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On February 22, 1996, Debbi Kempton-Smith placed an announcement on the net about the newly discovered solar systems. That announcement follows in a moment. Since that time, at least 18 additional stars have been discovered to have planets around them. These planets have been termed Exoplanets. I'll talk more about them after Debbi's announcement. Also, a slight change in the accuracy of the positions has been made, in the box at the bottom of this page.....since the announcement, a more accurate conversion process has been found. So, without further ado, here's Debbi's original announcement:

"New planets and/or planetlike companions have been discovered orbiting the following stars (all positions based on 1 January 2000):

  • 51 PEGASI (the first one discovered)
  • 22 degrees Pisces 50'55". Latitude 25 N 05'49"
  • 27 degrees Leo 58'55". Latitude 30 N 33'48"
  • 13 degrees Libra 37'05". Latitude 21 N 14'34"
  • "Zane Stein obtained positions for the new solar systems from astronomy sources on the Internet. Right Ascension positions are here converted to Celestial Longitude (zodiac positions) courtesy of Rique Pottenger and Maritha Pottenger at Astro Communications Services in San Diego.

    "Pop these new solar systems into horoscopes as you would any planet. Unlike our near planets, these far-aways will not move from these positions during a human lifespan. (*Precession about 1 degree in 72 years - Zane) You may, however, note transits, progressions, solar arc directions, tight angles etc. to these points. Let us hear your observations!

    "Our solar system is no longer the whole ball o' wax. A "new worlds" order approaches. Keep staring into space!

    "Zane Stein and I will be publishing more information on these phenomena shortly."

    Not too long ago, she sent me this follow-up:

    "Ordo Novum Seculorum...Talk about the New World Order! Got us three new solar systems in the shop here in just as many months, Danny boy, see how they glow! Nuthin' NEAR the like ever happened to Earth folk before, seems we were always the only solar system around this town...only one we ever needed, if you ask me!...and suddenly BANG! we got us a THANG hummin' and buzzin' over by the gate there, and we gotta DEAL with it, like it or not, and from what I been hearin', some of those astrolgoers don't like it one little bit.

    "Some good ol' astrology boys been sayin' these new planets and solar systems out there are too far away to do anything much to earth people's horoscopes. But didn't them wild and crazy physics fellers find that the 'weak force' is the glue of the universe, and that the farther away a thing is, the stronger its effect? Aint' Pluto the pit bull of our solar system, meaner than a junkyard dog and farther away from our sweet Earth than Hell itself?

    "I confess, my friends, I hardly know what to think about this new mess astrologers are going to have to handle now and worse to come: Other solar systems! New Planets! More comets! To think we astrologers used to be so back-woods-bigoted we wouldn't even study comets, till that sneaky maverick, Chiron, showed up in November '77. We didn't know it was a comet back in them days, figured it was a small planet, or somethin', an asteroid way off its path maybe. Zane Stein and Al Morrison launched a worldwide research and info pooling project to find out fast what Chiron might mean in horoscopes and in global events. And study it to death we did, finding it linked with healing, pregnancy, the Human Genome project, you name it, Zane Stein can tell you all about that. By the time in 1990 astronomers found out Chiron was a comet, a mere dirty snowball, astrologers had to confront a collective bias against studying anything outside the established old order.

    "If horoscopes are 'frozen snapshots' of our solar system at a particular moment, and the art and language of astrology are based on the shape of our solar system, shall future horoscopes include symbols for other, faraway solar systems? Will horoscopes a hundred years from now be Earth centered or Sun centered, or centered round something else?"

    OK, folks, what do you make of all this? Let us know!


    As I said at the top of this page, here is a whole bunch of new information on our neighbors, stars with exoplanets. But for openers....note how the third one above, 70 Virginis, is conjunct Chiron's perihelion position!

    The February 9, 1997 issue of The New York Times had a front page story on these bodies entitled "In a Golden Age of Discovery, Faraway Worlds Beckon" by John Noble Wilford. In this article, he mentioned that Dr. Michael Mayor and Dr. Didier Queloz announced to the world the discovery of the first of these star systems, 51 Pegasi, on Oct. 6, 1995 (although he did not mention how much earlier than that was the actual discovery date.) Check out the library for a copy of this article, or write to Debbi (above) and she will send you one.

