Glyph for Amycus This glyph was
designed by
Zane B Stein
Glyph for Amycus This glyph was
designed by
Bartłomiej Jankiewicz


Amycus, #55576, was discovered on April 8, 2002 at 7 Libra 11. This is getting to be a popular degree of the zodiac for Centaurs, since both Asbolus and 1999 HD12 were discovered in the same degree. Perhaps, as time goes by, we will find that these Centaurs all have qualities in common. But it won't be size...Amycus is almost double the size of Asbolus, and about ten tims the size of 1999 HD12!

Perhaps we will find that they all share something that connects them to the Sabian Symbol for this degree: A blazing fireplace in a deserted home.

The orbit of this Centaur is about 127 years, so the odds of seeing an Amycus return are pretty slim. It has an eccentricity of 0.3987246, and an inclination to the ecliptic of 13.33584.


There doesn't seem to be a lot written about Amycus. In fact, the main source of information comes from Ovid [Met.12.250], where we find out that Amycus was involved in the war with the Lapith's that began at the wedding of Theseus' friend Pirithous.

Amycus, son of Ophion, was the first who dared to rob the inner shrine of its offerings: he gave the lead by snatching from the sanctuary a branched candlestick, thickly hung with flaring lamps. Raising this aloft, as the priest raises the sacrificial axe when he strains to cleave through the snowy neck of the bull, Amycus dashed it against the forehead of the Lapith Celadon, and left him with his skull smashed, his face unrecognizable: for his eyes leaped from their sockets, his nose, pushed backwards as the bones of his face were shattered, was driven firmly into the middle of his palate.

Pretty nasty stuff. But Amycus doesn't avoid judgement for his actions:

But Pelates from Pella brought Amycus to the ground with a table leg, wrenched from a maplewood table. He drove his enemy's chin down into his breast and, as Amycus was spitting our a mixture of teeth and blood, struck him a second blow that despatched him to the shades of Tartarus.

We know that Amycus was the son of Ophion, also a Centaur. I'm sure his father mourned his son's death. And perhaps in Amycus' home, or cave, or wherever he once lived, there was indeed a hearth fire burning in a home that would never again see it's owner return. (Asbolus, too, died as a result of what happened at this wedding, so his home also would forever be deserted.)


A lot of research needs to be done before we truly understand the nature of this Centaur, but here are a few things to think about.

On November 22, 2005, there was a conjunction of Amycus and Jupiter at 5 Scorpio 55. Some of the stories that made headlines around the world at that time included:

  • Google announcd that it is giving $3 million to the U.S. Library of Congress to help set up a system for creating digital copies of rare documents from around the world, a "World Digital Library."
  • China Tests RFID System for monitoring and tracking technologies at a poultry farm in an attempt to prevent the spread of bird flu.
  • US President George W. Bush becomes the first leader of this country to visit Mongolia.
  • The planned execution of Stanley "Tookie" Williams made headlines. While he was the co-founder of the Crips gang, and he was convicted of having "shot and killed four people during two robberies in Los Angeles", the stories also focused on the fact that he had been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and the Nobel Prize in Literature (for writing children's books warning children against becoming gang members).
  • Attorney General Alberto Gonzales announced at a press conference today that Jose Padilla has been indicted, charged "with providing - and conspiring to provide - material support to terrorists, and conspiring to murder individuals who are overseas".
  • Author Kurt Vonnegut stirred a lot of impassioned reaction to a statement that he made about terrorists. Vonnegut said it was "sweet and honourable" to die for what you believe in, and rejected the idea that terrorists were motivated by twisted religious beliefs. "They are dying for their own self-respect," he said. "It's a terrible thing to deprive someone of their self-respect. It's like your culture is nothing, your race is nothing, you're nothing."
  • President Bush planned to bomb Arab TV station al-Jazeera in the counry of Qatar, a supposedly "Top Secret" memo from #10 Downing Street purports, but (said the memo) he was talked out of it at a White House summit by Tony Blair, who said it would provoke a worldwide backlash.

On Amable's blog, Transneptunian Astrology, there is this interesting observation about Amycus: "Amycus always finds the anomaly that has been latent in a system (that had worked well since that time), like in the movies "The Bourne Identity" (2002), "Minority Report" (2002), "Matrix Reloaded" (2003), "Trapped" (2002), "The Life of David Gale" (2002), or "Crimson Tide" (1995)."

