classed it as a Centaur. If it is a Centaur, it is a truly remarkable one! Its orbit has an eccentricity of 0.962. To put that in perspective, 0.0 would be a perfect circle, and 1.0 would be a straight line!

    Francesco Schiavinotto has been exploring this little body, and has found some intriguing people who had it in very close conjunction with their Sun:

    • Alfred Wegener had Sun 9 Scorpio 26 conjunct #87269 at 9 Scorpio 23. He is known for his theory of continental drift, and his book discussing earth's geological evolution led to the now well-established theory of plate tectonics. Imagine the type of mind that has no difficulty visualizing changes over perhaps hundreds of millions of years. He also was known for introducing the idea that the craters on the moon were not of volcanic origin, but rather, the result of meteor impact.
    • Giovanni Arduino (Caprino Veronese had it at 21 Libra 56, conjunct the Sun at 22 Libra 42. This gentleman was known as the "Father of Italian Geology." He is known for developing the first classification of the geological history of this planet, dividing it into four periods: Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, and Quaternary.
    • Oskar Barnack had it at 9 Scorpio 10, Sun 8 Scorpio 41. A mechancial genius, he also spearheaded the making of the first 35 millimeter camera for the general publc.

    I've collected a number of people with close conjunctions from Nibiru to one or more personal planets. I've grouped them according to the body that is in conjunction, or if they have multiple points in conjunction, the closest aspect decides which group. I've allowed a maximum orb of 1-1/2 degrees, although in a few cases wider orbs are included if the conjunctions are a part of a group or stellium. Click on their names and it will take you to biographical page for the person. If no house is listed, the time was unknown and I used Noon positions:


    • Ary Barroso - 14 Scorpio 14 conj. Sun 13 Scorpio 38 in the 2nd house
    • William Kininmonth - 14 Scorpio 30 conj. Sun 15 Scorpio 47 in the 8th house
    • Harry Torczyner - 16 Scorpio 03 conj. Sun 15 Scorpio 38, Mercury 13 Scorpio 25 and Venus 11 Scorpio 15 in the 4th house
    • Dana Gerhardt - 3 Sagittarius 51 conj. Sun 3 Sagittarius 45 and the IC 2 Sagittarius 59
    • Kim Rogers-Gallagher - 6 Sagittarius 32 conj. Sun 4 Sagittarius 11 and MC 8 Sagittarius 17
    • Howie Mandel - 5 Sagittarius 13 conj. Sun 6 Sagittarius 37 and Mercury 3 Sagittarius 50 in 11th house
    • Milla Jovovich - 24 Sagittarius 30 conj. Sun 25 Sagittarius 00 in the 6th house
    • Ilona Staller - 2 Sagittarius 37 conj. Sun 3 Sagittarius 04 in 1st house


    • Bruno Ducati - 14 Scorpio 28 conj. Sun 12 Scorpio 36 and Mercury 15 Scorpio 41 (noon chart)
    • Salvador Dali - 13 Scorpio 30 conj. Mercury 13 Scorpio 19 and North Node 13 Scorpio 37 in the 11th house
    • Andre Malraux - 13 Scorpio 44 conj. Mercury 13 Scorpio 02 and North Node 13 Scorpio 35 in the 7th house
    • Jack Oakie - 14 Scorpio 18 conj. Mercury 13 Scorpio 26 in the 1st house
    • Barbara H. Watters - 15 Scorpio 00 conj. Mercury 16 Scorpio 11 in the 4th house
    • Yves Brayer - 15 Scorpio 21 conj. Mercury 16 Scorpio 18 in the 11th house near 12th cusp
    • Pierre Dreyfus - 15 Scorpio 21 conj. Mercury 16 Scorpio 37 in the 3rd house
    • Henri-Geroges Clouzot - 15 Scorpio 23 conj. Mercury 14 Scorpio 25 in the 6th house
    • Alberto Moravia - 15 Scorpio 28 conj. Mercury 15 Scorpio 07 in the 1st house
    • Madeleine Sologne - 16 Scorpio 27 conj. Mercury 17 Scorpio 51 in the 1st house
    • Hetty P. de Boer-Jongkind - 2 Sagittarius 19 conj. Mercury 1 Sagittarius 44 in the 12th house
    • Lou Ferrigno - 2 Sagittarius 19 conj. Mercury 1 Sagittarius 34 in the 3rd house
    • Roseanne Barr - 2 Sagittarius 50 conj. Mercury 3 Sagittarius 20 in the 10th house
    • Kiefer Sutherland - 14 Sagittarius 27 conj. Mercury 13 Sagittarius 50 in the 11th house
    • Florence Griffith-Joyner - 8 Sagittarius 29 conj. Mercury 9 Sagittarius 37 (part of a stellium including Mars 12 Sagittarius 34 and Jupiter 16 Sagittarius 04) in the 3rd house


    • Ed Sullivan - 13 Scorpio 22 conj. Venus 13 Scorpio 22 and North Node 14 Scorpio 04. (Noon positions)
    • Enrico Fermi - 13 Scorpio 23 conj. Venus 14 Scorpio 01 and North Node 14 Scorpio 01 in the 7th house
    • Oliver Messiaen - 15 Scorpio 52 conj. Venus 15 Scorpio 22 in the 2nd house
    • George Brasno - 16 Scorpio 48 conj. Venus 16 Scorpio 15 in the 5th house. (also see George Brasno
    • Louise Bourgeois - 16 Scorpio 49 conj. Venus 17 Scorpio 58 in the 9th house
    • Kim Basinger - 4 Sagittarius 05 conj. Venus 3 Sagittarius 45 in the 10th house
    • LL Cool J - 15 Sagittarius 57 conj. Venus 15 Sagittarius 49 in the 4th house