    I've been intrigued by these systems ever since Debbi first told me about them. Recently, I dug up an old issue of Astronomy (April 1996) which had a wonderful article entitled "2 New Solar Systems" by Robert Naeye. It was here that I learned that it was 1992 when "astronomers discovered the first planetary system beyond our own," and this system orbits a pulsar, "the collapsed remnant of an exploded star." But 51 Pegasi is the first intact star to have been discovered with at least one planet.

    The article also said that the next two stars, 47 Ursae Majoris and 70 Virginis, are "close enough to be seen with the naked eye in a dark sky." Since a lot of astrologers, even those who use Tropical astrology, include some fixed stars in their charts, these two may already have been under research for many years. Did the 'coming in to awareness' of the the planets around these stars bring a change in our awareness about their effects on us?

    As I mentioned above, a whole bunch of additional stars have been discovered with planetary systems, although a few of these may turn out to be brown dwarfs instead of planets. The one called Lalande is the closest distance to our system, only 8.25 light years. Here are a few astronomy links, for those of you interested in this aspect of the Exoplanets:

    A list of confirmed Exoplanets can be found on the NASA Exoplanet Archive

    Lots of new information about each individual new solar system

    Here follows a list of those star systems on which I have been able to find both the discovery date, and the actual location of systems. The locations are listed in Right Ascension and Declination, as well as Zodical Longitude. Thanks to Diana K. Rosenberg for the accurate positions, as well as the descriptions of where each star falls in its constellation. Her site is an excellent place to explore the "Fixed Stars and Constellations". Thanks also to Juan Revilla for further precision. And to Anne Wright for information on the constellations themselves (Anne's comments given in quotations):

