Amor glyph


Amor has to do with idealized love and related feelings. By itself it is not sexually oriented. Rather, it is warmth and "love as it should be." If Amor is strong a person cannot help but believe (at least partly) in the idea of "true love", and if you look to the house it is in you will find where the person most expects to be able to express this love.

Examples: in the 1st house the person wants to love everyone, and sees expressing love as part of his basic nature; in the 4th the person feels that one's home should be a place overflowing with love; in the 10th he feels that he must strive to become a very loving person.

Yet all these are ideals. The person may, due to other things in the chart, feel incapable of achieving his ideal situation, or may feel unworthy of love. In that case he may not strive for his ideal, or may even find himself working against it. And if a person has a planet in square or opposition to Amor, there may be something else he also wants that seems to bring about the denial of love.

If one person's Amor is conjunct a planet in another's chart there are definite feelings of love. Yet if the Amor person also has one of his own natal planets in hard aspect to his Amor, so that it conflicts with the other person's chart too, there is usually a love/hate relationship.

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