    • Albert Dubout - 14 Scorpio 32 conj. Mars 15 Scorpio 15 in the 7th house
    • Joseph Cotten - 14 Scorpio 32 conj. Mars 15 Scorpio 07 in the 5th house
    • Henry Fonda - 14 Scorpio 31 conj. Mars 14 Scorpio 38 in the 2nd house
    • Leon Arnaud - 14 Scorpio 06 conj. Mars 13 Scorpio 54 and MC 14 Scorpio 59
    • Dennis Morgan - 15 Scorpio 57 conj. Mars 16 Scorpio 28 in the 8th house near 9th cusp
    • Pierre Mends France - 15 Scorpio 35 conj. Mars 15 Scorpio 11 in 7th house near 8th cusp
    • Waldemar Falco - 2 Sagittarius 07 conj. Mars 1 Sagittarius 41 in the 12th house
    • Jean-Marc Rouillan - 2 Sagittarius 07 conj. Mars 1 Sagittarius 47 in the 9th house
    • John Travolta - 4 Sagittarius 59 conj. Mars 4 Sagittarius 58 in the 5th house
    • Pat Ahearne - 17 Sagittarius 13 between MC 16 Sagittarius 50 and Sun 18 Sagittarius 36. See also Pat Ahearne


    • Vaughn Monroe - 15 Scorpio 58 conj. Jupiter 16 Scorpio 13 in the 7th house

    Francesco has suggested some keywords as a result of her research:

    Times/Ages Marker
    Evolutionary Steps/Stages
    Something rising from the Past
    Revelations coming from unknown / far frontiers
    Aging's Glories and Ruins
    Long ways without a return
    The Deeply Instructed Alerter
    Long Term Environmental Impact
    The Hope of the Centuries
    The Truth Seeker
    Freedom of the Individual Conscience
    Freedom of Thought
    Human Perfectability
    Modernisation of Ancient Methods

    It moved back and forth over the border between Libra and Scorpio from 1810-1816, and between Scorpio and Sagittarius from 1946-1948. 1979 saw it moving into Capricorn, 1992-1993 into Aquarius, 2000-2001 into Pisces (it was discovered at 0 Pisces 58 R), and 2006-2007 into Aries, where it is right now. On May 13, 2012, it crosses briefly into Taurus, returning to Aries on November 24. On February 11, 2013 it moves into Taurus again where it will stay until 2020. Clearly it's in the faster part of its orbit

    Click here for a monthly 87269 EPHEMERIS for 1900-2020. And, because it is so slow moving, here is also a yearly ephemeris for 1701-1900, at 0 hrs UT:

    Jan 1 1701 21Li18' +1759'
    Jan 1 1702 21Li21' +1800'
    Jan 1 1703 21Li25' +1800'
    Jan 1 1704 21Li29' +1800'
    Jan 1 1705 21Li32' +1801'
    Jan 1 1706 21Li36' +1801'
    Jan 1 1707 21Li40' +1802'
    Jan 1 1708 21Li44' +1802'
    Jan 1 1709 21Li48' +1803'
    Jan 1 1710 21Li52' +1803'
    Jan 1 1711 21Li56' +1803'
    Jan 1 1712 22Li00' +1804'
    Jan 1 1713 22Li04' +1804'
    Jan 1 1714 22Li08' +1805'
    Jan 1 1715 22Li12' +1805'
    Jan 1 1716 22Li15' +1806'
    Jan 1 1717 22Li19' +1806'
    Jan 1 1718 22Li23' +1806'
    Jan 1 1719 22Li27' +1807'
    Jan 1 1720 22Li31' +1807'
    Jan 1 1721 22Li35' +1808'
    Jan 1 1722 22Li39' +1808'
    Jan 1 1723 22Li43' +1809'
    Jan 1 1724 22Li47' +1809'
    Jan 1 1725 22Li51' +1810'
    Jan 1 1726 22Li56' +1810'
    Jan 1 1727 23Li00' +1811'
    Jan 1 1728 23Li04' +1811'
    Jan 1 1729 23Li08' +1811'
    Jan 1 1730 23Li12' +1812'
    Jan 1 1731 23Li17' +1812'
    Jan 1 1732 23Li21' +1813'
    Jan 1 1733 23Li25' +1813'
    Jan 1 1734 23Li29' +1814'
    Jan 1 1735 23Li33' +1814'
    Jan 1 1736 23Li38' +1815'
    Jan 1 1737 23Li42' +1815'
    Jan 1 1738 23Li46' +1816'
    Jan 1 1739 23Li50' +1816'
    Jan 1 1740 23Li54' +1817'
    Jan 1 1741 23Li59' +1817'
    Jan 1 1742 24Li03' +1817'
    Jan 1 1743 24Li08' +1818'
    Jan 1 1744 24Li12' +1818'
    Jan 1 1745 24Li17' +1819'
    Jan 1 1746 24Li21' +1819'
    Jan 1 1747 24Li26' +1820'
    Jan 1 1748 24Li30' +1820'
    Jan 1 1749 24Li35' +1821'
    Jan 1 1750 24Li40' +1821'
    Jan 1 1751 24Li44' +1822'
    Jan 1 1752 24Li49' +1822'
    Jan 1 1753 24Li53' +1823'
    Jan 1 1754 24Li58' +1823'
    Jan 1 1755 25Li02' +1824'
    Jan 1 1756 25Li07' +1824'
    Jan 1 1757 25Li12' +1825'
    Jan 1 1758 25Li16' +1825'
    Jan 1 1759 25Li21' +1826'
    Jan 1 1760 25Li26' +1826'
    Jan 1 1761 25Li30' +1827'
    Jan 1 1762 25Li35' +1827'
    Jan 1 1763 25Li40' +1828'
    Jan 1 1764 25Li45' +1828'
    Jan 1 1765 25Li50' +1829'
    Jan 1 1766 25Li55' +1829'
    Jan 1 1767 26Li00' +1830'
    Jan 1 1768 26Li05' +1830'
    Jan 1 1769 26Li10' +1831'
    Jan 1 1770 26Li15' +1831'
    Jan 1 1771 26Li20' +1832'
    Jan 1 1772 26Li25' +1832'
    Jan 1 1773 26Li30' +1833'
    Jan 1 1774 26Li35' +1833'
    Jan 1 1775 26Li40' +1834'
    Jan 1 1776 26Li45' +1834'
    Jan 1 1777 26Li50' +1835'
    Jan 1 1778 26Li55' +1836'
    Jan 1 1779 27Li00' +1836'
    Jan 1 1780 27Li06' +1837'
    Jan 1 1781 27Li11' +1837'
    Jan 1 1782 27Li17' +1838'
    Jan 1 1783 27Li22' +1838'
    Jan 1 1784 27Li27' +1839'
    Jan 1 1785 27Li33' +1839'
    Jan 1 1786 27Li38' +1840'
    Jan 1 1787 27Li44' +1840'
    Jan 1 1788 27Li49' +1841'
    Jan 1 1789 27Li55' +1842'
    Jan 1 1790 28Li00' +1842'
    Jan 1 1791 28Li06' +1843'
    Jan 1 1792 28Li11' +1843'
    Jan 1 1793 28Li17' +1844'
    Jan 1 1794 28Li22' +1844'
    Jan 1 1795 28Li28' +1845'
    Jan 1 1796 28Li34' +1845'
    Jan 1 1797 28Li40' +1846'
    Jan 1 1798 28Li45' +1846'
    Jan 1 1799 28Li51' +1847'
    Jan 1 1800 28Li57' +1848'
    Jan 1 1801 29Li03' +1848'
    Jan 1 1802 29Li09' +1849'
    Jan 1 1803 29Li15' +1849'
    Jan 1 1804 29Li21' +1850'
    Jan 1 1805 29Li27' +1850'
    Jan 1 1806 29Li34' +1851'
    Jan 1 1807 29Li40' +1851'
    Jan 1 1808 29Li46' +1852'
    Jan 1 1809 29Li52' +1853'
    Jan 1 1810 29Li58' +1853'
    Jan 1 1811 00Sc04' +1854'
    Jan 1 1812 00Sc10' +1854'
    Jan 1 1813 00Sc17' +1855'
    Jan 1 1814 00Sc23' +1855'
    Jan 1 1815 00Sc29' +1856'
    Jan 1 1816 00Sc36' +1857'
    Jan 1 1817 00Sc43' +1857'
    Jan 1 1818 00Sc49' +1858'
    Jan 1 1819 00Sc56' +1858'
    Jan 1 1820 01Sc03' +1859'
    Jan 1 1821 01Sc10' +1900'
    Jan 1 1822 01Sc16' +1900'
    Jan 1 1823 01Sc23' +1901'
    Jan 1 1824 01Sc30' +1901'
    Jan 1 1825 01Sc37' +1902'
    Jan 1 1826 01Sc44' +1903'
    Jan 1 1827 01Sc51' +1903'
    Jan 1 1828 01Sc58' +1904'
    Jan 1 1829 02Sc05' +1904'
    Jan 1 1830 02Sc12' +1905'
    Jan 1 1831 02Sc19' +1906'
    Jan 1 1832 02Sc26' +1906'
    Jan 1 1833 02Sc34' +1907'
    Jan 1 1834 02Sc41' +1908'
    Jan 1 1835 02Sc48' +1908'
    Jan 1 1836 02Sc56' +1909'
    Jan 1 1837 03Sc03' +1909'
    Jan 1 1838 03Sc11' +1910'
    Jan 1 1839 03Sc19' +1910'
    Jan 1 1840 03Sc27' +1911'
    Jan 1 1841 03Sc35' +1912'
    Jan 1 1842 03Sc43' +1912'
    Jan 1 1843 03Sc50' +1913'
    Jan 1 1844 03Sc58' +1914'
    Jan 1 1845 04Sc06' +1914'
    Jan 1 1846 04Sc14' +1915'
    Jan 1 1847 04Sc22' +1916'
    Jan 1 1848 04Sc30' +1916'
    Jan 1 1849 04Sc39' +1917'
    Jan 1 1850 04Sc47' +1917'
    Jan 1 1851 04Sc55' +1918'
    Jan 1 1852 05Sc04' +1919'
    Jan 1 1853 05Sc12' +1919'
    Jan 1 1854 05Sc21' +1920'
    Jan 1 1855 05Sc30' +1921'
    Jan 1 1856 05Sc39' +1921'
    Jan 1 1857 05Sc48' +1922'
    Jan 1 1858 05Sc57' +1922'
    Jan 1 1859 06Sc06' +1923'
    Jan 1 1860 06Sc15' +1924'
    Jan 1 1861 06Sc24' +1924'
    Jan 1 1862 06Sc33' +1925'
    Jan 1 1863 06Sc43' +1925'
    Jan 1 1864 06Sc52' +1926'
    Jan 1 1865 07Sc02' +1927'
    Jan 1 1866 07Sc11' +1927'
    Jan 1 1867 07Sc21' +1928'
    Jan 1 1868 07Sc31' +1929'
    Jan 1 1869 07Sc41' +1929'
    Jan 1 1870 07Sc50' +1930'
    Jan 1 1871 08Sc00' +1931'
    Jan 1 1872 08Sc11' +1931'
    Jan 1 1873 08Sc21' +1932'
    Jan 1 1874 08Sc32' +1932'
    Jan 1 1875 08Sc42' +1933'
    Jan 1 1876 08Sc53' +1934'
    Jan 1 1877 09Sc04' +1934'
    Jan 1 1878 09Sc15' +1935'
    Jan 1 1879 09Sc26' +1935'
    Jan 1 1880 09Sc37' +1936'
    Jan 1 1881 09Sc48' +1937'
    Jan 1 1882 09Sc59' +1937'
    Jan 1 1883 10Sc11' +1938'
    Jan 1 1884 10Sc22' +1938'
    Jan 1 1885 10Sc34' +1939'
    Jan 1 1886 10Sc46' +1940'
    Jan 1 1887 10Sc58' +1940'
    Jan 1 1888 11Sc10' +1941'
    Jan 1 1889 11Sc22' +1941'
    Jan 1 1890 11Sc35' +1942'
    Jan 1 1891 11Sc47' +1942'
    Jan 1 1892 12Sc00' +1943'
    Jan 1 1893 12Sc13' +1944'
    Jan 1 1894 12Sc26' +1944'
    Jan 1 1895 12Sc39' +1945'
    Jan 1 1896 12Sc52' +1945'
    Jan 1 1897 13Sc06' +1946'
    Jan 1 1898 13Sc20' +1946'
    Jan 1 1899 13Sc34' +1947'
    Jan 1 1900 13Sc48' +1947'