    Stars With Definite Planet Discovery Announced R.A., Declination
    Epoch 2000.0
    Zodiacal Positions
    51 Pegasi (in the Flying Horse's shoulder/wing) "Pegasus represents the warrior spirit, bravery, courage, heroic deeds, creative inspiration, universal love. The desire for acquiring knowledge and the ability to present it in a dramatic and fascinating ways." Oct 6, 1995 22h57m27.14s, +20deg46min04.5sec 24 Pis 16'08"
    47 Ursa Majoris (Greater Bear's right hind leg) "It represents the larger reasoning part of the mind, the power of the objective, scientific mind and its limitation. It gives a quiet, prudent, suspicious, mistrustful, self-controlled, patient nature." Jan 17, 1996 10h59m29.296s, +40deg25min46.09sec 29 Leo 04'29"
    Xi Ursae Majoris or Alula Australis (Left hind foot of the Greater Bear) (See above) ? 11h18m28.7s, +33deg05min39sec 6 Vir 39'14"
    Rho^1 Cnc (55 Rho) (Cancri Crab's upper front claw) "It represents the process of the growth of the soul through the sustaining efforts of the life-forces. The sea is a symbol of the unconscious, feelings, sexual desire, imagination, intuition, sensitivity, and their moods change like the tides, often swamped by feelings, then as the tide recedes; they find themselves dry, empty and drained." Apr 12, 1996 8h52m37.60s, +28deg20min02.6sec 7 Leo 44'17"
    tau Bootes (Herdsman's left leg) "This constellation represents the kind and hard-working man, fond of comfort, of good food and good wine. Achievement of abundance gained through effort and skill. It gives success in agricultural occupations, and love of rural life, honors, popularity, ambition, authority, determination, good speaking abilities, prosperity." Jun 14, 1996 13h47m17.345s, +17deg27min22.31sec 17 Lib 56'20"
    upsilon Andromedae (Chained Woman's left leg) "This constellation Intelligence and daring will-power, brave and active benevolence, which brings freedom and the compensating triumph of happy wedlock. It conveys the idea of friendship, kindness, goodness and devotion, the consoling woman who lifts and comforts the man who is overwhelmed by the struggles of existence. It represents innocence, candor, youth, charm, seduction, attraction, sensuality, daydreams, abandon, negligence, naturism, aesthetics, love of beauty, indiscreet curiosity, Pandora's box, confidence in destiny, resignation, fatalism, intuition, premonitions, astrology, astral influences, occult protection." Jun 23, 1996. (April 1999, discovered 2 more planets) 1h36m48.527s, +41deg24min38.71sec 8 Tau 33'18"
    16 Cygni B (Swan's upper wing) "The Swan is the equilivant of the Dove of the Holy Ghost. Freeing from bodily ties, spiritualization of matter, liberation, intoxication, exaltation, inspiration, enthusiasm, prophesy, pleasant things or events of short duration. Oriented toward organization, business, politics, conciliating, mergers, co-ordination, management. Merging various interests together may require ruthless behavior, but the results can be productive." Oct (22?), 1996 19h41m51.8s, +50deg31min03sec 21 Aqu 13'03"
    rho Coronae Borealis (HD143761)(in Northern Crown ) "This constellation is associated with renunciation; means choosing one's duty and can mean giving up other pursuits that might be more pleasurable. Duty before preference, may be called upon to rise to a higher sense of love, work on behalf of others, service; can only live to the utmost when they lose themselves in work for a cause. Result is much gain in character and soul power." Apr. 24, 1997 16h01m03.39s, +33deg18min51.5sec 17 Sco 10'45"
    Gliese 876 (Ross 780) (between Aquarius' right leg and the water pouring from his urn) "The symbol portrays humanitarian efforts to nourish the earth with the spirit of collective humanity through communication of ideas and feelings. These symbolic waves of water share the dual expression of vibrations of waves of electricity, or parallel lines of force. They love freedom, can be stubborn when it comes to changing their own opinions. Indifference, coldness, tendency to change with the environment, submission to fashion, results do not come up to expectations, unconventional, they can become eccentric and rebellious, living life on a high wire, but their gentler and more generous side has more in common with the god who pours out the heavenly waters for mankind." Jun. 2, 1998 22h53m13.4s, -14deg15min13sec 9 Pis 00'39"
    HR 5568 (in the Southern scale of Libra) "The Scales represents Justice and equilibrium and are the principal attributes of law, order, truth and rightness, it being impossible to outweigh even a little right with any quantity of wrong, for no violation of the Law remains unpunished. The Scales represents kindness combined with justice without vengeance, inner balance and harmonious relationships with others, it is favorable for artistic tastes, imparting intellectuality, logic, sureness of judgement, impartiality, independence of mind, friendliness, honesty, integrity, regularity, discipline, adapting to necessities, moderate opinions, obedience, respect for hierarchy, submission to propriety and custom, rules of conduct." Jun. 23, 1998 14h57m27.9s, -21deg24min56sec 18 Sco 07'44"
