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If a person does not have some aspect to this little body then Toro seems to have no noticeable influence. But for those who have close aspects to it, there is an added extra something in their life. In some it comes out as pushiness, in others as aggressiveness, and in still others as a very strong survival instinct. One these people decide what they want in the area containing Toro, they will push hard to get it. But they only give that extra push for what they want, not to please another. The aggressiveness of Toro does not seem to be based upon any type of decision. It seems rather to cause actions which are unthinking and without any hesitancy. "I just had to do something" is often the thought that surfaces after some action was taken. You will find that a transit of Toro can bring out non-rational aggression, or spontaneous activity. I am of the belief that a transit to the natal Toro of a person who has it unaspected also feels an aggressive impulse but he usually lets it go without action, due to Toro being unaspected.

Occasionally a transit to natal Toro will bring violence or aggression to the native, but in those cases it seems to be the spark which stirs the native to be aggressive in response.

Toro takes about 1.6 years to orbit the Sun, approaching closely to earth in Jan. and Aug., (closer in the latter than the former.) Every five orbits, or eight years, it approaches at its closest possible distance. There may be some tie-in to Venus, for every eight years Venus returns to approximately the same place on the same date. Toro IS the Spanish word for 'bull' so perhaps there is a connection to the Venus-ruled sign Taurus? Yet there is a distinctive difference between the typical animal described by Taurus, and the one seemingly described by Toro. The former brings to my mind the tamed, useful creature that we rely on as a food source. Toro seems to indicate that quality inherent in a wild ox, or possibly in a bull who was angered by a bull fighter. Perhaps Toro is a side of Taurus that only comes out under certain circumstances. I have observed that people who have natal Toro in Scorpio, the sign opposite Taurus, seem least desirous of asserting their aggressive side.

One final item. It appears that in whatever house Toro tenants, the person feels that they have some special rights there, rights due them without question. When these rights are denied to them, they can easily allow the aggressive side of Toro to surface.

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