Mark Andrew Holmes has some additional thoughts on Amycus:


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What was going on in the world during these times:

15Sc12 180 deg 15Ta12 6/01/1963
15Sc32 180 deg 15Ta32 9/03/1963
17Sc06 180 deg 17Ta06 28/12/1963
17Sc33 180 deg 17Ta33 22/03/1964
19Sc01 180 deg 19Ta01 21/12/1964
19Sc34 180 deg 19Ta34 2/04/1965
20Sc58 180 deg 20Ta58 16/12/1965
21Sc36 180 deg 21Ta36 11/04/1966
22Sc57 180 deg 22Ta57 13/12/1966
23Sc39 180 deg 23Ta39 19/04/1967
24Sc57 180 deg 24Ta57 10/12/1967
25Sc43 180 deg 25Ta43 25/04/1968
26Sc59 180 deg 26Ta59 8/12/1968
27Sc48 180 deg 27Ta48 1/05/1969
29Sc03 180 deg 29Ta03 7/12/1969
29Sc54 180 deg 29Ta54 6/05/1970
1Sa08 180 deg 1Ge08 7/12/1970
2Sa02 180 deg 2Ge02 11/05/1971
3Sa16 180 deg 3Ge16 7/12/1971
4Sa11 180 deg 4Ge11 13/05/1972
5Sa25 180 deg 5Ge25 8/12/1972
6Sa21 180 deg 6Ge21 16/05/1973
7Sa36 180 deg 7Ge36 11/12/1973
8Sa33 180 deg 8Ge33 18/05/1974
9Sa50 180 deg 9Ge50 15/12/1974
10Sa47 180 deg 10Ge47 19/05/1975
12Sa06 180 deg 12Ge06 19/12/1975
13Sa01 180 deg 13Ge01 18/05/1976
14Sa24 180 deg 14Ge24 24/12/1976
15Sa18 180 deg 15Ge18 16/05/1977
16Sa45 180 deg 16Ge45 1/01/1978
17Sa36 180 deg 17Ge36 13/05/1978
19Sa09 180 deg 19Ge09 10/01/1979
19Sa56 180 deg 19Ge56 9/05/1979
21Sa36 180 deg 21Ge36 21/01/1980
22Sa17 180 deg 22Ge17 2/05/1980
24Sa07 180 deg 24Ge07 2/02/1981
24Sa39 180 deg 24Ge39 23/04/1981
26Sa44 180 deg 26Ge44 24/02/1982
27Sa01 180 deg 27Ge01 7/04/1982
Some other dates worth researching in the news:

Another way to study a Centaur is by looking for patterns in people who share the same aspect. What do people born with a close Amcyus/Mars aspect have in common, for example? Here are a few I've found so far with very close aspects:
Here is a list of the exact Amcyus conjunctions and oppositions with Mars for the past 100 years. Do you know anyone born near one of these dates? If so, what do they have in common with the people listed above?