    Beginning just past the outer edge of the Kuiper Belt begins the range of a group of icy objects called Scattered Disk Objects, or SDO's. Eris, the biggest of these, has been classified a Dwarf Planet. This range is from about 3 billion miles to at least 20 billion and possibly as much as 90 billion miles from the Sun. Most astronomers believe that these bodies came from the Kuiper belt, but a close encounter with Neptune caused their ejection. Most periodic comets, these astronomers say, originated in the scattered disk area. And most Centaurs could be an intermediary stage for these bodies, after being ejected from the Kuiper belt, but before they head in towards the Sun as comets. (For this reason, most astronomical sites list Centaurs and SDO's in the same table.) The orbits of SDO's are wild and random, with large orbital eccentricities and large inclinations to the ecliptic.

    On January 20, 2006, the Hubble Space Telescope was aimed at the Centaur #42355 (2002 CR46), and were stunned to find out that it was actually a binary. That is, a two-body system, with one part orbiting the other at a distance of 1,300 kilometers (800 miles). (CR46 was originally discovered February 5, 2002, so it took astronomers almost four years to discover it had a moon.)

    While other binary minor planets have been found, CR46 was the first known binary Centaur. This led astronomers into all sorts of speculations, including the possibility that there may be binary comets orbiting our Sun.

    It's eccentricity is 0.5407609, and an orbital period of 235.76 years. First thing I thought when I read that was that the orbit was huge compared to the other Centaurs. We'll go back to that in a moment.

    Only a few months later, on April 11, 2006, a second binary Centaur was observed, #65489 (2003 FX128). (FX128 had been originally discovered March 22, 2003.)

    But this body had an even stranger orbit for a Centaur than CR46. The eccentricity was 0.8258985, and the orbital period of 1028.702 years! When astronomers realized this, they did some thinking, and reclassified both of these bodies. They are now no longer called Centaurs. Rather, they are SDO's, or Scattered Disk Objects.

    I'm actually relieved, considering the names they later were given! Astronomers have decided that those SDO's with Centaur-like transitional orbits between TNO's and comets which are not quite Centaurs, not quite comets will be named for other hybrid or shape-shifting mythical creatures. So far, two of these have been named, both binary objects.

    (42355) Typhon

    #42355 was named Typhon on November 9, 2006. It's orbit is 235.76 years, with an inclination of 2.4280935. It has a high eccentricity (0.5407609), which shows in the large difference between its aphelion (58.799297 AU) and perihelion (17.525714 AU).

    It was named Typhon, one of the Titans, a monstrous storm-giant, sometimes described as a destructive hurricane, who was so huge that his head was said to brush the stars. From head to thighs he had the shape of a man, but two poisonous snakes were in place of legs, and instead of fingers on his hands, there were fifty serpent heads on each hand. He was winged, with pointed ears and eyes flashing fire. When the Titans battled the Olympian gods, he was defeated and imprisoned in Tartrus by Zeus (Jupiter).

    When a moon was discovered, it was named after his mate Echidna. Typhon and Echidna were parents of Cerberus (the dog at the entrance to Hades), the Lernaen Hydra, the Chimaera, and the Sphinx.

    Click here for a TYPHON EPHEMERIS for 1900-2020.

    (65489) Ceto

    #65489 was named Ceto on the same date as Typhon, November 9, 2006. Her orbit is 1028.702 years, with an inclination of 22.278415. It has an extremely high eccentricty (0.825449), which shows in the extreme difference between its aphelion (186.0190 AU) and perihelion (17.78733 AU). It came to perihelion in 1989.

