The most important part of the chart. It is your center, your basic conscious self. If the world were such that you could be exactly the way you wanted to be, without any limitations, the Sun's sign would describe you to a T. It is the source of your vitality, your creative force, and your ego. It is very easy to find out your Sun-Sign, because the Sun is in the same sign on the same date each year (with one exception: due to our imperfect calendar, the exact date the Sun changes signs each year varies from year to year. So if you were born around when the Sun is changing signs, you need to look up the exact Sun position for that year, or have your astrologer do it.) It is said to rule the sign Leo. MOON:
Rivaling the Sun for importance, the Moon is your subconsious self. You have basic needs: security, food, comfort, and the Moon rules these. Go one step further, and the Moon shows your deep needs on all levels, and how you act when your needs are not met. It shows the roots of your emotions and feelings, your maternal instincts, and the desire to both seek nourishment and to nourish others.The Moon changes signs ever 2-1/2 days, and so in order to find your Moon Sign, you need to look it up for your exact birthdate. It is said to rule the sign Cancer.
This is the logical mind, the reasoning ability, the need to communicate, and the constant search for the reason things are the way they are. It's biggest virtue is the curiosity it gives you. It's greatest fault is that it is very shortsighted, its conclusions coming only from information immediately available. Due to its closeness to the Sun, it can only be in one of three signs: your own Sun Sign, the one before it, or the one after it. It is said to rule the signs Gemini and Virgo. VENUS:
The aesthetic sense, what you value most, what you find beautiful....what you want to attract into and make a part of your life....these are Venus. It is also your idea of relationships, and how you show affection. And it has a lot to due with the sexual nature....showing what you want to receive, what you want done to you. Due to its closeness to the Sun, it can only be in one of five signs: your own Sun Sign, the two before it, or the two after it. It is said to rule the signs Taurus and Libra.
The most basic drives are ruled by Mars. It shows where, and how, you assert yourself, your modus operandi when you attack a problem, and the tactics you use to fight, or argue, or defend yourself. It is the powerfully outward expression of the sexual nature, showing what you want to do, what you want to go after. It is the first of the 'outer' bodies, and thus is the most primitive expression of your approach to the outside world. It is said to rule the sign Aries, and co-rule Scorpio.
The abstract mind is Jupiter....the ability to find meaning in symbols, to understand philosophy, religion, the urge to grow out beyond what you are. It gives the ability to teach, as well as a thirst to learn more than just facts and figures. Jupiter rules the ethics and principles that shape laws. It is said to rule the sign Sagittarius, and co-rule Pisces.
Limitations and restrictions, that's Saturn. These are both those you impose on yourself, as well as your attitude toward restrictions imposed on you by others, by the world, by the universe. It is Saturn that helps you understand yourself, by teaching you what you are not. It is the letter of the law. Saturn is said to rule Capricorn, and co-rule Aquarius.
This is the first of the 'generational' planets, staying in one sign for over 7 years. It is the desire to beyond limits, to tear down outmoded ideas, to assert your uniqueness/individuality. Where Uranus falls, you do not want to be restricted nor limited nor categorized. It is said to co-rule Aquarius.
This is the second of the 'generational' planets, staying in each sign around 12 years. It is the need to be part of a larger whole, the need to fit in to something bigger than the self, the need to seek the universal. It represents your dreams, your illusions, your fantasies and delusions. It is said to co-rule Pisces.
This is the third of the 'generational' planets, staying in each sign for many years (anywhere up to 30 per sign, depending upon the sign.) It is the deep compelling need to transorm, to bring about death of that which is outmoded to prepare for rebirth. It gives you obsessions and compulsions, and shows how you handle power. It is said to co-rule Scorpio.
Chiron is a unique body.....the largest Comet in the solar system, and yet also classified as a Minor Planet. It was discovered in 1977. It shows deep wounds that seem difficult or impossible to heal, as well as the urge for healing and wholemaking. Chiron will help you find your path, your guide. It also shows where you are a Maverick. There is disagreement over its rulership, but I believe it rules a process that begins with the sign Virgo and ends in the sign Sagittarius.
This is a mathematical point, not a planet, but is has a lot of significance. It shows where you should focus in order to grow, and evolve, as well as the people who you attract into your life who can help you in your growth. It is always exactly opposite the South Node, which shows abilities that you have an instinctive understanding of, and can draw upon as a resource....but it also shows the areas where, if you dwell upon them, you well get stuck in a rut. It is a good place to find friends to have fun with, but not to spend too much time with, lest you and they both end up in a rut together.
The first of the asteroids discovered, and the largest, Ceres is the care and concern you want to give to nurture something and help it grow. Thus, it is the desire to truly feel productive, useful. When you lose something truly important to you, Ceres will also show how you deal with the grief you are feeling.
The second of the asteroids discovered, it shows your ability to perceive patterns, and where and how you express your inventive side.....your 'brain children.' Unlike Mars, which will attack, even offensively, Pallas shows where you feel the need to protect yourself, surround yourself with armor, and defend your self.
Juno is the third asteroid discovered. Where Juno falls shows where you often feel small, where you can feel at the mercy of the powers that be. Depending upon the way it is configured in your chart, it will show either the type of person you turn to for the power you feel you don't have, or the need to hold on tight to the power you do have so that it is not taken from you.
The fourth asteroid discovered, Vesta's principles were much better understood by the ancients than by today's society. It is a need to find something to identify with on a personal level, such as a clan, a tribe, a group to belong to. On a deeper level, though, it is the search for your personal 'fire', something you can count on as always there, unchangable.