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There is something extremely sexual about this body yet that is only one level of its influence. On another level there seems to be a strong tie to what one really wants deep within; one's truly personal, basic, unique desires. Sappho transits often (but not always) refer to a situation where sex or sexual overtones become the issue. Perhaps that is because these desires are easier for us to accept, or closer to the surface, than some of our other basic urges? When not focusing on sex, Sappho's transits can bring our attention to other deep and basic wants.

If Sappho in one chart is in close conjunction to a planet or major cusp in another chart there is almost always some sexual attraction, and the Sappho person is rarely against the idea of pursuing the affections of the other person.. If there are contacts between both individuals' Sapphos and planets in each other's charts, the sexual urge is definitely mutual and strong.

It is important as well to note which point is being aspected since the nature of the aspected planet or cusp will describe the strength of the attraction, what about that person is causing the fascination, and how strongly the person will respond to the attraction.

The natal house position of Sappho usually contains some desire the person has, although often he does not know exactly how to obtain it. For example: in the 9th, the person may long to travel to other countries yet lack the knowledge of how to obtain finances to do so; in the 11th he may bemoan the lack of ability to make friends; in the 4th there is a great desire to own his own home.

Aspects to natal planets will aid or hinder the eventual acquiring of the object of the desire. Looking over the hard aspects will help you understand exactly what you feel is keeping you from your desires, and from being happy. In fact you tend to exaggerate the importance of whatever it is you feel is missing. Transits and progressions will show when opportunities may occur for achieving the object of your longing.

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