My Eclectic Musical Tastes
musical notes

My musical tastes are quite diverse, and include songs from most musical realms.
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For example, I love some of the classic Broadway and Hollywood musicals. Perhaps this comes from having an uncle who was in a great many of them. In any event, I'd like to mention a few of my favorites. (And in parenthesis next to each name you'll see the exact date the the show first opened on Broadway. As an astrologer, of course I checked each date to see if they had anything in common....and surprise, they did! Most of the shows had planets in Pisces aspecting my Mars, and the ones that didn't had planets in Gemini or Sagittarius, also aspecting my Mars. I only wish I had been there for each and every opening!)

I've loved THE KING AND I (Mar 29, 1951) for as long as I can remember. I'm not sure I ever missed a time when it was shown on the television. And when Yul Brynner, not long before he passed away, reprised his role as the King of Siam on Broadway, I had to go see him in person. (Yes, he was even more fantastic in person than he had been in the movie.) Here is a website to find out more about the King and I ---
Getting to know you.

I'm not sure which I love more, the King and I, or THE MUSIC MAN (Dec 19, 1957). When Robert Preston sings about "Trouble", or when Shirley Jones looks at him with that adoration in her eyes, the rest of the world doesn't exist. I'm in River City.

Til there was you.

Maybe those two musicals are tied for first place in my heart, but a real close second is CAROUSEL (Apr 19, 1945). Maybe I just had a crush on Shirley Jones when I was growing up?

Hold your head up high.

And, tied for second is MAN OF LA MANCHA (Nov 22, 1965). Especially the song, "Impossible Dream".

Tis I, Don Quixote!

Also tied for second is BRIGADOON (Mar 13, 1947). Sometimes, I can almost believe it is a real place.

You can almost see it....

And what's in third place? Again, more than one. I'll give you a hint about the first of them: I also had a crush on Ann Margaret once. That's right, it's BYE BYE BIRDIE (Apr 14, 1960). (I tried watching the TV remake of this once, and I hated it.)

Wanna hear about Hugo and Kim?

DAMN YANKEES (May 5, 1955) was the first place I saw Ray Walston. He made a fantastic Devil!

Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets!

UNSINKABLE MOLLY BROWN (Nov 3, 1960) gave me one of my first hero's when I was growing up...or should I say heroines?

Only drink when you're alone or with somebody else!

A little of this, a little of that

As for regular music, I love jazz, and blues, and sixties rock, a lot of New Age music, some classical, and even some of the stuff from the 90's. (My daughter almost freaked out when she heard that I actually liked some of the stuff by a group called TOOL.) I don't care at all for Opera, or Rap, but other than that, I like a little bit of almost every type of music, even some Country. Here is some of the music I love the most.

My friend Sandy once told me that Van Morrison is God. While I won't go that far, he is my absolute favorite male vocalist. The way he does "Into The Mystic", "Moon Dance", and "Brown Eyed Girl"?no one else can ever evoke quite the same feelings. (I just found out that my favorite song by Rod Stewart, "Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?", was written by Van.) One of these days, I hope to see him in person.
Van Morrison website.

While Van Morrison is my favorite singer, Harry Chapin is my favorite storyteller. Here's a guy that died way, way too young! You probably know him best for "Cats In The Cradle", or perhaps "Taxi". But my favorite of all his songs happens to have been his favorite, as well: "A Better Place To Be." I found a wonderful site dedicated to Harry where you can listen to a live concert version of that song:

. (You can also help out with Harry's greatest concern...trying to save children around the world from starvation.) And if you have trouble downloading the song, or would prefer just to read the words, you can click here for the lyrics: A Better Place To Be

I first heard PROCUL HARUM at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia in the 60's. (The Electric Factory used to be a place to actually see performances, unlike just a concert promotion firm like it is now.) A few years ago, I was fortunate enough to see them again, and they sound as magnificent as ever. The song they do that I love the most is "Whiter Shade of Pale", but I love their whole catalog.

Procul Harum website.

The MOODY BLUES are so much a part of who I am today. I listened to their music almost daily during the sixties, and while I don't obsess like that today, I still love this group. Their music includes some truly mystical themes, sometimes seeming rather obscure, but how many of you can't identify with "In Your Wildest Dreams"?

Moody Blues website.