    Gliese 614 (14 Herculis) (near right foot of Hercules) "This constellation represents success through effort and personal merit. Planning, ambition, diplomatically controlled and organized effort to overcome difficult challenges. It also gives anger, and the native is surrounded by enemies who must be repulsed before success can be attained, and violence will often have to be employed. Planning, ambition, will-power, fixidity, certainty through mathematical deduction, constancy, steadiness, courage and strength are needed to perform organized, gigantic, herculean tasks, and to overcome difficult challenges." Jul. 6, 1998 16h10m23.59s, 43deg49min18.2sec 13 Sco 14'29"
    HD 187123 (in the neck of Cygnus, the Swan) (see 16 Cygni B, above) Sep. 9, 1998 19h46m57.45s, 34deg25min15.8sec 9 Aqu 27'01"
    HD 210277 (in the chest of Aquarius the water pourer) (see Gliese 876, above) Sep. 9, 1998 22h09m29.49s, -7deg32min32.7sec 1 Pis 38'49"
    HR 217107 (near mouth of Aquarius' urn) (see Gliese 876, above) Oct. 22, 1998 22h58m15.45s, -2deg23min42.4sec 14 Pis 51'33"
    HD 195019 (above the head of Delphinus, the dolphin) "This constellation represents one who is capable of great self-sacrifice, consideration and concern for others can lead them to deny their own personal objectives in order to help those in need. Persistence and perseverance can enable them to build a solid foundation and rise to a high position. Intelligent (Mercury/Jupiter nature), affectionate, emotionally strong, adaptable, tireless workers." Oct. 22, 1998 20h28m17.28s, 18deg46min12.7sec 15 Aqu 17'07"
    Gliese 86 (in the wing of Phoenix, the firebird) "The phoenix is the symbol of the transmutation and regeneration of the creative energy commonly called the accomplishment of the Great Work. The Phoenix is a symbol of cyclic patterns and an emblem of solar and fire worship and immortality." Nov. 24, 1998 2h10m14.42s, -50deg50min00.5sec 0 Ari 22'19"
    HD 168443 (at celestial equator, on border between Serpens Cauda & Scutum) Dec. 2, 1998 18h20m04.11s, -9deg35min34.6sec 5 Cap 05'38"
    HD 75289 (in Vela, the Sail of Argo Navis) "Argo symbolizes the curious mind that continually seeks new horizons,restless adventures can lead to stormy seas, discontent often stimulates further exploration, domesticated, yet loves to explore and research. It also signifies worries and troubles, but final success will ensue through courage and powerful help. Disputes between partners, relatives, friends or marriage partners, which may not cause ruptures. Communications (the media, radio, tv, telephony), Exploring uncharted territories." Feb. 1, 1999 8h47m41s, -41deg44min14sec 3 Vir 51
    Iota Hor (in the constellation Horologium (The Pendulum Clock), HR810) 1998 02h42m31.65s, -50deg48min12.3sec 8 Ari 13'25"
    HD 16141 02h35m19.93s, -03deg33min38.167sec 5 Tau 15'06"
    HD 168746 May 4, 2000 18h21m49.78s, -11deg55min21.66sec 5 Cap 26'51"
    HD 46375 06h33m12.62s, 5deg27min46.53sec 8 Can 40'47"
    HD 108147 May 4, 2000 12h25m46.27s, -64deg01min19.52sec 12 Sco 46'25"
    HD 83443 May 4, 2000 9h37m11.83s, -43deg16min19.94sec 18 Vir 47'31"
    HD 209458 Nov 19, 1999 22h03m10.7s, 18deg53min04sec 10 Pis 21'14"
    HD 192263 Oct. 1999 20h13m59.85s, -00deg52min00.76sec 5 Aqu 35'38"
    HD 38529 5h46m34.91s, 01deg10min05.496sec 26 Gem 22'36"
    HD 37124 5h37m02.49s, 20deg43min50.84sec 24 Gem 37'39"
    HD 130322 1999 14h47m032.73s, -00deg16min53.3sec 9 Sco 32'15"
    HD 177830 1999 19h05m20.77s, 25deg55min14.38sec 22 Cap 15'45"
    HD 217107 1998 22h58m15.45s, 02deg23min42.4sec 14 Pis 51'32"
    HD 134987 15h13m28.67s, -25deg18min33.65sec 22 Sco 45'28"
    HD 92788 10h42m48.53s, -02deg11min01.52sec 13 Vir 01'43"
    HD 82943 May 4, 2000 9h34m50.74s, -12deg07min46.36sec 0 Vir 25'12"
    HD 12661 2000 2h04m34.294s, 25deg24min51.5sec 7 Tau 47'01"
    HD 169830 May 4, 2000 27h49m29.02s, -29deg49min00.71sec 15 Gem 17'31"
    GJ 3021 2000 00h16m12.68s, -79deg51min04.25sec 24 Cap 48'54"
    HD 222582 23h41m51.53s, -05deg59min08.73sec 23 Pis 27'42"
    HD 10697 01h44m55.83s, 20deg04min59.34sec 1 Tau 33'35"
    HD 89744 Mar. 6, 2000 10h22m10.56s, 41deg13min46.31sec 21 Leo 19'57"
    HD 52265 (BD-103166) Mar. 4, 2000 10h58m28.78s, -10deg46min13.39sec 20 Vir 08'06"
    Epsilon Eridani Aug. 4, 2000 3h32m55.8s, -9deg27min30sec 18 Tau 10'03"
    Stars With Probable Planet Discovery Announced R.A., Declination Zodiacal Positions
    Alpha Tau (HD 29139, Aldebaran) ? 4h35m54.962s, +16deg30min42.79sec 9 Gem 47'19"
    Lalande 21185 (HD 95735)(above Greater Bear's left hind paw) (See Ursa Major, above) Jun 11, 1996 11h03m22.52s, +36deg02min10.2sec 2 Vir 04'58"
    Phi^2 Pav (HR 7875) (in Pavo, the Peacock) "Pavo is said to give vanity and love of display, together with a long life and sometimes fame." 1998 20h40m00.37s, -60deg32min27.9sec 24 Cap 33'12"
    Stars With Borderline Planets (large mass, high eccentricity) Discovery Announced R.A., Declination Zodiacal Positions
