Rudy Bond's Motion Pictures


WITH THESE HANDS. Played a Business Agent. Produced by the ILGWU. To see photos, click HANDS


A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE. Played Steve Hubbel. Warner Brothers. To find out more about the movie AND the play, click STREETCAR


MISS SADIE THOMPSON. Played Hodges. Columbia. To see a photo, click SADIE


ON THE WATERFRONT. Played Moose. Columbia. To see photos, click WATERFRONT


NIGHTFALL. Played Red. Columbia. To see photos, click NIGHTFALL
Kim Morgan has written an in-depth review of "Nightfall", and has given permission to quote from it: "Nightfall is a work of striking juxtapositions and tones that by picture end, come off like a wonderfully disarming person—you’re charmed, even a bit disturbed, but you're not sure what to make of it all. It opens at night, in the neon lit, Los Angeles jungle shimmering with welcoming Hollywood haunts like Miceli’s, Firefly and Musso and Frank and ends within the blinding white snow of the more foreboding Wyoming Wilderness. It pits an older doctor and his much younger, artist friend against two thugs, one an over-eager, violence-lusting psychopath and the other a casual, smarter killer whose relaxed approach borders on the likable." (The psycopath is, of course, Rudy. "the picture skillfully weaves a convoluted story, harsh violence, existential angst, naturalistic acting and sweet romanticism without ever feeling forced." You can read the rest of her review here: Silent Snow, Savage Snow: 'Nightfall'


THE BROTHERS RICO. Played Gonzales. Columbia. To see a photo, click RICO

THE HARD MAN. Played John Rodman. Columbia. To see a photo, click HARD MAN

12 ANGRY MEN. Played the Judge. United Artists. To see photos, click TWELVE


RUN SILENT, RUN DEEP. Played Cullen. United Artists. To see a photo, click RUN


MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT. Played Gould. Columbia. To see photos, click MIDDLE


BECAUSE THEY'RE YOUNG. Played Chris. Columbia

BUTTERFIELD 8. Played Big Man. MGM. To see photos, click BUTTERFIELD

THE MOUNTAIN ROAD. Played Miller. Columbia. To see photos, click MOUNTAIN


MOVE. Played Detective Sawyer. 20th Century Fox HERCULES IN NEW YORK (aka HERCULES - THE MOVIE, aka HERCULES GOES BANANAS). Played the Ship Captain. RAF Industries. To see photos, and the story of this movie, click HERCULES


. . . . . .Played Newsdealer. National General. To see photos from this movie, click HARRY
CRY OF THE PENGUINS (Mr. Forbush and the Penguins). Played the 3rd Pilot. British Lion.


THE GODFATHER. Played Cuneo. Paramount. To see photos from this movie, click GODFATHER
TWO LIGHTS & A CAMERA, written, directed & produced by Rudy


BROCK'S LAST CASE. Played McNulty. NBC TV Movie. To see photos from this movie, click BROCK

"CHELSEA D.H.O. (aka D.H.O.). This TV Movie aired on ABC June 17, 1973, and was a pilot for a show that was not picked up. It was based on true case histories. Dr Sam Delaney, a caring physician in charge of a District Health Office in Philadelphia, treats his patient as well as the patient's illness. Cast: Rudy played a pretzel and chestnut vendor. Frank Converse - Dr Sam Delaney; Luther Adler - Dr Levine, M.E.; Ruby Dee - Dr Bianca Pearson; Edward Grover - Axel Thorsen; Jack Weston - Mr Randall; Richard Gere - Milo


THE TAKING OF PELHAM 123. Played the Police Commissioner. U.A. To see a photo, click PELHAM THE SUPER COPS. Played a Policeman. MGM-UA. To see a photo, click SUPERCOPS


THE ROSE. Played Monty the Bartender. 20th Century Fox. To see photos, click ROSE


SKAG. NBC Movie Of The Week. First aired January 6. Pilot for the short-lived SKAG televison series.
If you want to see pictures from this movie, click SKAG


STAND BY YOUR MAN. Played the Grandfather. CBS TV Movie

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