Another band that had a great impact on my psyche was QUICKSILVER MESSENGER SERVICE, especially their album, "Happy Trails". In my opinion, their version of "Who Do You Love" is THE best.

Quicksilver website, including some fantastic RealAudio concerts. Check out the Happy Trails outtakes.

You may never have heard of IT'S A BEAUTIFUL DAY, but their song, "White Bird", always gets to me....especially when they sing, "White bird must fly, or she will die." It is one of my personal missions to introduce this song to everyone who has never heard it!

Listen to a sound clip from the beginning of "White Bird".

And speaking of birds, even though it has been played and over-played, I love the song "Free Bird" by Lynrd Skynrd.

Free Bird with RealAudio!

Do you remember the song, "Suzanne"? "And you want to travel with her, and you want to travel blind, and you know that you can trust her for she's touched your perfect body with her mind..." Leonard Cohen wrote that wonderful piece of poetry, and a lot of other poems as well (only some set to music.) You can even get a wav of part of Suzanne at this website.

Leonard Cohen website.

How many of you have ever head of Papa John Creach? I can't begin to tell you about his talent with the Blues.?you have to hear it for yourself.

Papa John Creach.

And speaking of the Blues, one of the most magnificent ladies of the Blues was Billie Holiday. If you aren't familiar with her, please take some time to find some of her music and listen to her soul.

Billie Holiday.

While it is rarely heard on the radio today, "Elusive Butterfly" has always had a place in my heart. It was sung by Bob Lind, and I honestly can't think of a single other song that he did. But there is just something about the lyrics that is 'me'.

Don't be concerned, it will not harm you...

Another song that I identify with is "Monday Monday" by MAMAS AND PAPAS, especially when they sing, "Oh Monday Monday how could you leave and not take me."

Monday morning gave me no warning...

Throughout my college years, and most of my young adult life, my personal anthem was "Sound of Silence" by Simon and Garfunkl. And this song is no less poignant today than it was the first time it was played.

The words of the prophet are written...

I loved almost everything Janis Joplin did, but her rendition of "Summertime" always sends me off into a trance.

You can find a clip from this song here, as well as many other Janis songs.

Do you like THE KINKS? I can't tell you how many of their songs I love. But the two that I love the most are "Come Dancing" and "Celluloid Heroes.":

The words to most of the Kinks' songs

Did you see the movie "Top Gun"? Then you know this song:

"Take My Breath Away" by BERLIN touches my soul.

Neil Young is one of the people in music I respect the most. He's never 'sold out', and I don't think he ever will. He's a real artist. My favorite Neil Young song is

"Harvest Moon"

There is a song I love song by both Aerosmith, and the country singer Mark Chestnutt. I love both versions of "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing".

"I don't want to go to sleep 'cause I'll miss you girl"

One of the most beautiful love songs I've heard in recent years is "Amazed" by a group called LoneStar.

"It just keeps getting better"

Andy Griggs must truly have been in love to write "You Won't Ever Be Lonely." There is someone I hope to sing this to.

Andy's lyrics
and a sound bite

There is a song I would like everyone to hear, but especially anyone who is part of a family which contains both Christians and Pagans. Dar Williams really hits the mark with

"The Christians and the Pagans"

Comedy Songs

I definitely have an eclectic sense of humor, as well. Here are some of my favorite comedy pieces.

One of the funniest songs I've ever heard is called, "Ode To The Little Brown Shack Out Back", and yes, it is about an outhouse!
Read Billy Edd Wheeler's respectful tribute song.

Tom Paxton wrote a song, THE MARVELOUS TOY, that has been sung by many different artists, including Peter, Paul and Mary. It always gives me a warm feeling inside.

Wish I had a toy like this!

I first heard of Tom Lehrer in the Sixties, when he was writing for a television show called "That Was The Week That Was". Here are two of my favorite songs by Tom.

The Vatican Rag
The Masochism Tango

There is a hilarious album entitled, "When You Are In Love, The Whole World Is Jewish." Trust me, you don't need to be Jewish to appreciate the humor on this album! My favorite piece is called "The Ballad Of Irving", by Frank Gallop. In case you didn't know, Irving was "the 142nd fastest gun in the West".

Hear the song in Real Audio

Kip Addotta has written many a hysterically funny song, but my favorite is "Wet Dream". Don't read the lyrics if you dislike puns!

Something very fishy is going on!

I'd love to hear how many favorites we have in common! Write and tell me