    It was named Ceto after an ocean goddess who personified the dangers of the sea, and was said to be the goddess of whales, large sharks and sea-monsters. She mated with her brother, the sea-god Phorkys, and they produced several monsters: Ekhidna (the Viper), Skylla (the Crab), Ladon (the Dragon), the Graia (the Grey), and the Gorgones (the Terrible Ones, of which Medusa was one). Click here for a CETO EPHEMERIS for 1900-2020.


    148780 Altjira is a binary classical Kuiper belt object (cubewano), discovered on Oct 20, 2001. The secondary body has not yet been named, but is almost as large as Altjira, and was discovered in March 2007.

    It has an orbit of 296.59 years, an eccentricity of 0.0605, an inclination of 5.1951, a perihelion of 41.78 AU and aphelion of 47.166 AU.


    It was named after the creation deity of the Aranda (Arrente, Arunta, Arranta) Aboriginal people from Australia's Northern Territory. Altijera brought the universe into being by dreaming it...something the Aboriginals term Dreamtime. Then, it is said, he retired to the sky, seemingly indifferent to the earthly plane, leaving further work to be done by the lesser gods who remained behind. His name is connected with their word meaning "to dream".

    The Aranda believe that there are two kinds of reality. There is the everyday linear, objective activity, and then there is the creative, spiritual Dreamtime, which they believe is more real then waking reality.

    It is said that Altjira is willing to help anyone tho asks and who is willing to work with the dreamtime.

    Click here for a ALTJIRA EPHEMERIS for 1900-2020.

    (307261) 2002 MS4

    (307261) 2002 MS4 as yet has not been given a name, and it is the second-largest unnamed body in the solar system so far (2007 OR10 being the largest.) It was discovered on 18 June 2002 by Chad Trujillo and Michael E. Brown. While it is currently classified as a Cubewano, Michael Brown believes it should be classified as a Dwarf Planet.

    At its discovery it was located about 23-3/4 degrees of Sagittarius. The Sabian Symbol for this degree, according to Rudhyar: "A BLUEBIRD PERCHED ON THE GATE OF A COTTAGE." Rudhyar said the keynote for this degree is "The reward which meets every effort at integrating into a social environment for those who remain true to their own selves."

    It's orbit is 296.59 years, with an orbital eccentricity of 0.0605 and an inclination of 5.1951. At perihelion it gets as close as 41.78 AU and aphelion, out to 47.166 AU.


    Without a name, we don't have a mythology to look at. But some astronomers have taken to nicknaming it Conan, perhaps in the same way that Eris was originally nicknamed Xena.


    On his webpage, Amable related this body to "closed circuits of feedback, were every action returns reinforced in each cycle of interaction, like the trade between Native Americans and European colonists, the Cold War between United States and Soviet Union, or between United States and Middle East in present times. Every action has strong consequences on the long run, and that is why is so important to act correctly from the very beginning." Amabale also sees it as the search for a 'spiritual security' that comes from "a deep understanding of the spiritual laws of the universe, were every action has strong consequences on the long run."

    I have found it ties into a strong need to be on the 'right path', and a willingness to make a major life change if one feels one has been travelling on the wrong one. For example, I have seen individuals, when this body in transit crosses their Saturn, become involved in a deeply religious path, sometimes a full religious conversion. Which ties in with the search for 'spiritual security'.

    Click here for a 307261 EPHEMERIS for 1900-2020.


    These are two Cubewanos I've just started to study. I have a personal interest in them because they are both strong in my chart. Logos (26 Gem 20) is conjunct my Sun (26 Gem 09), and Teharoniawako (22 Sag 28) is conjunct my MC (21 Sag 59).


    (58534) Logos was discovered on 4 February 1997, and shares its orbit with a large satellited named Zoe (discovered 17 November 2001.) It takes 307.42 years for one orbit around the Sun, with a perihelion of 39.945 AU and an aphelion at 51.153 AU. Logos has an orbital eccentricity of 0.12304, and an inclination to the ecliptic of 2.8946.

    Logos and Zoe are a paired emanation of the deity in the Gnostic tradition, and part of its creation myth. The Gnostic, Ptolemy, saw them as fourth generation: First generation were Bythos (the One) and Sige (Silence), second generation were Ennoea (Thought) and Thelesis (Will), third generation were Anthropos (Man) and Ecclesia (Church), and the fourth generation of Logos and Zoe were created when Anthropos learned to speak.

    Amable, on his Trans-Neptunian Astrology blog of 26 September 2007 calls Logos "the rational discourse, the mystery of life....'Logos' is the Greek word for 'word' or 'reason' and 'zoe' is the Greek word for 'life'. The sophists used the term 'logos' to mean discourse, and Aristotle applied the term to rational discourse."

    I noticed that some scientists who had a major impact on our world had close conjunctions of Logos to personal planets. Copernicus had Logos conjunct Moon & Jupiter; Galileo had Logos conjunct Sun; Tycho Brahe had Logos rising conjunct Venus and Pluto; Louis Pasteur had Logos conjunct Mars; Louis Braille had Logos conjunct Sun; and Edison had Logos conjunct Mercury.

    Perhaps we can tell a bit about Logos by looking over the conjunctions it has made over the past few hundred years with the outer planets.

    Since 1700, there has been only one Logos/Neptune conjunction, and one Logos/Eris conjunction; and three Logos/Pluto conjunctions.

