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Chiron represents the teacher, and the healer, as well as a door-opener. This award will be given to websites that excel in teaching us, that show us how to heal (ourselves, or others), that open doors...or possibly do all three.

The First Recipient:

Walter D. Pullen, for his tireless efforts with Astrolog, his freeware program that has made it possible for anyone to do astrological calculations! If you haven't tried it yet, by all means download a copy. Thank you, Walter.

The Second Recipient:

The Wounded Healer Journal is a healing community for psychotherapists and abuse survivors. They offer "inspiration, friendship, messaging, resources and chat." I truly feel they have given hope and solace to many, many people, and are very deserving of this Chiron Award.

The Third Recipient:

Riyal Calculation Software is a free program, designed by Juan Revilla, that gives a real boost to Centaur research. It calculates the position of all 9 Centaurs accurately for any date 1880-2000, and within a few minutes of accuracy all the way back to 1717. Like Walter Pullen, Juan has been working on this program unselfishly, and I salute him for making these bodies available to everyone.

The Fourth Recipient:

Mark Pottenger has done more for current research into minor planets, Centaurs and the trans-neptunian bodies than anyone I know. First, with his CCRS program, he has made it possible for anyone with a computer to calculate the positions of literally thousands of minor planets. Second, he has given his assistance, time and support to numerous researchers, who might not have been able to get anywhere without it. I salute Mark for all he has done for the astrological community. I do not know if Mark has a website yet, but his e-mail address is

The Fifth Recipient:

J. Lee Lehman, Ph.D. has made many contributions to astrology. I remember exploring Minor Planets along with her in the 1980's, and have enjoyed her works such as "The Ultimate Asteroid Book". She has of course written a good bit about Chiron too. But with her writings, teaching, workshops, and her "Learning With Lee" CD's, she has opened doors for a lot of people. All that she has done already should warrant a Chiron award, but her latest release clinches it. Dr. Lehman has used the knowledge she gained while pursuing her PhD in Botany, and a life-long love of plants, to come up with "The Perennial Herbal". Lee has created a guide to the plants referenced by classical astrological works, including information about how both ancient and modern sources have used these plants - traditionally and homeopathically. Want to look up the rulership of Mullein, or how to use Skullcap? With the thought that Chiron was a healer, and taught his students the use of healing herbs as well as astrology, I salute Dr. Lehman with a Chiron award. You can read about "The Perennial Herbal" and purchase it for yourself at

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