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This Centaur was first classified 1999 UG5, then numbered #31824, and finally given the name Elatus. It was discovered October 29, 1999, at 5 Taurus 12. Chiron, the first known Centaur, was discovered Nov 1, 1977 (so the discovery Sun's are very close together), at 3 Taurus 08, so their discovery degrees are also quite close. These are only some of the connections Elatus and Chiron share.

First, let's look at the Sabian Symbols for their respective discovery degrees.

CHIRON 4 TAURUS: THE POT OF GOLD AT THE END OF THE RAINBOW. Riches that come from linking the celestial and the earthly nature. A bridge linking the earthly with the celestial.
ELATUS 6 TAURUS: CANTILEVER BRIDGE ACROSS A DEEP GORGE. The conquest of separativeness through group-cooperation. Or as Lynda Hill puts it, A BRIDGE BEING BUILT ACROSS A GORGE.
In each case, we have a bridge, but with Chiron, we discover a bridge that is there, while with Elatus, we must build the bridge.

2. There is the little matter of the Galactic Center. When Chiron was discovered, the Ascendant was conjunct the Galactic Center. When Elatus was discovered, it's South Node was 26 Sagittarius 49, the GC 26 Sagittarius 51.

3.Chiron has been described as tapping the energy found at the Saturn/Uranus midpoint. Elatus may do this even moreso, for its current orbit is calculated as 44.0881 years.....and one Saturn/Uranus cycle is 45.36 years.

4. Uranus at Elatus discovery was a degree away from exactly squaring Uranus at Chiron's discovery.

5. The Moon was in Cancer when each Centaur was found.

6. Both Centaurs move closer to the Sun than Saturn, aiming toward Jupiter, and both aim out toward Uranus at their aphelions. In fact, Elatus' semi-major axis is closer to that of Chiron than to any other body yet discovered.

There is a very intimate connection between Chiron and Elatus even in mythology.

When herd of Centaurs was driven crazy by the smell of wine, and, crazed, they charged the cave where the scent came from, Hercules began shooting his arrows to stop the mob. Elatus was one of the Centaurs that tried to flee, after Hercules started shooting at them. In one story, Hercules' arrow hits Elatus in the arm, but passes right through, and ends up hitting Chiron, much to Hercules' regret. In this version of the story, the same arrow whose poison killed Elatus was also the one that inflicted the wound that could not heal on the immortal Chiron. So Elatus is definitely connected with Chiron.

It's eccentricity is 0.3836910, an an inclination of 5.251398. The name Elatus means "fir man," which may be because he was so strong, he would uproot whole fir trees to use as weapons against his enemies. But the Latin word elatus can also be interpreted "puff-up, proud of oneself, arrogant."


On Amable's blog,
Transneptunian Astrology, there is this interesting observation about Elatus: "Elatus has an incredible ability to escape from the most dificult situations, like Morfeo-Neo in the movie "The Matrix" (1999). But is more habitual that he flees before things get worse.

"The Jupiter-Uranus quality is associated to the puer aeternus archetype (Marie Louise Von Franz; Liz Green), were an individual with inmense potential always flee before that potencial is achieved, like in the movie "Forces of Nature" (1999), or like in the book of Ursula K. Le Guin "A Wizard of Earthsea" (1968) or like Luke in the movie "Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back" (1980) when he interrupt the training with Yoda." Phil Sedgwick says this about Elatus: "Expression of self and ego through word and writing. Positive: Excellent communication, articulate, precise. Negative: Verbose, boastful, shallow in conversation."
Mark Andrew Holmes says "Elatus seems to indicate expression, expressiveness, eloquence, to mislead, to deceive (possibly oneself); possibly "dodging a bullet.""

Mark Andrew Holmes has some additional thoughts on Elatus:


If these two are indeed intimately related, a study of their aspects may prove quite useful. Because of their respective orbits, for awhile they appear to be keeping pace with each other, hence many years of squares, and oppositions. But it is intriguing that there is one opposition, interrupting the squares, then they go back to squaring each other for awhile, before the oppositions begin in earnest. And over 174 years separated one set of conjunctions with another.

10Sa44 10Sa44 Chiron conjunct Elatus January 30, 1899
5Aq20 5Aq20 Chiron conjunct Elatus January 6, 1906
11Pi05 11Ge05 Chiron square Elatus June 6, 1912
2Vi03 2Sa03 Chiron opposition Elatus August 8, 1943
13Vi16 13Sa16 Chiron square Elatus February 24, 1944
10Vi22 10Sa22 Chiron square Elatus June 9, 1944
27Cp23 27Ar23 Chiron square Elatus June 21, 1954
24Cp52 24Ar52 Chiron square Elatus November 24, 1954
4Aq51 4Ta51 Chiron square Elatus April 8, 1955
12Cp26 12Ca26 Chiron opposition Elatus September 9, 2003
13Cp59 13Ca59 Chiron opposition Elatus November 25, 2004
21Cp09 21Ca09 Chiron opposition Elatus August 25, 2004
23Cp34 23Ca34 Chiron opposition Elatus December 7, 2004
29Cp04 29Ca04 Chiron opposition Elatus August 18, 2005
1Aq49 1Le49 Chiron opposition Elatus December 30, 2005
6Aq14 6Le14 Chiron opposition Elatus August 14, 2006
9Aq08 9Le08 Chiron opposition Elatus January 18, 2007
12Aq45 12Le45 Chiron opposition Elatus August 11, 2007
15Aq43 15Le43 Chiron opposition Elatus February 4, 2008
18Aq43 18Le43 Chiron opposition Elatus August 7, 2008
21Aq45 21Le45 Chiron opposition Elatus February 2, 2009
24Aq16 24Le16 Chiron opposition Elatus August 5, 2009
27Aq19 27Le19 Chiron opposition Elatus March 4, 2010
29Aq26 29Le26 Chiron opposition Elatus August 2, 2010
2Pi31 2Vi31 Chiron opposition Elatus March 18, 2011
4Pi17 4Vi17 Chiron opposition Elatus July 30, 2011
7Pi26 7Vi26 Chiron opposition Elatus March 31, 2012
8Pi54 8Vi54 Chiron opposition Elatus July 25, 2012
12Pi07 12Vi07 Chiron opposition Elatus April 14, 2013
13Pi17 13Vi17 Chiron opposition Elatus July 21, 2013
16Pi37 16Vi37 Chiron opposition Elatus April 30, 2014
17Pi30 17Vi30 Chiron opposition Elatus July 14, 2014
21Pi01 21Vi01 Chiron opposition Elatus May 20, 2015
21Pi31 21Vi31 Chiron opposition Elatus July 3, 2015
20Ge23 20Pi23 Chiron square Elatus February 22, 2038
3Ca56 3Ar56 Chiron square Elatus October 15, 2038
2Ca02 2Ar02 Chiron square Elatus December 7, 2038
22Sc51 22Le51 Chiron square Elatus December 25, 2048
21Sc17 21Le17 Chiron square Elatus July 17, 2049
28Sc49 28Le49 Chiron square Elatus October 31, 2049
15Ar10 15Cp10 Chiron square Elatus January 30, 2074
20Ar55 20Cp55 Chiron square Elatus May 21, 2074
18Ar35 18Cp35 Chiron square Elatus November 26, 2074
14Ta22 14Ta22 Chiron conjunct Elatus June 25, 2080
28Vi56 28Vi56 Chiron conjunct Elatus December 21, 2095
26Vi50 26Vi50 Chiron conjunct Elatus March 8, 2096
24Vi03 24Vi03 Chiron conjunct Elatus June 22, 2096

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