    Ura 05Li32' R 22 Jan 1718
    Ura 00Aq19' D 25 Feb 1828
    Ura 29Cp53' R 3 Aug 1828
    Ura 29Cp32' D 30 Nov 1828
    Ura 05Li36' D 4 Jan 1718
    Ura 04Li46' D 9 Sep 1718
    Ura 19Ge49' D 19 Jul 1946
    Ura 19Ge23' R 21 Dec 1946
    Ura 19Ge01' D 21 Apr 1947
    Nep 10Aq22' D 7 Feb 1839
    Plu 26Li43' D 15 Nov 1735
    Plu 26Li08' R 17 May 1736
    Plu 25Li51' D 9 Aug 1736
    Eri 10Pi42' D 5 Mar 1869


    (88611) Teharonhiawako was discovered 20 August 2001. One orbital cycle is 290.32 years, with a perihelion at 42.454 AU and an aphelion at 45.235 AU. The orbital eccentricity is 0.031712, with an inclination to the ecliptic of 2.5834. It has a large moon, Sawiskera, discovered in September 2001

    Teharonhiawako is the god of maize (corn) in the creation myth of the Native American Iroquois people, and Sawiskera was his evil twin brother.

    Phil Sedgwick, in his blog blog The Humanity of Eris writes "Mythologically, Teharonhiawako, comes from the Iroquois. His tale is one of Creation. It commences with the time in which people lived beyond the stars. Once, though, a pregnant woman fell from the sky. Because of the magic earth she brought with her from beyond, she began creating many good things on Earth. She gave birth to a daughter who gave birth to twin sons: Teharonhiawako and Sawiskera. Teharonhiawako birthed naturally through the birth canal but Sawiskera came from her armpit. Teharonhiawako was responsible for all good things that grew most important corn, fruit and tobacco. His brother was responsible for weeds, vermin and other earthly ills. Sawiskera constantly sought to disrupt his brothers good work. When Teharonhiawako created roses, Sawiskera followed adding thorns. Finally as they fought, Teharonhiawako banished Sawiskera into the realm of dark and night."

    Here are a few noted individuals who have close natal conjunctions with this body:

    • Conjunct Sun - Dorothy Dandridge, Jonathan Winters (also conjunct Saturn)
    • Conjunct Moon - Danny DeVito, Samuel Hahnemann
    • Conjunct Mercury - Woody Allen (also conjunct Jupiter), Nicholas Cage, Peter Cook (also conjunct North Node
    • Conjunct Mars- Drew Barrymore, Jackie Chan, Shannen Doherty, Jack Nicholson
    • Conjunct North Node - Jim Bailey, Debra Winger

    Maybe we can tell a bit about Teharonhiawako by looking over the conjunctions it has made over the past few hundred years with the outer planets.

    Since 1700, there have been no conjunctions of this body with Pluto. And in fact, I went back to 1200 and still did not see any Teharoniawako/Pluto conjunctions.

    As I write this (late May 2016), the Teharonhiawako/Neptune conjunction has already moved within a degree. The next major conjunction will be with Neptune. I've calculated a chart for this conjunction for Geneva, one of the locations where it will be rising:


    Ura 28Ar13' D 14 Jun 1766
    Ura 24Vi07' D 17 Jun 1884
    Ura 27Ar26' D 18 Mar 1767
    Ura 27Ar55' R 4 Oct 1766
    Ura 24Vi16' R 6 May 1884
    Ura 24Vi58' D 6 Oct 1883
    Ura 24Aq24' D 6 Feb 2002
    Nep 13Pi49' D 7 May 2017
    Nep 13Pi37' R 6 Aug 2017
    Nep 13Pi10' D 12 Feb 2018
    Eri 03Ta37' D 18 Jun 1959
    Eri 03Ta25' R 3 Oct 1959
    Eri 03Ta05' D 2 Apr 1960

    You can check out their monthly ephemerides, 1900-2020, here:

    Click here for a LOGOS EPHEMERIS for 1900-2020.

    Click here for a TEHARONHIAWAKO EPHEMERIS for 1900-2020.


    (385446) Manwe is a binary Kuiper belt object that was discovered August 25, 2003. It's secondary, discovered July 2006, was named Thorondor and is about half the size of Manwe.

    Manwe has an orbital period of 288.25 years, an eccentricity of 0.115, and an inclination of 2.6664. It's perihelion is 38.599 AU, and aphelion 48.671 AU.


    Manwe was named after a fictional character in Tolkein's "The Silmarillion" who was King of the Valar, often called the Elder King, and husband of Varda (a name given to another outer body.) He was lord of the air, wind and clouds, and birds were his servants. The most sacred of birds associated with Manwe was the eagle, which is why I chose a Native American eagle glyph as the symbol for this body. His name means Blessed One.

    Click here for a MANWE EPHEMERIS for 1900-2020.

    (55637) 2002 UX25

    A friend on Facebook, Raymond Nolan Scott, brought this body to my attention, so I'm going to start off quoting his post verbatim:

    "2002 UX25 is a transneptunian dwarf planet candidate that was discovered on October 30, 2002.

    It is a mid-sized cubewano (classical Kuiper Belt object) similar to Varuna. Its diameter is over 600 km, and it has a moon with a diameter that is over 200 km.

    It is the largest solid known object in the solar system with a measured density less than water and challenges planet-formation theories.