Mars aspect Amycus DY/MO/YEAR
2Le33 180 deg 2Aq33 1/10/1900
7Aq19 0 deg 7Aq19 11/01/1902
8Le05 180 deg 8Aq05 17/09/1902
11Aq28 0 deg 11Aq28 27/12/1903
13Le21 180 deg 13Aq21 5/09/1904
15Aq25 0 deg 15Aq25 8/12/1905
18Le18 180 deg 18Aq18 25/08/1906
19Aq19 0 deg 19Aq19 13/11/1907
22Le59 180 deg 22Aq59 13/08/1908
26Aq27 0 deg 26Aq27 20/05/1909
27Le25 180 deg 27Aq25 1/08/1910
29Aq53 0 deg 29Aq53 23/04/1911
1Vi35 180 deg 1Pi35 19/07/1912
2Pi58 0 deg 2Pi58 3/04/1913
5Vi32 180 deg 5Pi32 5/07/1914
5Pi50 0 deg 5Pi50 16/03/1915
9Vi11 180 deg 9Pi11 16/06/1916
8Pi32 0 deg 8Pi32 27/02/1917
8Vi00 180 deg 8Pi00 17/11/1917
11Pi08 0 deg 11Pi08 10/02/1919
11Vi28 180 deg 11Pi28 29/10/1919
13Pi42 0 deg 13Pi42 22/01/1921
14Vi59 180 deg 14Pi59 13/10/1921
16Pi17 0 deg 16Pi17 2/01/1923
18Vi28 180 deg 18Pi28 30/09/1923
19Pi04 0 deg 19Pi04 30/11/1924
21Vi54 180 deg 21Pi54 16/09/1925
24Pi44 0 deg 24Pi44 7/06/1926
25Vi17 180 deg 25Pi17 3/09/1927
27Pi15 0 deg 27Pi15 13/05/1928
28Vi36 180 deg 28Pi36 19/08/1929
29Pi35 0 deg 29Pi35 24/04/1930
1Li48 180 deg 1Ar48 4/08/1931
1Ar49 0 deg 1Ar49 5/04/1932
4Li51 180 deg 4Ar51 15/07/1933
4Ar00 0 deg 4Ar00 19/03/1934
3Li35 180 deg 3Ar35 18/12/1934
6Li49 180 deg 6Ar49 7/05/1935
7Li22 180 deg 7Ar22 1/06/1935
6Ar11 0 deg 6Ar11 1/03/1936
6Li33 180 deg 6Ar33 25/11/1936
8Ar25 0 deg 8Ar25 10/02/1938
9Li40 180 deg 9Ar40 9/11/1938
10Ar46 0 deg 10Ar46 19/01/1940
12Li52 180 deg 12Ar52 25/10/1940
16Ar02 0 deg 16Ar02 3/08/1941
14Ar29 0 deg 14Ar29 18/10/1941
13Ar36 0 deg 13Ar36 30/11/1941
16Li06 180 deg 16Ar06 12/10/1942
18Ar44 0 deg 18Ar44 22/06/1943
19Li21 180 deg 19Ar21 27/09/1944
21Ar07 0 deg 21Ar07 30/05/1945
22Li36 180 deg 22Ar36 13/09/1946
23Ar24 0 deg 23Ar24 12/05/1947
25Li49 180 deg 25Ar49 28/08/1948
25Ar40 0 deg 25Ar40 24/04/1949
28Li58 180 deg 28Ar58 8/08/1950
27Ar57 0 deg 27Ar57 7/04/1951
27Li44 180 deg 27Ar44 15/01/1952
1Sc14 180 deg 1Ta14 6/06/1952
1Sc28 180 deg 1Ta28 17/06/1952
0Ta18 0 deg 0Ta18 20/03/1953
0Sc51 180 deg 0Ta51 21/12/1953
2Ta46 0 deg 2Ta46 2/03/1955
4Sc14 180 deg 4Ta14 5/12/1955
5Ta25 0 deg 5Ta25 6/02/1957
7Sc46 180 deg 7Ta46 20/11/1957
11Ta19 0 deg 11Ta19 9/08/1958
11Sc26 180 deg 11Ta26 7/11/1959
14Ta16 0 deg 14Ta16 10/07/1960
15Sc13 180 deg 15Ta13 24/10/1961
17Ta07 0 deg 17Ta07 21/06/1962
19Sc08 180 deg 19Ta08 10/10/1963
20Ta00 0 deg 20Ta00 3/06/1964
23Sc07 180 deg 23Ta07 24/09/1965
22Ta56 0 deg 22Ta56 19/05/1966
27Sc07 180 deg 27Ta07 5/09/1967
26Ta00 0 deg 26Ta00 2/05/1968
26Sc02 180 deg 26Ta02 16/02/1969
29Ta14 0 deg 29Ta14 17/04/1970
0Sa05 180 deg 0Ge05 23/01/1971
2Ge42 0 deg 2Ge42 31/03/1972
4Sa37 180 deg 4Ge37 6/01/1973
6Ge30 0 deg 6Ge30 11/03/1974
9Sa32 180 deg 9Ge32 24/12/1974
14Ge11 0 deg 14Ge11 8/09/1975
14Sa50 180 deg 14Ge50 11/12/1976
18Ge42 0 deg 18Ge42 14/08/1977
20Sa30 180 deg 20Ge30 30/11/1978
23Ge20 0 deg 23Ge20 29/07/1979
26Sa33 180 deg 26Ge33 17/11/1980
28Ge14 0 deg 28Ge14 15/07/1981
2Cp59 180 deg 2Ca59 4/11/1982
3Ca28 0 deg 3Ca28 4/07/1983
9Cp44 180 deg 9Ca44 19/10/1984
9Ca10 0 deg 9Ca10 23/06/1985
9Cp48 180 deg 9Ca48 17/04/1986
14Cp04 180 deg 14Ca04 23/07/1986
16Cp06 180 deg 16Ca06 8/09/1986
15Ca28 0 deg 15Ca28 14/06/1987
16Cp50 180 deg 16Ca50 18/03/1988
22Ca30 0 deg 22Ca30 4/06/1989
25Cp17 180 deg 25Ca17 5/03/1990
0Le23 0 deg 0Le23 27/05/1991
4Aq52 180 deg 4Le52 24/02/1992
9Le18 0 deg 9Le18 16/05/1993
15Aq37 180 deg 15Le37 17/02/1994
23Le41 0 deg 23Le41 22/11/1994
21Le24 0 deg 21Le24 15/02/1995
19Le28 0 deg 19Le28 28/04/1995
27Aq36 180 deg 27Le36 12/02/1996
4Vi59 0 deg 4Vi59 8/11/1996
10Pi46 180 deg 10Vi46 8/02/1998
17Vi13 0 deg 17Vi13 5/11/1998
24Pi59 180 deg 24Vi59 5/02/2000
0Li23 0 deg 0Li23 4/11/2000
9Ar54 180 deg 9Li54 1/02/2002
14Li09 0 deg 14Li09 6/11/2002
24Ar52 180 deg 24Li52 26/01/2004
28Li03 0 deg 28Li03 8/11/2004
28Ar07 180 deg 28Li07 25/07/2005

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