    HD 114762 (in Coma Berenices) "Berenice, Queen of Egypt, sacrificed her beautiful hair for the safe return ofher husband. She represents a pretty and flattered woman, who depends upon the gifts with which nature has endowed her and who offers the gift of her mind, or her bodily charms. She is idealistic and supreme, full of charm and grace and exhibits great loyalty in accomplishing things for the beloved and the common good. It promises fortunate love affairs, a wealthy and influential marriage, luck, success in business." 1989, as either brown dwarf or large planet 13h12m21.73s, +17deg31min01.23sec 9 Lib 30'59"
    70 Virginis (near Virgin's right hand) "The symbol has always been associated with the tension between fertility and purity. The Virgin is a symbol, not of chastity, but of synthesis and wholeness, she was a virgin because she was independent, free and self-contained. Virgo represents "Creative Intelligence" the mother of form, pictures and ideas, she moves in the sublime heights of "ideal". She brings good reasoning powers, and gives to everything which she approaches moral cleanliness and purity." Jan 17, 1996 13h28m26.541s, +13deg47min12.43sec 14 Lib 58'14"
    Stars With Very Massive Body, MAY Be Brown Dwarf Discovery Announced R.A., Declination Zodiacal Positions
    HD 18445 (in Fornax, the Furnace) "Fornax is said to give an ardent, enthusiastic, persuasive, practical and pioneering nature with fondness for engineering, chemical and metal work." 1991 2h57m13.1s, -24deg58min30sec 2 Tau 28'49"
    (Chiron was
    discovered at
    3 Taurus 08!)
    HD 89707 (on back of Hydra, the Water Snake) "Called the "Source of the Fountains of the Great Deep", the Hydra, who lives in water, a symbol of emotions and represents the power and persistence of sensual desires and limitation of death, unhealthy thoughts, which when repressed, can become even stronger and poison one's life. Perseverance, courage and continuity of purpose, combined with incessant toil, are necessary to conquer and transform them into creative energy. Desires can be sublimated into creative expression, but they cannot be denied > without cost." 1991 10h20m50.66s, -15deg29min03.1sec 13 Vir 10'41"
    HD 217580 (east of Aquarius' Urn) (See Aquarius, above) 1994 23h01m50.15s, -03deg50min45.7sec 15 Aqu 07'33"
    (gate of power?)
    Gliese 229 (under tail of Lepus, the Hare) "The hare gives a very attractive appearance, along with sensuality, nurturing qualities,musical and artistic ability, intelligence.Mediumistic, natural healing power, great imagination. Excellent athletes. Prosperity based on hard work, and fixity of purpose gives an ability to acquire wealth. Too much lusting for material things can lead to moral and spiritual blindness." 1995 06h10m35.07s, -21deg51min17.6sec 3 Can 29'26"
    HD 110833 (under tail of Ursa Major) (See Ursa Major, above) 1996 12h44m16.57s, +51deg45min41.4sec 11 Vir 29'10"
    BD -04 782 (in Eridanus, the River) "Eridanus gives a love of knowledge and science, much travel and many changes, a position of authority, but danger of accidents, especially at sea and of drowning. It represents inertia (when the waters are calm), but also fate (when the waters overflow), whether for good or evil - the remorseless force against which nothing avails. It gives self-confidence, power and ambition, inherent power to sway minds, born to lead rather than serve." 1996 04h15m09.17s, -04deg25min01.7sec 0 Gem 51'54"
    HD 112758 (under Virgin's left arm) (See Virgo, above) 1996 12h59m04.32s, -09deg50min13.0sec 17 Lib 23'25"
    HD 29587 (in Auriga the Charioteer's baby goat) "The chariot represents the body with the driver as the directing intelligence and the team of horses depicting the qualities, powers or intentions of the driver. Auriga is a fortunate constellations and is concerned with attaining and mastering skills and managing resources. One may be in positions of authority and responsibility that can be used for healing and great benefit to those in need." 1996 04h41m33.93s, +42deg07min28.1sec 14 Gem 40'04"
    HD 140913 (east of Bootes' (Herdsman's) club) (See tau Bootes, above) 1996 15h45m07.71s, +28deg28min10.2sec 14 Sco 36'08"
    HD 283750 (West of Auriga's left leg) (See Auriga, above) 1996 04h36m47.34s, +27deg08min03.8sec 11 Gem 30'06"
    (see TMR-1C, below)
    HD 98230 (left hind paw of Ursa Major) (See Ursa Major, above) ? 11h18m12.5s, +31deg32min15sec 7 Vir 20'38"
    HD 162020 Mar. 4, 2000 17h50m38.36s, -40deg19min06.06sec 28 Sag 08'07"
    Pulsars With Planets Discovery Announced R.A., Declination Zodiacal Positions
    PSR 1257+12 (confirmed Pulsar with THREE planets, possibly a fourth)(on border between Virgin's right arm and Coma Berenices) (See Coma Berenices, above) 1991, 1994, (1996) 6h10m35.07s, -21deg51min17.6sec 3 Can 29'26"
    PSR B1620-26 (confirmed Pulsar)(next to (just west of) Scorpion's heart) "This constellation gives ambition, a tendency to sarcasm, jealousy, treachery, vindictive, bitter, cynical, hateful, a false friend, its faculties of dissimulation constituting its strongest weapon. The soaring eagle, which is the other symbol of the sign, shows the heights to which it can attain if it integrates and redirects those strong energies." 1994 16h20m34.1751s, -26deg24min58.56sec 7 Sag 48'02"