    55637 Wikipedia page

    Its orbital period is 280 years.
    Its Aphelion is 48.923 AU
    Its Perihelion is 36.815
    Its Orbital Eccentricity is 0.14121
    Its Inclination is 19.398 degrees
    Its moon is estimated have a 21030 km diameter.
    It was discovered on October 30, 2012 which is the day after the exact Sun-Earth-Eris Node alignment. On the day of its discovery, 2002 UX25 in 23'37 Aries R conjunct Geo SN 2002 UX25 in 24'22 Aries oppose Geo NN 2002 UX25 in 24'57 Libra oppose/conjunct Helio N 2002 UX25 in 24'40 Aries/Libra. 2002 UX25 was discovered when it was aligned with its own nodes

    Its currently in 11'39 Taurus

    It will go stationary retrograde in that very location in 3 days on August 12, 2015. "A planetary scientist has identified the largest-known solid object in the Solar System that could float in a bathtub. The rock-and-ice body, which circles well outside the orbits of the planets, is less dense than water although a bathtub big enough to hold it would stretch from London to Frankfurt. The body, dubbed 2002 UX25, lies in the Kuiper belt, a reservoir of dwarf planets, comets and smaller frozen bodies beyond the orbit of Neptune. The object's low density and size it is 650 kilometers wide seem to conflict with a leading model for the formation of large solid bodies in the Kuiper belt and throughout the Solar System. Planetary scientist Michael Brown of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena reports its density measurement in an upcoming issue of The Astrophysical Journal Letters, with a preprint available on the arXiv online repository.""

    Amable hypothesizes that this body is an "related with the management of data bases and all type of identification link". You can read a bit more here:

    Click here for a 55637 EPHEMERIS for 1900-2020.

    (225088) 2007 OR10

    On the 17th of July, 2007, a grad student of astronomer Michael E Brown was working on her PhD thesis and discovered a body way out past Pluto that takes 546.6 yrs to orbit the Sun. Its very eccentric orbit (e=0.5058) takes it from a perihelion of 33.033 AU (last occurring around 1857) to an aphelion of 100.66 AU. 225088 orbits in a 3:10 resonance with Neptune. It has an inclination to the ecliptic of 30.9376.

    Astronomers give newly discovered bodies a provisional designation, and this one was called 2007 OR10. It's discovery was officially announced on 7 January 2009.

    Right now, this is the largest known object in the Solar System without a name. And in May 2016, as a result of NASA's Kepler spacecraft's new observations, it is now known as the third largest Dwarf Planet, smaller only than Eris and Pluto. NASA's JPL story on 2007 OR10

    However, it does have a nickname.

    Michael Brown hates referring to a body by its provisional name, which is always a mouthful, and so he starts referring to it by a nickname. Because 2007 OR10 was so far out, Brown presumed the body had to be a very bright white color in order to be detected, and started referring to it as "Snow White", thinking of the main character in the story with the dwarves. (Later this presumption turned out to be false, as turned out to be one of the reddest objects in the Kuiper belt! This red is probably in part due to methane frosts, which turn red when bombarded by sunlight and cosmic rays. But being red, it can still keep its nickname for the present - if you remember the story, it began with a queen wishing she would have a child with skin white as snow, cheeks red as blood, and hair as black as ebony. And this body, at first thought to be white, later discovered to be red, resides so far from the sun that it is surrounded by a deep dark blackness.)

    The nickname stuck, and so far, more than 7 years later, the body has not been given an official name, although now its official # is 225088. Interestingly Snow White was the 7th Dwarf Planet discovered by Mike and his team.

    Also of interest in the above NASA/JPL story is this comment by astronomer Meg Schwamb: "The names of Pluto-sized bodies each tell a story about the characteristics of their respective objects. In the past, we haven't known enough about 2007 OR10 to give it a name that would do it justice. I think we're coming to a point where we can give 2007 OR10 its rightful name." So 'Snow White' may soon be christened.

    An article by Allen Zeyher in Sky & Telescope magazine May 24, 2016 was titled "Dwarf Planet 2007 OR10: Big, Dark, and Slow", OR10 is "bigger and darker than anyone thought", as well as "much larger than thought", estimating a diameter of 1535 km (as opposed to the previous estimate of 1280 km.) The larger size indicates that this body has enough gravity to hold onto an atmosphere of volatile chemicals. The author quotes NASA researcher Geert Barentsen saying "It will no doubt get a name soon, now that more is known about this mysterious object, and it might be a name that links back to what we have learned in this study."

    And in May 2017 it was announced that the Hubble Space Telescope has detected a moon orbiting this body.
    Photo of 2007 OR10 with moon

    Two names have been suggested for it, though:

    ASTROLOGY OF 225088

    Like all bodies with a highly eccentric orbit, its aspects to the outer planets are a bit erratic. For example, it's most recent conjunction with the planet Uranus was 18 Feb 2003 (28 Aqu 50), and before that 14 Dec 1904 (29 Sag 40.) But going back further, the last time the two were in conjunction were three occurrences in 1776-7.

    The first of these, 20 Jul 1776, fell at 9 Gem 41. This means they were moving together as the USA was being born. In the chart celebrating the birth of the USA on 4 July 1776, it was at 9 Gem 25, quite close to Uranus at 8 Gem 53. (Particularly significant if you use the chart for 2:13:32 am which connects them to the Ascendant of 7 Gem 23.

    This was followed by a second conjunction on 22 Nov 1776 (9 Gem 17), and a third on 21 Apr 1777 (8 Gem 47) (only minutes from the USA Uranus.)

    It's discovery position was 0 Pisces 39 R. The Sabian Symbol for the first degree of Pisces as per Dane Rudhyar is "IN A CROWDED MARKETPLACE FARMERS AND MIDDLEMEN DISPLAY A GREAT VARIETY OF PRODUCTS", of which he wrote "The process of commingling and interchange which at all levels demonstrates the health of a community..... It refers to all that can be gained from social interplay and especially, in the broadest sense of the word, from COMMERCE."

    Can we derive any possible meanings from its nickname, Snow White? I wont tell the whole tale, but would like to mention a few parts that were not part of Disneys sanitized reinterpretation.

    Snow White, of course, lies sleeping in a coffin, the victim of biting from a poisoned apple given to her by the wicked queen. A travelling prince sees the lovely princess, and, although she appears dead, he cannot help but fall in love with her. He has his servants pick up the coffin to take it back to the palace, but they stumble on some tree roots in the woods, shaking the coffin, which shakes the piece of poisoned apple from Snow Whites mouth. The princess awakens, the Prince proposes, and soon they are planning a wedding party. They invite everyone who is anyoneincluding her wicked stepmother.

    The stepmother discovers, through her magic mirror, that the prospective bride is more beautiful than she, and has to go see this for herself (not knowing it is her own stepdaughter.) When she arrives, she realizes the truth, but she is also recognized for her attempted murders, and is punished by being forced to wear iron-shoes that are glowing hot, and then dance until she herself drops dead.

    Like most myths, there are many levels of meaning, so I wont try to cover them all.

    On one level, the Cruel Stepmother can be seen as something everyone has.negative thought forms built up in the subconscious. Just like the wicked Queen, out of jealousy, always kept Snow White in rags and in the background, so do these negative thought forms keep one from shining.

    The men in the story can be viewed as a part of a process of individuation, trying to integrate the animus. It begins with a father who is, basically, totally absent, and does nothing for his daughter; the huntsmen, who does not save her, but gives her the opportunity to save herself; the dwarves, the first males who see her as having value, provide a kind of cave to shelter her, but they also cannot protect her. And finally, marriage to the prince, the anima to the animus, and she becomes the queen she was destined to be.

    The cruel step-mothers Magic mirror represents a threshold between consciousness and the unconscious, and by looking into it, one may look towards the depths of the unconscious, sometimes seeing things in the inner world that reflect in the the queens dark fear of being ugly expressed itself when the mirror told her someone was more lovely. This darkness within her caused her to try three times to kill Snow White. Only the apple appears to have done the job.

    When the Prince appears, and she comes back to life, and the stepmother dies, the old thought form is gone, destroyed. She is now whole, and the happily ever after is that she is free to do, and to be, who she was meant to be.

    At another level, it is a cautionary, moral fable teaching us about the destructiveness of self-love.

    If we look at both Snow White and the wicked Queen as both parts of the same person, it can be read in as an amazingly rich portrayal of a particular vision of human life as a sacred round, a dance, that speaks of the necessity of sacrificing self-love in order to discover true love.

    It also speaks of the terrors and ordeals of growing up. And perhaps most important, there is a theme of initiation, and rebirth.

    Perhaps this body will help you to find out what form of tyranny your own cruel stepmother is taking in your subconscious. What negative conviction expresses itself in all your affairs? What opportunities have you missed because of your own negativity? Maybe it asks you to look inside and see where you are letting your darkness take over to the point where you place your desires above the needs of others. Or it could be telling you that, before you can truly love another, you need to let go of the selfish qualities within you that are keeping you closed off and chasing down the wrong pathways.

    At whatever level we read the story, it is clear that the apple is symbolic of a major turning point in her life. It ended her innocence, and reborn she was able to deal see both herself, and those in her life, clearly for the first time. So like the fruit that forever altered Persephones life, or the fruit that changed the dynamics causing a major war, here we have once a dwarf planet whose influence is connected to that of an apple.

    Click here for a 225088 EPHEMERIS for 1900-2020.

    (230965) 2004 XA192

    (230965) 2004 XA192 was discovered on 12 December 2004 at Palomar Observatory. It takes 326.03 years to go around the Sun, has an eccentricity of 0.25123, a perihelion of 35.469 AU (its near perihelion in 2015), and an aphelion of 59.270 AU.

    It was discovered at 18 Gemini 22 R. The Sabian Symbol for this degree, as described by Dane Rudhyar, is "A LARGE ARCHAIC VOLUME REVEALS A TRADITIONAL WISDOM", and his keynote for it was "Contacting the all-human planetary Mind underlying any cultural and personal mentality." It's discovery position put it in opposition to Mercury 15 Sag 17 R, Sun 21 Sag 08 and Pluto 22 Sag 00.

    Click here for a 230965 EPHEMERIS for 1900-2020.

    (42301) 2001 UR163

    (42301) 2001 UR163 was discovered on 21 October 2001 at 20 Aries 24 R. It has an orbital period of 368.85 years, an eccentricity of 0.285, an aphelion of 66.106 AU, and a perihelion of 36.756 AU (it was last at perihelion around 1937.)

    The Sabian Symbol for its discovery degree, according to Dane Rudhyar, is A PUGILIST ENTERS THE RING, and of this he says The release and glorification of social aggressiveness. The symbol reveals man's deeply rooted feeling of admiration and envy for whoever can generate OVERWHELMING POWER.

    Being discovered in a Mars-ruled sign, in a degree with definitely Martian overtones, perhaps it shouldnt surprise anyone that this body has the reddest color index of any object in the Solar Systemredder than Mars, redder than Pholus, and even redder than Sedna.

    Click here for a 42301 EPHEMERIS for 1900-2020.

    ---------- NOTE: Symbols above followed by a D are given here with permission of the designer, Denis Moskowitz. Check out his website at

    The Sedna symbol followed by a B was designed by Bryan Trussler.

    The Orcus symbol followed by an R was designed by Melanie Reinhart.

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