    NASA unveiled May 28, 1998 the first image of that researchers believe may be a planet from outside our own solar system, a giant gassy body double or triple the mass of Jupiter. If this is verified, it will be the FIRST photo ever of an extra-solar planet.

    The body, called TMR-1C (Taurus Molecular Ring), is in the sidereal constellation Taurus, at 4hr39m15S RA, +25deg53min Declination. If I did my math correctly, that puts it at 11 deg 52 min 23 seconds of the tropical sign Gemini, latitude 3N42. NOTE: STAR HD 89707, ABOVE, IS 11 GEMINI 30. (The Sabian Symbol for this is "A black slave-girl demands her rights of her mistress." What a symbol of the individual standing up for their individuality!)

    Susan Terebey, in Pasadena, California, is the head of the discovery team, which also includes Dave Van Buren, Deborah L. Padgett, Terry Hancock, and Michael Brundage.

    I have not been able, as of yet, to ascertain the exact moment that the discovery was made. But the image itself was photographed on August 4, 1997, with Mercury about 10 Virgo 05, squaring TMR-1C, and the Sun about 12 Leo 50, sextiling it. In addition, the Mars/Neptune midpoint was 11 Sag 20, opposing it. Not to be left out: Nessus was 11 Sag 04, opposing the discovery postion, while Chiron was 27 Libra 18, sesquiquadrate to it.

    And on May 28, when the announcement was made, Uranus was about 12 Aquarius 40 R, not only moving back toward exactly trining TMR-1C....but closely opposing the Sun's position at the time the photo was taken.

    Any thoughts about what this discovery means?


    Edited, from an Associated Press news story:
    "SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Astronomers have discovered a planet bigger than Jupiter just 15 light years from Earth, apparently a huge ball of gas with a surface temperature well below zero.
    "Its huge mass -- at least 1.9 times bigger than Jupiter's -- was detected by a wobble in the motion of a nearby star, not by direct visualization.
    "The planet was the first to be found orbiting a small star called Gliese 876, one-third the size of the sun. The star is the closest to Earth -- other than our own sun -- around which a planet has been found."

    The coordinates for this body are RA = 22 53 13.4; DEC = -14 15 13. That should translate to 9 Pisces 07 57, Lat -6 36 44. According to Diane K. Rosenberg, "that would be between Aquarius' rt leg and the water pouring from his urn."


    Around the star known as 55 Cancri, they have found a disk, made up of dust, comets, and other cosmic stuff, that is remarkably similar in size and composition to our Kuiper Belt. And this star is a lot like our own Sun. This has the closest resemblance to our own solar system of anything found so far.


    In April 1999, Upsilon Andromedae, which had already been found to have a planet.....was discovered to have two more! This is the first multiple planetary sytem ever found!


    A new extrasolar planet has been found at the ESO La Silla Observatory as a companion to iota Horologii (iota Hor). The new planet, now called iota Hor b, has a mass of more than twice that of Jupiter, moving in an orbit not unlike that of the Earth. In fact, of all the planets discovered so far, the orbit of iota Hor b is the most Earth-like. Also, with a spectral type of G0 V, its host star is quite similar to the Sun (G2 V).


    The next time you read of a fixed star, but they only list the astronomical coordinates (Right Ascension, etc.), there is a website where you can go to convert it to zodiacal longitude. It is called "NED Coordinate Calculator", and you can find it at

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